OT: MNF Lions at Cowboys Open Thread

Submitted by We are back on December 26th, 2016 at 7:48 PM
Highly anticipated game, Cowboys aren't resting their starters and Lions are trying to secure a playoff spot without Slay, Swanson, and Riddick. Graham Glasgow is making his 3rd start at center for Detroit. Go Lions



December 26th, 2016 at 7:52 PM ^

I see this outside chance... a 2-score Cowboy lead in the 4th has them sitting key players, opening the window to a Stafford Stunner.

Either way, we need NEXT week.  Bad. 

So so bad.


December 26th, 2016 at 8:10 PM ^

A Lion has a top speed of 50 mph and can make it to the end zone in 3.2 seconds from the other end zone...faster if they're chasing a tasty Cowboy


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The Lions... they're like the first wife. I'd given her so many chances. When I met her she seemed meek and innocent. Her beauty was noticeable. She had a confidence about her that few understood. I loved her so much, but over time I began to realize that many of her lovable traits also yielded dark secrets. She was passionate and she shared that passion with too many men. Our marriage bed became a turnstile of one night stands, of which I had no part. I knew, but ignored, that she had a side to her that was sinister. I blew off her instability but over time things compounded and it could not be ignored any longer. I had wanted to avoid it when the car was keyed a few times, but finding that my cat had been skinned alive and hung outside my window was something that had to be confronted. I left and told her things were over. But she never left me alone. I would see her everywhere I went. I had voicemails from phone numbers rendered "unavailable" that were usually nothing more than heavy breathing and indiscernable whispers that sounded like demonic incantations. I had to move on. But now she's standing at my door in the rain, crying, asking to be let in. I don't know whether I should heed or not. I fear that if I do I will be haunted one too many times, and it may just be my final undoing. But if I do not, I may miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. I am so afraid that it petrifies me.


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That soccer mom that everyone knows used to be a porn star. Not only is she not doing anything meaningful now, but parents don't want their children having anything to do with her. Most of the time people ignore her, except when it suits their purposes to ridicule her.

Most people are waiting for her to move away to somewhere that nobody knows her, but until she does move, she'll fit their mental model of a perfect disaster of a woman.