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Submitted by TorontoBlue on November 25th, 2010 at 3:33 PM

CBS guys just said Tom Brady ordered a spread for his linemen last night from his favorite spot in Ann Arbor - Mr Spots.  I've never been there - whats the scoop?




November 26th, 2010 at 12:24 AM ^

Keep in mind, for his first three seasons at Michigan, he was basically the Coner. Griese was Griese's kid, and Dreisbach had most of a year of starting while Griese was drying out, plus all the hype.

Brady became the starter during the 2nd game of his redshirt junior season (a game we lost to Donovan McNabb's Orangemen) and then was kind of Navarre-ian until he stopped staring down receivers and some of his linemen got healthy enough to give him a pocket. His senior season half the fanbase was split on whether it should be him or Henson. "Put in Henson!" was the assholes' "Fire Dick Rod" cat-call of the late '90s.

He was tall, but still scrawny enough that he looked more like Lloyd Brady than Mr. Jailsexme. If people saw him on campus, it wasn't like you ran into a huge star (it was for A-Train and Henson, and I imagine Woodson x eleventy billion). You'd say "good game," or "how did you almost lose to Indiana?" or "man, do you guys have any chance against Ohio State this year?"

Point: From his arrival in August 1995 until September 1998, he probably wasn't recognized except by the more ardent football fans. By the time he started to look like maybe he had star potential, it was November 1999 and Michigan was coming off of losses at MSU and against Illinois. He graduated just a month later, had his best game in the Orange Bowl, and still his star was so low in the sky that he got drafted in a throwaway round to sit behind Bledsoe and Bishop. There was plenty of time in there to sit on the deck of Mr. Spots (or just stop by to pick up to-go wings) without being harangued by fans.


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I had Mr. Spots wings with my now-fiancee for our first official date after watching UM shut out LSSU 4-0 in 2004. Clearly, Michigan hockey and Mr. Spots is the 1-2 combo for relationship success.


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Spots has always been my favorite spot in Ann arbor. The steak bogus and cheese fries are second to none. In fact the last time I was in there before I graduated I saw Henne and long eating in there and talked to them for a while about their time in Miami. Great guys. They even signed the back of my spots receipt. If you has never been there you are missing out. It's an incredibly underrated place.


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Sorry to keep posting but I seriously cannot say enough about spots. I've missed it so much since graduation. The next best thing to the food is the memorabilia. They have lots of great autographs and pictures of old players like Brady, Morrison, red, etc all claiming tags spots is there favorite place.

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Don't forget--Bo said Spots has the best tuna fish sandwich in town. His autographed picture on their wall says so. One of the first times I ever went there Steve Everitt was in there eating and chatting with the employees. It's a great plave to eat and run into football players, I've seen a ton of them there.


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The wings are solid, but I usually get the Philly Original and cheese fries. A friend of mine and I hit up the cheese fries after every win on Saturdays.


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Nice choice but emperor's chicken from china gate (preferably the #18 lunch special) would have been the superior selection. That place hasn't changed at since I graduated 10 years ago. Hail Chef Jan!


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Mr. Spots was started in Bowling Green (ohio) by some BGSU lax players from Phily.  They graduated and opened a second place in A2 back around when I was in school in the late 1980s (it was there by 1987, but I get the feeling, it'd been there only a few years). I lived at the corner of Hill and State (go sig eps!) and ate there all the time -- wings or stake hoagies (sp?).  Now, when ever I get back to the motherland, I take the wife/kids/friends there. It's a favorite of Michigan hockey and football players. Bo loved it to. Nuff said.


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Also lived at corner of State & Hill in late 80's,  too bad our house is no longer there.  Bucket of extra hot wings from Mr Spots was our regular meal after returning to the house most evenings! My romates and I would sit down on the floor with the bucket and a roll of paper towels and go to town!  Great memories - I introduced my son to Spots at the football game and now he loves it also.  its the only thing he wants to eat whenever we go down for games (that and a Pizza Bob's shake!)