OT: More MSU scandal - Strampel was reprimanded in 2005, and kept getting renewed

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Just when you thought it was done, they strike again!  The Freep (warning!) has a story about Strampel (Nassar's former boss) having been reprimanded for vulgar and inappropriate comments and otherwise poor conduct in 2005.  He was then renewed as Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He was also renewed several other times through the years, despite additional complaints from schools and administrators.  Kritsen Zayko, MSU's General Counsel (then a member of the GC office), documented the meeting with Strampel:

Instead of taking tough action against Strampel, now facing a hearing as MSU tries to strip him of tenure to fire him, the trio of administrators decided to simply place a letter in Strampel's personnel file, documenting the talk. They also got verbal promises from Strampel that he would change.

Clearly, he didn't change behavior...

Also, Zayko just resigned her post with this comment:

First and foremost, I am sorry that anyone has been assaulted, abused or harassed on this campus. When I was a student here, too many victims of assault and harassment were afraid to report or seek help. I am grateful to every survivor who has come forward to tell their story. You should continue to push and challenge this university until real culture change occurs.

The bolded sentence is the shocker.  So, as a student, she was aware that assault was a problem that kids were scared to report.  What did she do about that long standing problem when she had the perfect opportunity to help?  Nothing.

Burn MSU to the ground, please...


Mr Miggle

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In a related story, Trustee Brian Mosallam admitted that MSU has a cultural problem and made a proposal for, among other things, a new independent investigation. 


Here was Joel Ferguson's response, according to ESPN's Dan Murphy.

Fellow trustee Joel Ferguson says he's aware of Mosallam's proposal. When asked if he agreed with Mosallam's thoughts, Ferguson said: "If I can’t say anything good about someone I won’t say anything... If something came from him I’m going to go play golf right now. Goodbye."


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Only 3 trustees responded and Ferguson refused state whether or not he had plans of how to change MSU despite knowing of this issue for months and months.

Of course there will be resistance to a truly independent investigation, it might look at revenue sports after evil ESPN dared question their practices.


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"Just when you thought it was done"?  No, I don't think anyone outside East Lansing thinks that, and even there it's only a dim hope.  The rest of us know it's only chickens coming home to roost, one or two at a time.  There are a lot more yet to land.


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At this point they can't even bring in an outsider to salvage face. They ought to burn down the whole Board of Trustees and start fresh. They won't, of course.

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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it will take Engler and the think tank to spin a response to this one.


I mean seriously, how low of a piece of shit do you have to be to continue to justify/cover up that hell hole?


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is sending their daughter to MSU in 2019. Four area top senior female students (GPA > 4.1) are going to MSU this fall. Do they not know the culture there?


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MSU's target for this fall's incoming freshman class was between 8,200 and 8,400, but based on deposits submitted by the May 1 deadline, MSU exceeded that target. Could be largest Freshman class ever. (Just read on Twitter)

16,000 or so parents must be crazy! While your enlightening your neighbor about his daughters choice of college, might as well call them too. Lol in all seriousness, go ahead and do that and let us know how they respond and if your still walking and/or welcome in there home.


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Poor on my part, yikes haha. I blame it on walking and typing. Doesn’t change the substance though. Regardless, yes, their administration is tone deaf and the fact that one of their trustees, Joel Ferguson, is still involved at all is a crime in and of itself.


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Until anything substantial happens, MSU is just setting a precedent for justifying horror.  They need to be forced to pay on every institutional level, and especially athletics, until they can get their act together. 

Ty Butterfield

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Staee should hire someone with zero affiliation with MSU to be the new athletic director. However, I doubt this is the route they take. They have been doubling down on protecting Mork and Izzo at all costs. A new athletic director who was actually serious about changing the culture at MSU would have to really think about a hard reset that would include moving on from Mork and Izzo. Something tells me we will see another classic crony hire by MSU who will be tasked with keeping Mork and Izzo no matter what.