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    Road tripping from California to Michigan (Grand Rapids area) in August and looking to fill the family truckster with Michigan beer to share upon my return.  Since nothing is distributed here (I'm not in San Diego), people get excited to taste fresh bottles and I have lots of orders from friends for Founders, Bell's and 3 Floyds since I have to drive through Munster, IN.  Anway, it has been a few years since I have been back in Michigan so looking for new things to bring back.  Tasted a bottle from Dark Horse this year that impressed me so definatley heading there.  But Marshall is about as far east as I will be going and only want to buy freshies straight from breweries, so any advice would be great.  Also, great to know opinions on possible brewery only beers at the established places that I should seek out.



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It's the only beer I've ever had. I have a low tolerance for alcohol and carbs without fiber AND I like it room temperature because I have sensitive teeth and the cold hurts it. Yes I've tried sensodyne toothpaste. Koalas teeth wear down and then we die because we can't chew or eat anymore. Look it up. If you don't like warm Bud Lite then fine, but I'm allowed to like it and suggest other try it. Have you? Also don't be an asshole and be more informed before you tell me to take a break from the internet or this site. Plus my aunt makes $10 grand a week at least. She's a saint.


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It's in Grand Haven, so it's close, and everything i've ever tried from them has been excellent. When you're there, you have to try Bean Flicker, which is a coffee flavored blonde, and the Black Citra IPA if they have it on tap. 


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Live right across the street and their beers are usually amazing. They always have new beers - last night I had 'We be Jammin' which is a peanut butter and raspberry jam beer. Also had 'Ahh Nuts' which is described as a hazelnut chocolate coffee stout (and a 10% abv doesn't hurt). It's one of those bring your own food places as well and they just expanded to double their size. Awesome place.


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Odd side - grand haven.
New holland and our brewing company - holland.
Brewery vivant - Grand Rapids.
Perrin - comstock park.
Saugatuck brewing has impressed me with some of their special releases lately
Dark horse is good
I've been hearing some good things about the two in hudsonville but I've yet to partake

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I live in GR and here are some breweries that are worth it:



New Holland



Brewery Vivant 

Harmony Brewing

Osgood Brewing

And if you haven't been to Hopcat, it's a good way to sample everything.  Also, if you go through the Chicago side of Indiana, 3 Floyd's is definitely worth it.

This list is far from complete and I know more about West Michigan, so I know there's a lot missing.


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Excellent beer and you'll pass right through Sawyer if you come up 94. I liked Dystopia and Delusion, both Imperial Stouts and 1825, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. I saw a few people recommend Shorts. I'd stay away for this trip. Don't get me wrong. I like Shorts. Their Publican Porter might be the best Porter I've had and the Aww Jeah is a very good DIPA. The problem I do have with them is that they push out a lot of beer, most of which are nothing special. My personal favorite brewery is Unruly in Muskegon. Unfortunately, they don't yet sell bottles other than occasional special releases.


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Can you pick up some Gumballhead and make a slight detour to Tampa on your way back home?

Definitely go to Founders, HopCat is one of a few locations but also a good choice with great bar food.

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I'm stuck in Dallas for the week and I haven't been able to find a single decent brewery.. random mgobloggers does anyone know of anything decent in Dallas or San Antonio (next week)? I would think Texans would like their beer just as much as the Midwest but it seems I am very wrong

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But don't drink it until you're safely at overnight rest. Greenbush is right off the highway for you:  http://www.greenbushbrewing.com/

We do well here in Chicago but it's not construction season, I mean "winter construction season," thus it's true construction season and likely more trouble than leaving I-94.


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Agree that you can't go wrong with Founders/Bell's. Two Hearted / Red's Rye are my favorites from those two. Saugatuck is not too far of a trip either and is really good.


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My wife and I were just in GR and went to Vivant. Belgian styles. It was fantastic, if you go let me know what you think. Also The Mitten was really good, also with great and unique pizza.

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Had a great time at Right Brain last weekend (Traverse City). They aren't afraid to make some funky stuff. Not all of their experiments are home runs, but they're interesting at least. Probably helps that CEO Stout is one of my favorite beers hands down.


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I was just up there a couple weekends ago. They have a program called the Ale trail, where you can stop at 8 breweries (doesn't have to be all in one day, but we did) and get stamps at each one. They give you a cheap-o silicone cup at the end, so I wouldn't worry about completing it if I were to go back.

That might be a good place to start if you are trying to get a list of ideas. There are about 6 downtown within walking distance so I would just stick to those.

My favorites were Right Brain and The Workshop. Not sure if the Workshop distributes, but I loved everything there (I particularly like stouts) so it would be top of my list for a trip to TC.

Shorts and Jolly Pumpkin get more press, but you can get those anywhere in Michigan for the most part.