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I know this board fosters a large amount of people, many of whom probably enjoy Harry Potter. I would contend that I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans in this community. That being said:


do not encourage this shit by posting about it. 


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I, too, am not proud of this.

At first, I was going to reply that LARPing is probably cooler than pretend/real "Quiddich"... Exhibit A:

But then I found Exhibit B:

For comparison, some "Quiddich":

So while I'm inclined to call it a draw, I personally think armor & medieval nerf weapons > running around with broomsticks. But at the end of the day, they're all:

The Mad Hatter

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that was played on flying broomsticks in the movie?  I think that's the bigger story here.

I had no idea those had been invented.  I guess that makes up for the hoverboard.


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Woodson at seeker would be great since it's all about vision. He basically plays a NFL version of a seeker now. Sitting back and eyeing the ball and then teleporting over to pick it off. Peppers would be much better used at beater due to his size and strength.


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Like three years ago, right? I think people need to start letting go. I really enjoyed it and was a fan but I know people that are still obsessed with it. Either way, I'm taking pride in this. I don't care what kind of shit you give me.


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And a sequel in stageplay form.

Also, the idea that people should be "over" something three (actually 4 if we're talking the movies, 8 if we're talking books) years after it "ends" seems pretty ridiculous.  The last Lord of the Rings book was 60 years ago, people are still plenty into that, and were before the movies came out too.  We're talking about one of the most popular stories of all time, and one that the ascendant generation quite literally grew up alongside.  No idea why it would be expected to go away.

Everyone Murders

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I, for one, think that after MSU's brutal (and hilarious) loss to Nebraska it is very kind of the OP to feed directly into one of the stereotypes about Michigan that Sparty holds dear - that we're the sort of nerdy dipshits who would participate in a quidditch tournament.

(Truth behind the stereotype notwithstanding ... .)