OT: Miami (YTM) offered Sousa

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on January 14th, 2011 at 10:41 AM

This is news for those who have been interested/following Michigan recruiting this year.  I find it interesting that a QB commit that our previous coaching staff lost touch with landed an offer with Miami.  Pretty impressive.  Given that he is a FL guy, I'd be surprised if he didn't commit to the Canes over Wake.  And doesn't Al Golden run more of a pro-style offense?  Clearly, they are trying to react to the Bridgewater fiasco.

Also, this news was from last week, but ...you know... we had stuff going on.

Here's a link (paywall) -- http://recruiting.scout.com/2/1038070.html



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Speaking of Miami recruiting M targets........


Someone on Dallas Crawford's facebook page asked him if he decommitted and he said no about an hour ago.  It also says he's going to visit Miami, but maybe that's a good look for us.


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First, I'm thrilled Denard may be staying. It's pretty obvious you can't let a kid like that go to waste.

I'm also pretty sure Hoke will find a use for Devin Gardner in the future, but it'll be interesting to see who the next QB he brings in will be after that. I wonder if they'll go with a steadfast pocket-passer or some kind of scrambler.


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Interestingly enough, if you look at Borges' last two years at Auburn as OC, he went after several mobile QBs in recruiting.  Not that it means anything now, but it shows the guy at least isn't married to Navarre/Stanzi pure pocket passer types.


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doing more poaching than an African ivory hunter. I appreciate a good snake oiling, but this guy doesn't need to watch the ESPN ticker for a coaching change and dial every commit from that school. Can't believe he actually admitted to focusing on commits from schools in transition. Greasy!


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Every other school has been poaching Miami's recruits over the past month.  So, he needs to find good players someway.

Again, when he tries to steal Mich recruits, I hate his guts.  But from an objective viewpoint, Miami probably fell victim to more poaching than any other school.


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I always liked Sousa's game. He's as raw as it gets as far as quarterbacks go, but his cieling is very high, I could see him thriving at the U.

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Obviously Golden needs to follow MgoBlog recruiting.  At least then he would know that Sousa is not a M commit and needn't be poached. 

Seriously though, Golden's been pretty bold in his sniping.