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I tend to go to 11w from time to time and always enjoy their articles on our program.  I would personally love to read more analysis and dedicated articles as it pertains to their program, especially if it is biased and slanted in Michigan's favor.  Am I the only one that would like this? 



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I don't understand why people would invest time at a rivals blog site. Sure analyze ones opponent but to join a rivals community is perverse. 


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I don't join any communities, but I go to other blogs to read content.  Some blogs are really good.  I would never like comment as "hey Michigan fan here" but I like to see some perspective from other fan bases.  It may surprise some people who don't read it but 11 Warriors is not, on balance, dismissive of Michigan football despite a compelling argument that they should be.  Most of the content on their blog about Michigan is serious and well-researched.  As could possibly be reflected on the field itself, one thing that "Buckeye Nation" is not is flippant about Michigan. 


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I foolishly created an account there years ago to argue about Dashawn Hand.  There are only 2 things I don't like about their site. The fact that it's OSU and the comments are all the same (F Meatchicken!)  They have a lot of consistent content, and while all of it isn't as in depth as what is here, from a volume standpoint there is plenty there.  They also have a daily post where they include interesting news, that isn't sports related.  And Ramzy is a hell of a writer. He seems a bit douchey at times on twitter (how can you not when defending Urban) but he wrote about the same timeouts/commercials during games issue that Brian did and I was laughing out loud.    


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A good portion of our fanbase, and theirs...don't get it....   Our programs are so similar and intertwined, that it makes total sense someone would go to that site...   the moment people like you respect and admire their program,  you'll be respecting your own, not to make an ignorant statement like that.   Maybe this is the reason our star has faded, that we didn't respect the rivalry and them enough.... 

To give you an idea.... Did you know there is a building on OSU campus where they painted the stars of the cupola, maize and blue? They did this in honor of us beating them in a certain game, as promised....

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Oh, come on.

It isn’t a cupola.  It is the original rotunda of Ohio Stadium.  They aren’t “stars,” they are rosettes.  Yellow flowers on a blue sky.  Standard architectural features for a 1922 building.  Unrelated to anything having to do with Michigan in any way.

The phony old hysterical story you related has been debunked before.  I am surprised how myths like that continue to survive.



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I enjoy their site a lot. Ramzy, Andrew Lind, and a few of the others do really good work and spend a lot of time and energy on their craft. I have a lot of respect for their writers. That being said, their board is straight cancer, and I would never join that community. But I'll absolutely give some of their writers my clicks and attention, because outside of rooting for scum of the earth, they're really talented, and I enjoy reading about college football.


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I would never create an account over there. However, if there was no post re Tate transferring on here, next stop was 11W. I can honestly say I have not been on their site since the Urban drama before the season.

Ok I may have visited after Purdue and certainly would have if the game had went our way. 


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I love reading RCMB during MSU football games because there are a few guys there who are very knowledgable, they're decent writers, and they have a long memory of the program.  I really enjoy reading their posts during the game.  And if I see a "sCum" (sick burn) post then I'll read that for a laugh.  I posted there twice, the first time was a genuine compliment on something and they downvoted me into double-digits in the first half-hour.  On the second post I made fun of them for demanding that Devin Bush be prosecuted for scuffing up the football field.  They called me ugly and banned me.  hahahah

More to the OP point, I love the competitive write-ups as we go into a game, but the Michigan focus is a great contribution to the quality of this site. 

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What kind of a stupid thread is this?  People bring relevant information from other valid sites all of the time with meaningful topics.  Now we should discuss it in a thread?  Time and space waster.


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One of the differences between us and OSU and MSU is we aren’t as obsessed with them as they are with us.

Can you imagine a scenario where we kick OSUs ass for two decades and still cared about them?


Hell if that happened we would be petitioning the B1G office to put another game at the end of the season.


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Why? The Game is a way of life. It is part of both Michigan and Ohio culture. Michigan owned Ohio State for the better part of my childhood—and I still cared about knowing about OSU. That’s the very nature of a true rival—there something about choosing sides in a game between two historically top programs. 

The idea that one should not or does not care about OSU is false (look at posts on this blog, daily)—-since to state that beating them into submission would make them not worth our time is exactly the type of “arrogance” some IM fans are known for. That arrrogance from some is exactly what drives the Buckeyes and Spartans—that if we win no one else matters is  a bucket of shit talk. Respect that our winning and owning OSU would mean something huge in both the college football landscape, and in the daily lives of those who are from those states.

And let’s not pretend that all this BPONE wimpering and knee jerk reactions to 10-3 are not because we wish we were in OSU’s place in the college football landscape.


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Bo wasnt focused on winning the Rose Bowl, he was focused on GETTING to the Rose Bowl. At least in the 70s. We had the talent to win at least one NC while he was here. I think it's possible to focus on winning the big ten while simultaniously putting OSU above other games. Tressel sure knew how to do it. 

And until we get the OSU monkey off our back a big ten title and NC/playoff appearance isn't possible. 


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"Focused on" and "obsessed with" are two different things.

Michigan State is obsessed with Michigan. 

Ohio State is focused on beating Michigan, any way possible, by one point is enough.  That is the same approach they take if we are 11-1 under Jim Harbaugh going in or 5-6 under Brady Hoke.  The Michigan game is a singular affair, apart from the meaning and context of the rest of the season.  They never take Michigan for granted and the results speak for themselves.


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OSU’s fanbase is very different than ours. Their blogs writing content on UM gets tons of readers. OSU fans are as much of fans of OSU as they are anti-Michigan whereas UM fans are UM fans. Sure, we hate Ohio State but we don’t think about them daily and end each sentence with xhix sucks. It’s a weird and unhealthy way to act, but they’ll read about UM any chance they get so it makes sense for their blogs to feed them. 

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One of the little-understood poverties of the fabulously well-endowed, successful, and adored (through all of the state) OSU football program, is that they have a single rival.  Michigan.  

They could not have been luckier, to have such a classy rival.  But it is a bit limiting for them.  They get a whole football-rich state to themselves.  But it is a kind of poverty.

We have a rivalry (too occasional, but nonetheless intense) rivalry with Norte Dame.  And an almost indescribable feud with MSU.

I have had the interesting comparative experience of going to a Michigan game at Camp Randall and an OSU game there as well, in close proximity.  (Same general quality Wisconsin team as the test “control.”). And Wisconsin fans hate us more.  Everybody in the Conference hates us with special feeling.  Everybody wants to be Michigan’s rival.


January 16th, 2019 at 9:08 AM ^

I understand your point, and agree to a large extent.  I would respond, however, that I think Michigan State v. Ohio State has stuck its head up from the sand to be at least throwing its hat in the ring as "rivalry."  State has had some huge wins against OSU over the years, including a BIG title game victory and possibly the biggest upset (given the circumstances) in that last twenty years of BIG conference play.  The two regularly play intense competitive games.

That being said, State is facing a sink or swim moment and it appears to be that "sink" is far more likely at this point in time so I am not sure how long any blossoming rivalry will endure.