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I didn't put any effort into researching whether there has been a similar OT topic recently.  Understanding that I'll be savaged if there was (and maybe even if there wasn't), I'll take the risk.

Had a good run of getting out to see first run movies recently.  Saw Dunkirk yesterday.  I had been anticipating this film almost as much as the start of college football season.  Saw it in Imax (which I highly recommend).  It was GREAT!  There is about 30 seconds of calm at the beginning, and from then on your heart is in your throat for the next hour and a half.  Fantastic cast.  Fantastic music.  Fantastic cinematography.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  

The only other film I've seen in the last several weeks that I can recommend is The Big Sick.  Really enjoyed it.  The writing and the acting really bring you in with the characters.  And funny.  Laughed out loud half a dozen times.

Baby Driver was promising for the first 15 minutes, and then just got stupid.  

Battle For the Planet of the Apes wasn't awful, but didn't nearly live up to the expectations I had after reading the reviews.  I expected excellence, and it was just okay.

Wonder Woman was a steaming pile of trash.  I looked forward to seeing that film for months and months.  Such a disappointment.

Saw the trailer for the new Blade Runner.  I have high hopes for that one.  Also, Last Jedi, which, based on the trailer, looks like it can't miss.



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Saw Dunkirk on Sunday awesome movie left with a wow and goosebumps. Nolan knocked it out of the park.

GOTG Vol 2 was alright I don't quite understand how ppl can say it was better then the first.

Enjoyed Wonder Women a great orgin story

I need to see Spiderman and looking forward to the movie Detroit.


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Saw it on Sunday and thought it was pretty good.  Resetting it so Peter Parker was in high school works because a) the high-school specific stuff was not annoying  b) it reconnects with how improbable of a super-hero Spiderman originally was (gangly kid etc.).  They also take steps to connect it to the rests of the Marvel franchise that I thought worked very well.  Michael Keaton was also pretty good though at one point, for some reason, I expected him to launch into Beetlejuice.  Go see it; and there is an easter egg at the end of the trailers (in case you care).


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Can't wait to see Dunkirk. I, like yourself, have been waitiing on it for a while. Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy are two of my favorites in Hollywood, they are unstoppable when they team up. 


I also really liked The Big Sick. Kumail Nanjiani is funny in his stand up and in Silicon Valley, probably the best Rom-Com since Crazy, Stupid, Love. Nanjiani was great for his first major role (he was really good, period, but it's impressive that this was his first major movie role).


I loved Wonder Woman. I think it's the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight. Most critics would disagree with your opinion (not that movie critics are valuable humans, but it's a thing). I have a major crush on Gal Gadot, she's truly a badass, and the movie was DC at it's best again. Superhero movies are supposed to capture true good vs. true evil (DC does this really well) and I think The Dark Knight with Ledger's performance is the only superhero movie that has done this better than Wonder Woman.


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Has many scenes, but only about 4 or 5 lines of dialogue.  And the bottom of his face is covered throughout the film with the mask a fighter pilot wears.  He literally acts with just his eyes and eyebrows.   And he's GREAT!  So, so awesome.  Mark Rylance is tremendous, also.  Just an absolute home run.

I read the reviews of Wonder Woman, and get that I'm the outlier.  And my daughters both loved it (ages 17 and 19).  I couldn't wait for it to end.  Whaddya gonna do?


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As a superhero movie goes Wonder Woman was pretty good.

new Bladerunner should be good

Here is the key before you go see any movie-  read at least a few negative reviews.  I've found if I go in expecting an average or bad movie then most movies end up seeming pretty good!

This doesn't work with Football-  I went into the last 2 year's of Hoke's coaching tenure expecting bad football and I was still very frustrated with the result!


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My GF requested that we see The Beguiled last Friday.  The cinematography and costumes were incredible.  Acting was good.  Just left a bit to be desired in terms of its abrupt ending.  I'll have to go watch the Clint Eastwood version to compare.


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Just saw the big sick. It was excellent. Saw baby driver. Really enjoyed that as well. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I'm tired of super hero movies. Just feels like they are on rinse and repeat. Some of that has to do with seeing a lot of them for a while.


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That describes Marvel's movies to me. When DC gets it right they knock it out of the park. Batman V. Superman is bad, and my hopes for Justice League aren't high, but Wonder Woman was phenomenal and the best Superhero movie since Nolan's Batman trilogy.

yossarians tree

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Agreed about the avalanche of superhero flicks. The movies have never been worse in my lifetime. I admire the technical wizardry, but it seems that is 80% of what we get. Cartoons, superheroes, CGI robots, yuck. It all seems to be dumbed down to the least common denominator audience. Some of this great (all the Toy Story movies, Iron Man stand out), but it's just too much. More story, more acting, more excellent writing needed.


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for us that is mouth breathin knuckle draggers...dumbed down is kinda comic book heroes in general. While not for the cinematic savants...superheroes are fun to watch and bring childhood to life. How about kick back and watch the film for what it's intended...or don't. I have seen all of the DC and Marvel editions one way or another and each has been worth the time. It's a movie not a life or death statement on reality.

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I want to see Dunkirk and Battle for the Planet of the Apes. The fact that you said Wonder Woman is a "steaming pile of trash" is mind-boggling to me. You're clearly trolling.


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I went to see WW with the family including my 9 year old daughter... her reaction to a strong female lead in a strong female role was priceless.

I'm curious to what you expected the WW movie to be versus what it ended up being.


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on the female empowerment perspective.  I think that was the movie's only saving grace.  But I thought the dialogue was dull and unimaginative.  I could list every scene that I thought was really stupid and why, but it would be full of spoilers.  If the movie provided any way for a viewer to understand where the hell the Irishman (who is, surprise, a sloppy drunk), the Persian guy, and the large Native American came from, and what they have to do with the story, I missed it.  Several have mentioned the Dark Knight in this topic.  I LOVE The Dark Knight.  That's one of those movies that if I trip over it while scrolling through the guide, I'm stuck watching until the end.  Wonder Woman is to The Dark Knight as Blue Chips is to Hoosiers.


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Question for movie fans here:  Going to see Dunkirk this week and can't decide if I'm going to go to Alamo Drafthouse or a regular theater.  Both are IMAX.  Never been to a theater that serves food/drinks before, is it too much of a distraction for a movie like this or would it work out ok?


July 25th, 2017 at 1:30 PM ^

Drafthouse/Cinebarre type places are definitely worth it. It's not distracting at all. It's also been my experience that you get fewer of the idiots on phone or talking to the screen or teens talking amongst each other at places like that making the experience just as good if not better than other theater experiences. 

Cranky Dave

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I saw in the theatre was The Big Short which I thought was meh. I did watch John Wick2 last week and enjoyed it. The 3rd instalment comes out next year.


July 25th, 2017 at 2:11 PM ^

I thought the Big Short was excellent and should have won the Oscar over Spotlight which was more of Saturday afternoon on TV movie. Of course the Oscars are so politically and agenda driven now an have been since that lame ass propaganda movie the Hurt Locker won. That film was a joke.

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I'm loathe to discuss movies, as (especially on a board like this) people tend to hold stupidly aggressive opinions for bad reasons, but I enjoyed Spidey and Wonder Woman. Haven't seen the blockbusters listed in the OP. The last truly excellent movie I saw was Arrival.


July 25th, 2017 at 1:42 PM ^

I haven't been to the movies since The Revenant, but I've streamed some good ones recently:

'It Follows' was a modern horror masterpiece and it's set in Detroit. The cinematography and soundtrack for this one makes it a must watch, and they don't abuse the cliche jump scares like most recent peices from the genre.

'Hell or High Water' was original and entertaining, Jeff Bridges kills his role.

'Attack the Block' was also really enjoyable even if it's hard to relate to anyone in the film, as there isn't much of a protagonist until the third act.