OT Miss. St. Being Investigated by the NCAA

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Miss. St. is the latest team in the SEC to face an NCAA investigation, with 1 coach, WR coach Angelo Mirando, resigning, presumably because of involvement in the scandal.


The school says the investigation is close to finished. NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn confirmed the NCAA and Mississippi State were "working cooperatively," but did not have any further comment.

"That's been going on for the last several months," Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen said following Thursday's practice. "I'm not able to comment on any of that."

Mississippi State receivers coach Angelo Mirando resigned Sunday, citing "unforeseen personal issues." Mullen has not elaborated on the reason for Mirando's resignation.

ESPN.com reported Mirando's resignation was related to the recruitment of at least one player on the current roster. The report later says that MSU freshman defensive back Will Redmond was the subject of an NCAA interview with Redmond's high school coach, without explicitly connecting the two issues.

Mullen said that Redmond is still practicing with the team. Mullen also was openly critical of ESPN reporter Joe Schad, who wrote the story.


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Some tweets: 


Former Miss St WR coach Angelo Mirando resigned in wake of ongoing NCAA investigation into his recruitment of at least one Bulldogs player


Just got off the phone with another contact down in Starkville. This could get ugly...reaching into the state of Alabama


Dispatch MSU Sports Blog: Sources: NCAA investigation of Mississippi State football involves car for Will Redmondbit.ly/PBaYYr

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Personally, I'm very surprised to see an SEC team being investigated by the NCAA for improper benefits. I have always thought the SEC to be an honorable and noble conference. Who knew?






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If the NCAA had balls/brain/name your favorite organ, it would carpet-bomb one of the SEC schools as an example to the rest.  Miss. State may fit that bill.

Otherwise, is there a clause about a conference loss of institutional control? 


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is probably a reference to this:


According to a Memphis Commercial Appeal report, NCAA investigators have questioned a former 7-on-7 team head coach of Redmond named Byron De'Vinner. De'Vinner was also the same 7-on-7 coach of current Auburn University running back Jovon Robinson. Robinson, who like Redmond is from Memphis, is having his eligibility investigated currently by the NCAA as well.  


Sources: NCAA investigation of Mississippi State football involves car for Will Redmond

If they're really looking at DeVinner, this could get ugly in the SEC. Even Vanderbilt might not come out of this clean.


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I'd be annoyed in the same way that I am when I hear of a star pro player being let off the hook while a backup gets crucified all to "make an example". If the NCAA wanted to make an example they should have found a way to do so in the Cam Newton situation. Nothing will change until they come down hard on a program that gets national attention and is right on the edge of what is considered within the universities control. As long as programs are allowed to plead ignorance to what decisions their boosters, players, players parents etc are doing behind closed doors than these things will always take place.


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It's a rough week for MIssissippi State fans. You find out you're being investigated for cheating, and your team hires Tim Brewster. Double-Whammy. Since the SEC has a stack of "get-out-of-jail-free" cards, the Brewster hiring is probably worse.


Mr. Rager

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The opinion of those in the know would suggest that "Every SEC team (outside of perhaps, Vanderbilt) cheats".  Their day will come.  They will keep winning and everyone outside of the Southeast will get tired of it, and the NCAA's hand will be forced.  


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There's a blog entry in the Clarion Ledger site which provides a little more information as well - (link)

Supposedly, Redmond's mother was actually alerted to the investigation by the Ledger, if this is accurate, and Bryon De'Vinner (the coach mentioned a few posts above) claims that Memphis East High staff are simply pointing at him for the simple reason that they don't like him, and of course, he supposedly has plans to clear his name in the near future, so we'll see where that takes this investigation, I guess. It also mentions that De'Vinner and Redmond's families are close as well. Still, there is this tidbit, if we're talking about "impermissible benefits":

"Receipt of a benefit by student-athletes or their relatives or friends is not a violation of NCAA legislation if it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to the institution’s students or their relatives or friends or to a particular segment of the student body (e.g., international students, minority students) determined on a basis unrelated to athletics ability"

If it turns out that the car purchase took place, Mississippi State (or a representative thereof) needs only to purchase cars for about 20,000 undergraduates.


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that had reportedly offered Chris Weber's father $150,000 back in the day.  Weber said no of course and we all know why now.


Miss St has cheated in the past and will cheat in the future, it is just the way it is down there.