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Submitted by We Do Not Sow on August 19th, 2013 at 3:17 PM

***DISCLAIMER: Yes I know about the sticky on the MGoBoard regarding UM-Friendly bars. The selection in Dallas is poor and appears to be 3 years old, which is why I am posting this.***

Hey MGoTexans,

A very good friend of mine and Michigan Alum has recently relocated to Dallas and is need of some MGoHelp. He needs a place to watch the games this fall, that aren't either of the two bars that are listed on the UM Friendly Bars map as they are both extremely far from where he lives.

Does anyone know of a good place to watch the games in Dallas? Specifically the Uptown area?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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There is a Facebook group called  "University of Michigan Dallas Club " that you can join. They meet at a place called "Fox and Hound" to watch games, according the group. I'll be in Dallas and will probably join them.



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Alabama last year and ended up at the Fox and Hound that Friday night.  You would have thought that you were in a bar in Ann Arbor. 


There is more than one Fox and Hound in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  We were at the one in Arlington.

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Yeah that list (while a great idea & helpful at the time), is now dated and inaccurate. It'd be great if we can use this as a more updated (for this season) catch-all for U-M bars. I live in Philly (and the bar here changed...and then changed back since the sticky) 2 locations:

Fox & Hound (yes same as Dallas) @ 15th & Spruce

Boat House in Conshocken


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There's usually a good crowd of Michigan fans at 6th Street.  It's on the corner of Routh and Cedar Springs in uptown.  

Oklahoma State fans usually occupy the first floor and upstairs we always get them to put on the Michigan game on their biggest TV with the sound.   Probably like10-15 of us there on most Saturdays. 


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There isn't a great place near Uptown area (well besides my apt) to watch games.  There's only like 2 places to watch games in Uptown and one is an Ohio State bar (I've been invited for to go to the Game there). 

There's going to be a Happy Hour for the alumni at Black Friar (in uptown) in a week or two where he could meet some other alums down here.  I'd recommend for him to go to that and figure out the situation from there.


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The Fox and Hound is the alumni base for watching the bars in Dallas. I used to live around the corner from it and I'll attest it's a good venue. Let me just say, your friend needs to man-up. As for it being "out of the question, it's too far"... I say your buddy is lying to you. The Fox and Hound on Midway Rd is 30 minutes from the outskirt areas of Dallas. And if he's living beyond that, he's not really living in Dallas, then. 30 minutes of driving in Dallas is the norm. Tell him to deal with it. He'd spend more time parking and walking to the stadium if he was in AA.


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probably just cut to the quick and go to El Paseo out in Azle for the shrimp/chicken fajitas, and beg them to switch away from the Longhorns game.  

Actually, they will, no biggie.   


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I'm moving to Colleyville in a couple of weeks. Is the Dallas club active? And, does the club meet at the Arlington Fox & Hound or another location?

Go Blue!


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They are active and have some events for football games and have random events throughout the year.  They meet at the Fox and Hounds up on Midway Road (near Addison/Frisco area)  and not at the Arlington one (one time thing for Bama game). 

Just google information on the club, shouldn't be hard to find.  Also facebook group :https://www.facebook.com/groups/46887296001/

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Living in Uptown, I'll be around Blackfrier and 6th street...though for the ND game.  Will be in Mexico City for the home opener.  

Let me know if any other uptowners want to band together around uptown.


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Hey guys I live near Uptown and would be down to watch the games at 6th street. I have a buddy who lives in Uptown who is a Michigan fan who could join as well. Can we just try to decide on one location in Uptown so that we can have strength in numbers? Just a thought.