OT Michigan boys HS State Championships

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on March 26th, 2011 at 1:20 PM

McBain Vs Schoolcraft at the half. McBain up 5. Very good game and 2 well coached teams. Lotsa good shooting going on.

In a candid halftime interview the McBain coach said the first half is probably the best his team played all year.




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I played against all the Schoolcraft kids in high school and I can tell you the difference between class A and whatever class they are in is astonishing. I was crosstown rivals with K Central and they would tear either of those teams apart


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All the Detroit teams beat up on each other up to the semis.  Central had some tough games coming up to it, but I bet if they had to play teams like the other side of the bracket all the way up to the finals, they'd probably blow one


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Because if you look at Central's out of conference schedule, it was quite tough from what I've read...played a number of top teams from the East side of the state as well as great teams from other states in tournaments and exhibitions...while their league may be weak, the fact that they've continually played with and beaten most of the teams they face from the east side of the state in the playoffs would seem to indicate that they are just plain better.

Blue boy johnson

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You are probably right, but Tennessee was going to tear M up as well. I saw the KC vs Southfield game yesterday and it was not well played.

I think one of  these teams knocked off Saginaw BV to get here, which is probably a pretty good accomplishment. Schoolcraft is undefeated and deserve major kudos for that.

Mateen Cleaves is pretty entertaining as a color commentator. You can tell Dick Vitale influenced him.

R Kelly

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Definitely a huge difference from class A to class C or D in general, but K Central has been one of the best teams in the state for the last 3 or 4 years, so thats not really a fair barometer of what typical class A ball looks like.


Edit:  I guess I am a slow typer because everyone else just made a similar point


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school like K-Central with over 1600 students is able to find more good athletes than Schoolcraft who has under 400 students. If you assume an equal ratio of good athletes for each school, then for every good kid Schoolcraft has, K-Central would almost be able to have an entire starting lineup of that same ability. Hence, the reason teams are divided into "class" or "division."

Blue boy johnson

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Wow easy to see why Schoolcraft is undefeated, they play together and can really shoot it.

What is the name of the soph on Schoolcraft? Reiskamp, Ricecamp? He is a good one.


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as a freshman on the varsity. His dad was quite a ball player in his day. He is going to be very good the next couple of years. I have watched this team all season and have never been short of amazed at their level of intensity. My son plays on their JV. Their football team will go deep in the state next year too.


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yesterday, this years K-central team is nothing special, not as good as their last two.  They've won some very close games in the tournament including winning a game on a goal tending call vs Lansing Eastern, OT win over Hudsonville and then yesterday vs Southfield.


I think B teams Sexton and Country Day might be the best two teams in the state.

Blue boy johnson

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Congratulations to Tri-unity, Class D and Schoolcraft Class C, State Champions.

Somebody tell Belien to keep an eye on young Luke Ryskamp a talented 6'3'' sophomore for Schoolcraft

Blue boy johnson

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That game was bad. Congrats to KC for back to back state titles.

MSU recruit Brandon Kearney was underwhelming. I know it is just one game, but Kearney today and Carlton Brundidge yesterday, didn't look like all staters against KC