OT: Most hated CFB coach

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I hate to bring an air of negativity to the board, but I was just sitting here thinking about how much I hate Lane Kiffin.

What college football coach do you hate most and why?

I'll go first:

-I'd never had any feelings towards Kiffin until he got fired from the Raiders after 2 horrible seasons, and he came off as a total fucking moron in his response on ESPN

-He took over at Tennessee (I was pissed at Tennessee for firing Fulmer)

-the numerous cocky-dickhead statements he made during the off season and recruiting violations at Tennessee

-ditching his team after 1 season

-going to USC (one of my most hated schools)

-allowing the Reggie Bush shit to go on when he was at USC as the OC

-he's just a dick head

a close 2nd for me is Mark Dantonio



December 14th, 2010 at 11:53 AM ^

OP, why were you "pissed at Tennessee for hiring Fulmer"?  That guy definitely would have been my answer to this question before his axing.  There's a reason he has a cup named after him, and then there's the whole (debatably true, of course) '97 coaches poll thing.  A real asshole through and through.


December 14th, 2010 at 12:07 PM ^

I can't stand how the Vest is portrayed in the media after all the shit he has pulled.  He is treated as this beacon of morals, and I dont understand why.  Clarrett doesn't even have to be mentioned here.  I think it's simply because he wears a sweater vest.

-Robert Reynolds gets a 1 game suspension after the most bushleague action I have ever seen on a football field.  What he did to Sorgi was a criminal act, and he got 1 fucking game.

-Alex Boone was so drunk when he got behind the wheel that he passed out and smashed into a parked car.  He is the luckiest son of a bitch on the face of the earth that he didn't kill anybody, or himself.  Not only that, it happend on campus grounds which should have been immediate expulsion.  Boone started the first game of the year against Northern Illinois, Vest couldn't even save some face and suspend him for NORTHERN ILLINOIS

-Doug Worthington plays in the first game of the year after his DUI, YOUNGSTOWN STATE!  The vest has set a nice precedent that if you're a starter, DUIs don't really matter.  Fuckeye fans can say what they want about Rod, he suspended Grady after his DUI.

-Ray Small getting 5 second chances

-Jesus christ the number of players that have been arrested under his watch

-Ohio State has that largest number of NCAA secondary violations, and the school that's number 2 is not even close.  Not to mention, The COLUMBUS DISPATCH even broke that story

-Santonio Holmes gets in a bar fight before the Mich game Tressel states that it will be handled in the off season.

I hate Dantonio just as much for the same reasons.  The way these guys are portrayed as running clean programs while Rod has been dragged through the mud for 3 years disgusts me. 

I also hate Pete Carroll for being a smug son of a bitch, and ditching USC before the hammer dropped like the pussy that he is.

Tim Waymen

December 14th, 2010 at 3:14 PM ^

Lane Kiffin is so easy to hate that it's almost cliche.  Sometimes I wonder if some of the stuff he says or does is part of an act, even leaving Tennessee the way he did.

Nick Satan is a pretty awful human being.  To me, Saban's worse because Lane Kiffin just looks like a spoiled little brat who can't help being such a prick.  Nick Saban is just evil, a large part of it due to oversigning.


  • Lou Holtz - one of the biggest cheaters ever, yet still  sanctimonious and disgustingly glorified
  • Dantonio - another sanctimonious, overly praised douchebag
  • Urban Meyer


December 15th, 2010 at 2:40 AM ^

Kiffin was pretty funny after the USC-UCLA game. Their RB (the name escapes me at the moment) went off, something like 200 yards and 3 tds. After the game in the interview, Kiffin looks all disappointed, no smiles, no expression, it was crazy. They ask about the RB blowing up and having a great day, and Kiffin says, yeah he makes all us coaches look stupid for not playing him all year. I laughed pretty hard about it, plus USC finished off a 6 team parlay I made that day. God Bless that UCONN kicker for hitting that 52 yarder.

Coaches I hate

Dantonio, Hope, Brian Kelly, Tress, Stoops (for not playing to win that Mizzou game, costing me way too much money) and I hate hate Nick Saban. Double Hate.

I think playing for Carroll would have been fun, he had energy, played jokes, had stars at the practices, and best of all, let you get paid while playing college football. USC always seemed to be loose, I think that was Carroll. And I like what he did to UCLA when he threw a bomb when the game was essentially over, the jawing back and forth with Rick Neuheisel (sp?) over that timeout he called, priceless. The reaction after that bomb was priceless too. Remember, Rick came in and called out USC basically, so it was fitting. Sorry, I live out west and get bombarded with the coverage.