Oaktown Wolverine

May 25th, 2010 at 6:38 PM ^

Unfortunately there is a lot of costs associated with an event of this scale, and in order for the festival to be economically viable year after year, they have to charge an entrance fee. For $20 per day, you get to see some of the best electronic music djs and producers performing on massive sound systems, many of whom will be making their one and only trip to Detroit this year. In any big city in America you'll pay at least $20 to get into one of the many cheesy clubs on any lame night, so I'm not sure what the big deal is about paying an entrance fee for the amount of entertainment you are getting at demf.

Bando Calrissian

May 25th, 2010 at 7:38 PM ^

Well, of course.  I remember the last year it was free the guy who was in charge of the whole thing was literally walking around passing the hat to try to help pay for it.  It wasn't the most flattering of things, but he had to do it both to fundraise and to prove a point. 

If you're into techno, of course you're going to pay for it, and it's a great price for what you get.  There are quite a few people who fly in every single year for this festival from Europe, it's that big of a deal.  But for those of us who aren't really techno fans, who more just showed up to get a taste of it, grab some food and beverages, and enjoy the day in Detroit, the free aspect was what made it an attraction.  I enjoyed Movement the few times I went, but I can't justify dropping coin on it based on my interest level. 

Are there any figures as to how the attendance has changed since they went to a pay model?

Yinka Double Dare

May 25th, 2010 at 8:05 PM ^

It's been very well attended since they moved to the pay model -- the lineups have been good enough to justify people paying the last two years, and attendance to my eye actually looked considerably better in 2008 than it did in 2004 (the last free year).  They've also had things put together much earlier, so the international contingent has come back.

It's hard to know exactly how much it's affected attendence because the previous estimates as to how many people were there when it was free were hilariously off.  Like factor of ten off.  If there were 75,000 over the three days of 2008 as reported (and they have good numbers given they sell tickets), my wife thinks there were maybe 100-150K back in the biggest of the free years (she was there for those too).  The original reported numbers for those first few years?  1.1 to 1.7 million.  Uh, no. 

We're back again this year after a one year absence.  My wife's streak of being there for every one was broken last year due to being out of the country.  My body did not handle it well in 2008 and I'm not younger.  This should be interesting.


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My floor pass to the forefront of the new music revolution years ago. In turn, I have three girls, wife, house and 2 two dogs. My "movements" are more of a quiet type sanctuary for peace and reflection. So, as I do respect your right to be an individual. unfortunately I will not see you at the fest. Go Blue.


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You can do better than Pretty Lights, br4h. And I don't even despise Derek as much as a lot of hardcore EDMers, but seriously there is loads more talent in that lineup than Pretty Lights. That said, it will probably be one of the most attended sets. I wish I still lived in the area...


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I thought this thread was about the biggest poop you took this year. I had a good one, but I will save it for another thread. 

My mistake.