OT-Most miserable sporting event you have ever attended? (Weather)

Submitted by Trump on January 5th, 2014 at 6:37 PM

While watching this Green Bay game dip down into the negatives, I began to think about the most miserable sporting event I had ever attended. I would have to say the 2006 Northwestern football game where we were smacked by freezing rain all game long. Fans decided huddling together near the bathrooms was a smarter choice than watching Michigan win a boring game 17-3. 


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I thought of some of my better resonses (Wisconsin, 1968 - the Ron Johnson 347 yd. performance; or a Lions game in the seventies at Tiger Stadium where the weather changed and we got sleet and freezing rain and I was totally unprepared for it, sitting in the upper deck; or the WMU thunderstorm-cancellation game.)

But yes the Appalachian State game was the worst.  It was 77 degrees, sunny, light winds.  This is what it looked like:

Ty Butterfield

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1995 Purdue at Michigan. My first year kern season tickets. That is then there was still grass in the Big House. After a little bit the field was basically mud and neither team could do anything.


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It was my first year at UM.  I took the bus from north campus, then walked through rain, which had turned to sleet by the time I got to Hoover.  Sideways, needle-like sleet.  Temp kept dropping and it turned to snow.  So I was first wet, then freezing.  I left at halftime, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  It's not like the product on the field was a beautiful thing.


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2008 Northwestern, bitter cold and rain to watch a RichRod team (NO POLITICS) lose 21-14 in a game that I remember thinking wasn't as close as the scoreline. Being in the Big House was the only redeeming feature.


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Ya that game was bitter cold with it being wet and then freezing. I remember getting back to my house and the half of my roommates that left early had used up all the hot water. Sucked. That was also the game I learned there was an M on the other side of the Big House because so many fans had left by half time that you could see the M under the remaning fans.

However, I attended the Iowa game this season which was supposed to have been the coldest game in Iowa's history at Kinnick Stadium. It was miserable. We were so layered up but we could still feel the bitter cold. I don't think I felt my toes all game long. We left our seats and went up to the vacated top row because we could stand and move around to stay warm. Probably a worse game since I didn't harbor any illusions about the 2008 NW game or season; however, I still hoped we could beat Iowa and end the season 8-4. After 1st quarter, it just felt like an inevitable progression towards a lose and was kind of a microcosm of our season. The only redeeming quality is the Iowa fans are really nice and hospitable and no one said anything to us after the game.

Maize and Blue…

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got slapped in chest, repeatedly kneed in the back, patted on the head, and had popcorn thrown at me.  When has it ever been appropriate to put your hands on another person without their permission.  Last time at MSU, Tate's freshman year, i had someone poking his finger into my chest after the game.  I will never step foot in that hell hole again.


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I went to a Cincinnati Reds game in July once. It was 98-99 degrees, and 100% humidity. No breeze whatsoever.

We were also in the upper deck, so we were that much closer to the sun.


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Marching band in high school (AA Huron!!!) saw some pretty shitty weather, ranging from freezing cold and windy (try playing an instrument when you can't feel your fingers or lips...), to pouring rain in 45 degree weather with 20 mph wind (hooray marching raincoats!).


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Western Michigan pre-thunderstorm in 2011 was ridiculously hot. At least the game was entertaining, along with the deluge that came with the storms.


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1998 @NU, the 12-6 with Fargas going ham. 2013 @ NU with the FG shenanegins it rained as I recall, and 2008 (my game, Fandom Endurance III achievement unlocked) as well.


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Little Brown Jug game, 1988.
My seat was normally in the end zone all the way up in row 82.  But for this game (freezing cold driving rain), I just sat where I felt like - on the 50 yard line thirty rows up.  There were lots of choices.
Don't ever let them tell you we have a streak of consecutive games of 100,000+ attendance since 1975. We may have sold 100,000 tickets, but we did not have 100,000 people show up.


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I was going to say.  Cold and wet, hot chocolate turning to ice cocoa and popcorn just a box of mush and outside the north EZ, just a sea of mud.  You might have seen me, I was one of those Cub Scouts running around the student section helping to kick up the attendance figures.


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1995 Purdue game and nothing even comes close.  It was about 25-30 degrees and a freezing rain fell hard all game.  Everything and I mean everything was frozen and there could've have been 30,000 people in the place at kickoff and probably less than 10,000 were left when the game ended.  The score of 5-0 gives you an idea of just how miserable the conditions were.

Compared to that game the 2008 Northwestern game might as well have been played in Pasadena.

The FannMan

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I was going to post this exactly. It rained ice the whole time.

IIRC, we won because we deferred in the first half and Purdue took the ball  Then we decided to kick off to start the second half.  No one could move the ball.   Whoever go the kickoff to start the half was screwed and the game was played on their side of the field.  Carr won that game with that decision.