OT: MSU hires Bill Beekman as permanent AD

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Didn't see this posted yet and this is pretty big news.  Earlier today per mlive:

In announcing Bill Beekman as interim athletic director on Feb. 5, Michigan State interim president John Engler said that the school would shortly begin a "nationwide search" and that "no internal candidates will be considered" in that search.

After a June 22 Board of Trustees meeting, trustee Brian Mosallam said that a new athletic director wouldn't be hired "anytime soon," and that he wanted the school's permanent president to make that hire next year.

Twenty-four days later, Mosallam and Engler stood at the press conference as Beekman was announced as the school's permanent athletic director on Monday morning on campus.

The hiring amounted to an abrupt about-face from months of public comments. No national search was conducted before Beekman, an internal candidate, was hired by Engler, the interim president.







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National Media: You have to clean your entire university. This was a horrible embarrassment to the BIG 10, college athletics, and human decency!!! Given the importance of this issue, I'm going to spend at least 3-4 news cycles on this before i move on to something else our audience can pretend to be angry about.

MSU: Agreed, we will not hire from within and seek to do better.

<At meeting>

MSU: Give it a month, everyone will forget about the rampant sexual assault. We will hire our buddy, damn our promises.

UM Grads: What the hell!


UM Grads: no one ever went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the American People.

MSU: Typical UM Grad, putting words to our idea.

UM Grads: <SIGH> you really missed the point here, buddy

MSU: Stop calling me little brother

UM Grads: This isn't even about football, man. Come-on!

MSU: Arrogant scUM

National Media: MSU has a rebuilding year after some painful off-the-field "issues"

UM Grads: Why would we expect anything different? 



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there is a picture at the presser with engler in the background.  (i'd embed it but i lack the computer science degree necessary to accomplish that deed.)

anyway, if you just look at the picture with no context, it pretty much looks like engler is fixing to eat that guy, jaaba the hut style. 


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When Beekman was hired as the interim, I defended the hire, since what they needed at the time was just a guy to stay at the helm, make sure various administrative things were done, keep the department going so that Tom Izzo wasn't literally the highest-ranking guy in the building. I felt a lot of people jumped the gun in criticizing early.

So, now that they've just made this a permanent hire, I feel obligated to drop in and say: This is a terrible decision. The reprehensible MSU board, the administration, and Engler should all be ashamed of themselves. Disgraceful.


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This is how most dictatorships work. Promise to reform and the problems were all the other guy and do the exact same thing or even worse.


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Sadly, there's so much to be legitimately outraged about these days that the program that loves to use the moniker "scUM" has become SCUM.  Would love to know where the people of integrity are in MSU circles.


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I mean who could've seen something like this coming?  Totally shocking bit of news given that we all agreed that the guy would surely fire both Dantonio & Izzo immediately due to their horrible transgressions.

Sorry - I figured the new 


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The problem is no low level AD or up and coming AD would take the job without a full time President at the helm.  So even though this is horrible move by MSU it may have been their only move until they actually hire a President.  


I don’t see him lasting that long, more as a stop gap until they have a President and they can hire an actual AD.  But then again I didn’t see them hiring Engler or making the interim AD the full time AD so what do I know.


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This was always Plan A.  Install Beekman and assure everyone he was interim.  Wait, stall, and see if the storm passes soon enough to avoid bringing in someone who would clean house.  Storm passes and people stop caring about MSU rape culture.  Make Beekman permanent to ensure Dantonini and Izz0 stay.  Fly the banner - Mission Accomplished.  

Year of Revenge II

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They have made the wrong, and immoral, move at every step along the way thus far. Despite what they say, there was no reason to suspect this would turn out any different.  And they sho nuff delivered!

This is a pathetic institution.


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Sparty gonna Spart.  On the bright side, that will make turning them back into little brother that much sweeter.  Just don't let your daughter attend that University (or your son, for that matter).


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Oh my, yes. As a mentor to up-and-coming young artists I steer them CLEAR of Michigan State and Penn State, for obvious reasons. Also people looking for professional degrees. I question these schools' commitment to social justice. I question their commitment to basic human decency.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere."

Ty Butterfield

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Rumors flying around that Mork and Izzo nudged Engler to make this hire. From their perspective it makes sense. An outside hire may decide it is time to actually clean up the athletic department and move on from Mork and Izzo. A new university president still needs to be hired so there is a chance that they could then bring in a new AD from outside the university. However I am sure Staee will just hire a new president from inside the university so it will be business as usual.


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We seem to be at a stage in our national life where a pigheaded, partisan stupid just feels free to assert itself everywhere. And I say that of both sides in the national political debate and any controversy that arises anywhere that has territorial implications like the endless MSU scandals. To see Dantonio defending the hire because 'he's an MSU guy who has MSU's interests at heart' sounds so wearisomely tone deaf. . .