OT: Monster 350-pound RB has serious wheels, earns scholarship with Hawaii

Submitted by artds on February 13th, 2013 at 9:51 AM

 It’s not particularly surprising that David Fangupo is a Division I college football recruit. After all, the Kailua-Kona (Hi.) Kealakehe High senior stands 6-foot-2 and roughly 350 pounds … before a big meal. What is surprising is that he is expected to play running back starting next year at his home state’s largest university, with Fangupo agreeing to sign a national letter of intent with Hawaii once he is academically cleared to do so.




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there is a chance his career could be ended with major knee damage, because the only way you're bringing him down is a low tackle to the legs.  If he sticks with RB he could wind up with an ACL tear.  Best of luck to him though!  Glad I don't have to tackle him.


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Schools/players say a lot of interesting things during the recruitment and commitment process.

While it is possible to dominate at a High School level at his size a 350 lb. running back is going to get destroyed by D1 linebackers and safeties that can swarm.



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Players like Gabe Watson, BWC and Kevin Grady were dominant in HS because they were just bigger and stronger than everyone else. This kid cant stop eating just like my 3 examples, and its that lack of self discipline that will determine his fate. We know how this story ends....

Caveman Bob

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I like his wheels, but he's way too slow to be a college running back. If Hawaii's coaches have any sense, they'll stick this kid at the nose and let him chase down QBs all day.


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Possibly a FB, not sure what O Hawaii is running now a days, but I can't see him sticking as a RB. Pound him at the goalline I suppose. I see him as an awesome pulling guard and being able to block in space with those feet.


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Well with a college strength and conditioning program behind him and a little bit of determination he is going to lose a bunch of weight.

He is faster than he looks because of how big he is bits he just isn't putting up good 60' times.

Could you imagine him at FB?


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But he can't stay that heavy and expect to play RB in college. If he got down to 280-275 , and got stronger, he could be real tough bring down assuming he would gain some speed.


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There was a video of him posted in one of the recruiting roundups, if people reading didn't see it. Impressive speed for someone of his size. He frequently outran just about everyone on the field. Should be a great fb, w would probably make a great dt.


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He's a much bigger version of Javorskie Lane who played for Texas A&M between 2005 and 2008. Lane weighed in around 280lbs as a freshman but ended up rushing for over 2,000 yds and 49 TD's in his career. I remember they ended up slimming him down through the years there. I would think they would do the same for David


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He has good top end speed for his size. He runs in a straight line well but I question his ability to cut against college athletes. Good for short yardages though!


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That was fun to watch :)

Curious if he can do anything against college athletes though.  It seems like it would be much  easier for a 350 lb RB to succeed in HS just due to "mismatch" issues.  That advantage will be less in college.  And I'm sure Hawaii has plans for him in their S&C program...


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I agree that he's going to have to lose some weight to gain some speed/directional change against D-1 players, but I'm not sure why 280 is the number and I don't think he could get down to that anytime soon in a healthy, strength-gaining manner. I suspect they'll try to widdle him down a bit but I'd be shocked if he ever drops under 300 unless he isn't hitting the weight room enough to pack on good weight.

I know (if his academics are in order) that I'd be interested as a college coach because his potential at several positions (OG, FB, DT, DE) depending on his weight and hands. He'll probably see limited use as a short yardage RB and spend the rest of his time somewhere else.  Hopefully he's open to that idea and no to sucked into a "no, I play RB" mind-set.


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Fangupo looks pretty good against 190-pound HS kids, but it won't be that easy in college.  Plus, his long runs seemed to be in short yardage situations with almost everyone in the box.  College defenses tend to have players hold their positions a lot better than what I was seeing there.  

I think he'll make a great fullback, and should be able to get some extra yards, but I don't see him breaking off any long runs against legitimate competition.


February 13th, 2013 at 4:06 PM ^

Obviously he’s not going to play RB at the next level, but his athleticism and nimble feet are very impressive.  Guys who are his size and move like that don’t grow on trees.  It’s the main reason Dontari Poe went to the Chief’s at 11 despite not doing much at Memphis. 

He’s probably going to be a NT/ short yardage FB like Jesse Williams from Bama.