OT - Michigan Love on SNL

Submitted by chris16w on January 26th, 2014 at 1:09 AM

At the conclusion of SNL tonight, featured (new) cast member Mike O'Brien was sporting a suave old school Michigan cardigan. He's an alum, and seems to be getting more airtime than other members of his new white dude cadre.





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The Jimmy Fallon, Will Forte, Will Ferrell, and Tina Fay years were good. There have been sparkles in otherwise sad times. I, personally, have watched through the 90s until now. There isn't as much of a drop-off as people think ... They just remember everything in the past with such fondness - which is a product of our mind longing for youthful times according to psychology.


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Farley was the good days?  My (totally unscientific) survey over the years says people stop liking SNL about 10-12 years after they started watching.  But each new half-generation seems to like the current version just fine.  Maybe SNL isn't really geared to the Downton Abbey crowd.


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Quinn ranks up there as one of the worst people to be on the show for more than one season, and he is easily the worst news anchor of all time, by a factor of about 10 billion.  An intern holding up cue cards on air would have been funnier, with a smoother delivery.

Swayze Howell Sheen

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Note to everyone who says SNL sucks: everybody thinks SNL is funny when they are about 16-19 (and staying up late is cool), and then realize that the show is basically not that funny when they are a bit older. 

Everyone has been saying "SNL sucks, but used to be good when..." for the past 25 years (at least, in my recollection).




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I was more the Dana Carvey fan, but SNL is fine.  Maybe because I never was a dedicated watcher, I never saw the dip.  Seth is hilarious though.  His news segment in SNL is typically my favorite part.  


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Sorry to break it to you guys, but SNL has always been terrible.  A few sketches are gems, but they are very few and very far between.  Mostly, you are just supposed to laugh at how terrible the writing is and wonder how much heroin it took for a sketch to get written and greenlighted.  Hopefully, a cast member will go off script, or break character--and that's the only time it really gets interesting.

So anyone saying that SNL isn't funny anymore--or talking about the golden years--needs to get over themselves and just enjoy mindless television for what it is...mindless television.


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Once Norm MacDonald got let go for dropping an F bomb on live TV, what was the point?

Naa but in all seriousness, the guy that said something about how everyone thinks it was best whenever they were 16-19 is pretty spot on.  For me, that was the mid/late 90's, and it is definitely the era I remember most fondly.  To be fair, I haven't been a regular viewer in close to a decade, but I do catch a skit here and there because my wife DVR's it or someone will post something on facebook.  I did watch some of the Louis CK episode this season because obviously.


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Entirely unrelated, but on an "in the media" note...Howard Stern a few weeks back was ripping on MSU.  He had played some audio of one of their football players (who was speaking as a...not very intelligent person) and was repeatedly commenting on the stupidty of the entire school.  Fun times.


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The truth is, SNL pretty much has AWAYS sucked, even during the golden years.  That's how sketch comedy works.  Most of it sucks to some degree (or is at least mediocre).  However in all of the suckage, you find one or two nuggets of total hilarity that everyone remembers forever, and then that is all that is remembered.  And that's why you watch, for those golden moments.   It's like thowing darts--most of them miss, but you get a few hits that are just golden.

Feat of Clay

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You should check out his web series "Seven minutes in heaven." Thanks to his SNL connections he has had some good guest stars. He's got the awkwardness Schtick down pat.