OT: a minor heads up on the Petrino situation.

Submitted by foreverbluemaize on April 9th, 2012 at 11:40 PM

Just got done watching the Fayetteville local news, and there was footage of a rally outside the UA athletic department. People pleading for them to keep Petrino. I simply can't wait until the players lie to the NCAA about something and say "well our coach lied to his boss, why can't we". Have to love that win at all costs mentality. WOO PIG FOOOIEEEEE



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This whole situation is pathetic. The fact that he even tried the "I lied to protect my family from the world finding out about my inappropriate relationship" excuse was pathetic. This kind of thing makes me sick. 

I'm just glad the drama this offseason isn't on the Big Ten anymore. 


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I have an old acquaintance whose husband was off with his girlfriend and another friend and were involved in a night time boating accident.  There was a lot of alcohol and the boat owner (who was the one with girlfriend) drove her to shore and sent her off with all of the alcohol evidence before calling 911 or attempting to find his friend (who had gone overboard in the accident).  The friend drowned and his pathetic excuse was he was trying to keep his affair from his wife and children.  He's in jail now but only for a year and a half. 

So yeah, I agree, it makes me sick.


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They say "woo pig sooey".

Wait a minute, I see what you did there !


OOP - that stunning dose of cleverness was meant for the OP, but samer got in and posted before me !   Curse his nimble fingers !


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Not to go all political on this, but its just another "he lied about sex" story. I think supporters of men who transgress lines about sexual relations tend to overlook the transgression, if its unrelated to someone's job/mission the the supporters really like. Others, rivals, will seize on the transgression as evidence of unfitness. Age old story. Even the rumors of RR when he came to UM are an example.

Plus, Petrino is a known unethical liar but he wins so Hog nation isnt phased. I would also think many males in Hog nation will secretly think, gee look at the girl, you go Bobby good job.

I'm too cynical now. But of course the fans want him to stay.


April 10th, 2012 at 1:07 AM ^

The guy is probably the richest dude in Arkansas whose last name isn't "Walton".  The fact that he had to pony up a salary and public employee benefits just to get some chick who looks like Mac Tonight to let him touch her where she pees is more sad than anything else.


April 10th, 2012 at 1:38 AM ^

That's exactly the biggest problem. The sex and lying is bad but nothing compared to abusing power like that. The trip was four days after she was hired....there is no way a relationship didn't already exist that influenced that hire. That's the issue here. And that's what they will ignore in order to keep him.

Ps I'm here in the heart of hog nation and I absolutely love this stuff. Revenge for all the shit I took in the RR years!


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We should organize a rally to support our coach and leader of the program. Not because he fucked up and is in trouble, but because he didn't fuck up, and he wont. Hoke is absolutly the best in the business and we should all appreciate that fact.


April 9th, 2012 at 11:50 PM ^

I hate to make this generalization, but its obvious to me that ethics are not a concern in the SEC. I'm thankful everyday that we not only have an elite program but our fanbase, administration, and coaching staff are held to high ethical standards as well.


April 10th, 2012 at 12:31 AM ^

Given the number of quality football schools out there for stud recruits, would you feel comfortable sending your son there to play for him? Whether it's a non issue, he's lost a lot of credibility, and I don't think this will play well in Arkansas' recruiting hotbeds. 

He's toast.


April 10th, 2012 at 12:38 AM ^

I agree, but the amount of coverage it has gotten just speaks to how slow the off season has been.  This isn't like he broke any rules like OSU, Oregon, UNC or Miami, it just was a guy cheating on his wife.  Yea its a douchey thing to do, but I don't really see it being that big of a deal.


April 10th, 2012 at 9:11 AM ^

I don't think it has anything to do with a slow offseason. Football coaches are high profile employees of their universities, and since he is the coach at a public university he also happens to be an employee of the state. As a big time football coach he is also a leader, and leaders get held to a higher standard than regular people. It's one thing if you cheat on your wife and it just affects your family, it's another entirely when you are the public face of a program and university. Not to mention the fact that he hired her to receive paychecks also as a public employee of the state of Arkansas for obvious reasons other than "she's qualified". I think it's a very big deal.


April 10th, 2012 at 1:07 AM ^

... Because he wasn't fired right away.

There are many many worse issues here than lying about sex. Among them is using a state employee (police captain) to aide in a cover up, lying to police investigators, and a likely sexual harassment that she can't claim because she went along with it


April 10th, 2012 at 9:03 AM ^

Yeah, I wonder how that's working out.  She's reported to be "in hiding."  Her job was to coordinate travel for football recruits (at a $56,000+ salary, btw).  

I'm not saying she's not qualified for the job, but if sleeping with the boss is what it took to get hired, I would think the University brass would frown on such behavior, and with good reason.


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So like..... Just read this whole thread reading PATERNO, instead of PATRINO....

I knew none of this made any sence, and evidently im more dislexic than i origonally thought..

Herp Derp


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These people are idiots. Not drawing the line here for the sake of winning is how you end up with a Sandusky. Keeping him makes him more powerful. You create a culture where employees don't know when or are afraid to blow the whistle.


April 10th, 2012 at 1:20 AM ^

Comparing an accused child rapist to Petrino is completely ridiculous.  He's not a monster.  He just can't resist a gal who looks like Jim Carey in "The Mask".  That is weird, but it doesn't warrant this silly overreaction.

Either he'll get fired or he won't, but it doesn't mean anything to people outside the situation.  We only want to pretend it does because we've become a nation full of washer-women who love gossiping about other people and sitting in judgment of them because they got the crazy idea that they wanted to have sex with a lady.


April 10th, 2012 at 1:33 AM ^

This creates a culture where a Sandusky thing can happen. Patrino is not Sandusky of course. But unless you have a 0 tolerance culture...what happens if there a noise in the shower and they are not absolutely sure...they are less likely to report it. It's a matter of degree. Without a 0 tolerance culture people aren't sure where to draw the line and aren't sure if they should blow the whistle. Also, along comes a Sandusky in a culture like this and sees what a Patrino can get away with. Whats he likely to do?

Its the same problem UM had in Florida. He created a bad culture.


April 10th, 2012 at 1:55 AM ^

That was my original point.  This original Board Post was all about a protest of people who want the school to keep him.  He hasn't been fired.   And so I made the point about how reinforcing a bad culture (by not firing him immedialty) and what can come out of it.  


Sounds like we're good now




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What if Brady Hoke likes to smoke a joint or put a dent in a bottle of Scotch to unwind after a stressful day?  What if Greg Mattison loves super creepy German porno?  They aren't hurting anyone and it is none of our business.  A culture that doesn't promote ratting out your co-workers for every harmless vice doesn't cause child rapists to run free.  The police/DA not prosecuting a guy after someone tells them, "Hey, I saw that guy raping a child," is what causes that.

If this hadn't been made public by the crash, it would be between Petrino, his wife, and the chick involved.  Now that it is in the public eye the AD at Arkansas will weigh the public embarassment of keeping him against the benefit of institutional stability and the guy's support in the community.  They will make a pragmatic judgment call and that will be the end of it. 

Also, if you think Michigan or any other school has anything close to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to player behavior or arrests then you haven't been paying attention for very long.  Urban Meyer may have seen a few more of his players get in trouble with the law than the average coach, but I guess I missed the part where pedophiles were running wild in the UF athletic department.


April 10th, 2012 at 2:01 AM ^

...about poor coach Mo.  Either Bo or Canham was the AD back then.  DB would do the same. It doesn't seem fair (especially the Mo situation) but it gets tough if you think that you can draw a different line.  As a leader of the football team, the school, a company, or the country, what you do and how you act is important.  If you don't want that responsibilty then find another career.


April 10th, 2012 at 2:16 AM ^

Do you really think the moral integrity of the University of Michigan would have been compromised if Gary Moeller kept his job?  I certainly don't. 

You're also not judging people on how they act.  You are judging them on what they got caught doing.  It's as much their fault for not being honest about the fact that *SPOILER ALERT* men like to have sex with women, some times even ones they aren't married to, but throwing a hissy fit about the guy simply because he wrecked his bike and now we know more about his personal life than we did yesterday is silly.  Unless the university is going to start investigating the marital fidelity of everyone employed on campus, they are just doing the expedient thing by firing him to avoid embarassment. 

Rick Pitino banged the wife of his equipment manager on the table at an Italian restaurant, paid for her to have an abortion, and is still coaching.  And still married to his wife, as far as I know.  The Louisville basketball program hasn't become a den of iniquity as a result.  The cases of guys from the pre-tabloid generation are probably endless.  I don't care if I find out that Bo banged co-eds, or choked himself watching dirty movies, or shot heroin into his eyeball.  It still isn't any of my business and wouldn't lessen his accomplishments.


April 10th, 2012 at 3:31 AM ^

Wow.  Clearly hit a sore point here.  

This was much more than an affair.  He had a police captain help cover it up.  He lied to his boss. Who knows what else.  Sleaping with an employee is against just about any school or corp ethics policy (simply because it can lead to an abuse of power and sexual harrassment).  And of course he just hired her. 

Your arguement that it's not fair to just punish those who get caught and that this is a call to invade peoples privacy is simply a red herring.  Who are you, Otter?   Besides, it's not about the affair...is't about the lying, cover up, ...

Coach Mo is probably a good man in an unfortutate situation.  But that kind of tolerance policy has a ripple effect without invading peoples privacy.  High character and ethics standards at a school attracts the same.  Low standards will attract the same.   Look at our recruiting.   What kind of coach would you hire?   And your Petino story is a good one.  He almost was our BB coach.  I take it you probably wish he took the job.  But with Mo being fired 5 years earlier perhaps Petino knew Louiville would be more tolerant of his behaviour if he ever got caught (yes I admit a stretch but something to think about).

And although my original points were based on this being far beyond just his behaviour...since you want to make a "behaviour" argument take it up with the 'SEC' school itself.  Even Arkansas thinks it's important.  They have a clause that says they can fire him if his "behaviour" reflects badly on the university.  


April 10th, 2012 at 8:09 AM ^

Your points are well taken, and none is a stretch. There is significance in critical distinctions made on ethical issues. Petrino's proclivities do not necessitate tyranny and oppression, but they are prone to engender such undoing of the social fabric by degrees if left unchecked. Petrino is of the ilk unashamed to enhance the prospects of those who would gladly destroy the opportunities of the most worthy among us; exchanging duty for any and every subsumed illusion from which they might seek opportunity to satiate their preferred fidelity to conspiritorial debauchment, determined to prop up their failed self-interest.


April 10th, 2012 at 9:55 AM ^

Petrino is of the ilk unashamed to enhance the prospects of those who would gladly destroy the opportunities of the most worthy among us; exchanging duty for any and every subsumed illusion from which they might seek opportunity to satiate their preferred fidelity to conspiritorial debauchment, determined to prop up their failed self-interest.


Mr Miggle

April 10th, 2012 at 7:37 AM ^

You're purposely ignoring that Petrino is accused of much that is beyond his own personal business. The story would be completely different if he was only found to be having an affair. You could be sure that he wouldn't be suspended if that were the case.

These coaches aren't just overseeing multi-million dollar operations. They are also the public face of the school. They are also typically their highest paid employee. Their contracts, along with many generous provisions, also have clauses allowing the schools to fire them for reasons that wouldn't apply to most other employees.

You might not care, but I don't want a heroin addict to have such an important role in the lives and futures of our student-athletes. A line needs to be drawn somewhere between being unfaithful to his wife and convicted of felonies.