OT: MSU fans are trashy Jersey Shore people EDITED

Submitted by PeterKlima on June 17th, 2011 at 9:38 AM

From the Twitter:


MSUAD Mark Hollis

Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore is going to be a #Spartan fan this season. Catch him at a game in Spartan Stadium.

15 minutes ago


EDIT:  Hollis is now backing off from his previous promotion of the Jersey Shore star, by claiming he just bought a ticket and it has nothing to do with MSU.   (Didn't know he tracked tickets sales on a personal level.)  Wow, make a bad decision to trumpet something embarrasing about your school and then lack the integrity to stand behind the decision?  He makes Dave Brandon look like a genius.


@MSUAD Mark Hollis
I find this quite humerous, the guy bought a ticket and is coming to a college football game. On his own. Not MSU driven.


(This is OT because someone else already suggested MSU threads should be that way right now.)



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Watch what you say about "Jersey" anything.  Some people on this board will hate you forever if you say anything negative about their home state.


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"Jersey Shore" people...... as in the show named "Jersey Shore."  They are different than people from New Jersey.


The people on "Jersey Shore" are trashy.  The people in NJ are pretty much the same as anywehere else in the U.S. (some good, some bad).


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Not so. Fun jabs or rational criticisms are fine. But when someone makes blanket statements about the entire state you just shake your head. It would be like only visiting Detroit and telling everyone that Michigan is a post apocalyptic shithole.  Simply not true.

That said, I enjoy your analysis on recruits.



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Say what you want to but Michigan the place is Michigan footballl.   I wish everyone who thinks Detroit sucks would just stay out of our lakes and rivers so I can go camping with out a bunch of people from down south, back east or Chicago bothering me.  A great deal of the wealth of our nation was built on the backs of the people of Michigan and now everyone sees fit to kick us when we are down.  Do you think there would be a University of Michigan as we know it with out Detroit?  The money that the working people of Flint and Detroit brought to Michigan is what built the university; the money they earned filled the 100,000 seat stadium.  As us true Michiganders say if you don't like Michigan go fuck yourself.


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Some of the stuff Hollis says is just appalling.  I remember one along the lines of "i'd rather have a history of success than one good season" during basketball season.  This was obviously a slight against Michigan but I chose to take it as him being upset with MSU football.


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Its embarassing as hell for MSU that their AD is twatting about some D-list celebrity attending their games.  You'd think that there are much more famous people that attend a game than that dude.  Not to mention the fact that the AD actually took time to twat about it.  What a goober.



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Why the desperation from MSU?? Is it because they have season ticket packages on sale now and it is mentioned in the Big 10 blog on ESPN??

Nice job not being able to sell all of your season tickets after coming off a 1/3 of a Big 10 championship




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This is laughable, but honestly it's not as bad as Rutgers having Snookie as a speaker at graduation.  That university has lost all credibility in my mind.


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FWIW, Snooki did speak to Rutgers students but no at graduation.  In fact, Rutgers paid Snooki $32,000 (more than Morrison) to give these gems to the students:

 Snooki's final words for Rutgers: "I love you bitches!"

Snooki and her sidekick, comedian Adam Ace, brought eight students on stage to teach them the "Jersey Shore" fist pump and her signature "tree branch" dance.

When asked her inspiration in life, Snooki said: "Being tan. When you're tan, you feel better about yourself."