OT: Michigan Rated No. 1 Public University.....Yet Again

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According to The Business Journals statistical survey, delivering "an Ivy League collegiate experience at a public school price" and "the prototype Public Ivy."

Other B1G schools:  8 - Maryland,  10 - Wisconsin, 11 - Illinois, 15 - OSU, 17 - Minnesota,

22 - Indiana, 26 - Penn State, 28 - Purdue and 30 - Rutgers.





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I've lived in the DC area for 40 years, and Maryland has never had a particularly good rep while I have been here.  There has been an effort over the course of the past 10 years to raise its academic standing, but it was always considered to be at or near the bottom of the original 8 ACC schools.


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I was surprised to see Dearborn so high.

124. Michigan Technological University
140. Grand Valley State University
147. University of Michigan-Dearborn
224. Eastern Michigan University
243. Western Michigan University

LOWER ECHELON (national ranks 251-484, listed alphabetically)
Central Michigan University
Ferris State University
Lake Superior State University
Northern Michigan University
Oakland University
Saginaw Valley State University
University of Michigan-Flint
Wayne State University

Surprised to see Dearborn coming out in front of the directionals as well as Wayne State. I didn't think Dearborn was anything great.


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The fact that Ferris is in the 'lower echelon' here in no way guarantees that they aren't numerous Michigan grads working under Ferris State grads right now.

Academically, I've never heard anything about Dearborn and I generally considered Western and Wayne St to be pretty decent schools. I was surprised to see Dearborn come in so much higher than either. Metrics will always make a big difference obviously


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I think many people would disagree with you. Unlike Berkeley and UM, UVA seems to have a much more extreme bias in favor of in-state applicants. I've heard it's nearly impossible to get in from outside of Virginia, but not too tough if you're in-state. I think you could make an argument for any one of those three for top public university.

Cali Wolverine

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...Virginia is a different level than Berkley. If you lived in CA for the last 39 years you would also see the slow decline of the UC system. It is still a strong public school system, but it does not have the academic clout it did 20 years ago. 20 years ago UCLA was the premier academic school in LA, USC was the school you went to if you had a pulse and some $. Today UCLA can't compete with USC when it comes to facilities and hiring top level professors because they don't have the money...which is why today UCLA and USC are now a push when it comes to academics. Berkley is still a great institution...put it is a product of a declining UC system.


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You're probably only looking at acceptance rates tbh... UVa is definitely not a better school than Cal and is maybe on par with U of M. That's if you consider undergrad only. For grad school, specially STEM and the professional schools (law, med, mba) Virginia tech isn't even close to Cal and Michigan. The only school where they're on par or better is law, that's it.