OT: Montreal bars for game?

Submitted by antidaily on September 24th, 2010 at 4:26 PM

Long shot but anyone know a bar in Montreal that will have the game. Serenity Now? Saw an old post from you on the topic. Still in Montreal?

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So earlier today someone asked about bars in south haven or something like that. There's a link to the bar master sheet. Look at that.
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Anytime someone starts a thread that asks about bars to watch the game at someone else always posts that link.  It's helpful to find M alumni bars but I think someone like this OP is just looking for a cool place to watch the game in a random city.

Hey OP, I suggest Peel Pub.  It's at the intersection of Peel and Saint Catherine's street, the main drag.  You go down a level from the street and it's a huge room filled with tables and projection screens.  They would definitely throw the game on one of those projectors.

If you just walk around the city a little bit you are bound to find a bar you like.  Montreal is an awesome city.  Climb the mountain while you are there.  The views of the city are absolutely amazing.

OMG Shirtless

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I don't believe Montreal was in the Sticky, and I'm in too good of a mood to go off the handle on someone today. However, if this question was posed in the Sticky:

1. The Michigan Alumni Bars thread would be bumped to the top for people who browse the board using the "Recent Posts" link. 

2.  The sticky at the top of the MGoBoard would indicate that there were new posts, so the people who browse the board using the "MGoBoard" link would be notified.

3.  This post wouldn't be considered a "repost" which has a pretty good shot of getting deleted, thus deleting your pretty good suggestion.

4.  If this question was posed in the sticky, Peel Pub would be in there for future reference.  Part of the usefulness of the sticky is that it cuts down on the repeat posts, but at the same time it is a useful resource if all of these solutions are in one place.

Note:  What up Mustachioed Gentleman.

Serenity Now

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... though I have not gone there in years, since moving out of the city.  It's on St-Laurent street, just north of downtown.  Sports bar up here suck, as far as college football goes.  

Champs is owned by Europeans who aren't really fans of College Football, so it was frustrating at times when I used to go because we had to negotiate with them to get a specific game on one of their 35 tvs.   Hell, a division 3 soccer game from El Salvador would get the nod over a top 25 college game, depending on who`s running the TVs...  so it might still be that bad.  Or you might get lucky, there aren't many customers at noon and you get the game on the big screen with sound..

Call ahead of time and ask them if they'll show the game.  If there's more than one of you, the better.  They will make an effort to get you your game since you're bringing them business...  


If I knew you better or if you were a chick... I'd give you my home address. 


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Go to Schwartz's Deli.  Don't know if they have tvs but you can get a smoked meat sandwich that's beyond awesome while you're figuring it out.  You won't regret it.


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Speaking of which, do we have any kind of a following around Montreal, given that we've had a little pipeline of players from there?  Off the top of my head, I can think of six guys we've gotten from there over the past 20 years:

Jean-Agnus Charles

Tshimanga Biakabutuka

Alain Kashama

Deitan Dubuc

Emmanuel Casseus

Renaldo Sagesse

(There might have been another guy or two in there.  Can't remember.)