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Submitted by JamesBondHerpesMeds on September 10th, 2012 at 12:19 AM

I'm moving to Rome for a short-term assignment with the UN in about two weeks.  And trust me, while I'm stoked for the opportunity, it's bittersweet having to miss out on football games, cider mills, and Tigers playoff games (/Nostradamus'd).

Any Romans/Europeans/whomevers on the board that could suggest a bar that shows college games + MLB in Rome would be highly appreciated.  And, if anyone is willing to send across a pumpkin and turkey so I can show these folks a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving, I'd be eternally grateful.


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last year a bunch of us saw the OSU game at The Abbey Theatre Irish Pub:

Via del Governo Vecchio, 51  00186 Rome, Italy

Just call ahead to make sure they are showing the games you are interested in. If there is a major football (i.e. soccer) match, it may be difficult but they will usually put at least one screen on.



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Italian, but you'll have to deal without my snark for now. Your best bet for getting all the games that you want over there is a streaming website or setting a Slingbox up at a family member's or friend's house.


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However, I did study in Greece. In my experience, unless you find a very upscale (read: expensive) American bar, it is hard to find non-championship games in Southern Europe. It is even much easier to find Euro soccer here in the states. 

Do not fear though, for Bo created the Internet for us:

Three suggestions: 

1. Mlb.tv works in most other nations. Use it, it is amazing. 

2. Questionably legal streams. I would never suggest you do something unethical, but they are there.

3. VPN - Get yourself a Virtual Private Network in the States. This will give you access to more youtube, hulu, etc. This also means espn3. 


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HMA (HideMyAss) VPN is great and relatively cheap (~$70 for a year or a little more monthly).  Super easy setup since it's basically just a matter of installing their client software, and then you can pick from servers all over the place including major US and European cities.  Also great for protecting your personal information when using wifi hotspots in coffee shops and other public places.


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Abbey Theatre Irish Pub, like mentioned above, is probably your only chance at seeing it. You can see some MLB games there and probably some of the bigger football games.  Call ahead and see if they are going to have the game on, if not just stream it.


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I lived in Belgium for a year and depended heavily on justin.tv to watch the games. You might find an American Bar that plays the games but it's highly unlikely.

Byw. I'll be applying for a job in the UN soon. I'm a recent law school grad who would appreciate any advice on the process and any tidbits regarding your experience. Best of lick in Rome.


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I just got back from Rome. I'd have to side with what was listed above. Your best bets are to find American or Irish pubs, get to know the staff and then ask them if they will be showing or can (on your behalf) show the games.


My two tips on Rome: don't go to strip clubs and get those $100 lap dances and eat as much gellato as you can. 


Rome is a great city, I really enjoyed myself during my time there. Have a blast and good luck


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Love Rome.  Spent a week there as a graduation present after med school.  As a bona fide history dork, being able to leisurely stroll through the Vatican museum studying Exekias' greatest works while the tour busses streamed over to the Sistine Chapel for 15 minutes was great.  Was also able to take a tour of Nero's Domus Aureus before they closed it again due to structural worries.

While there, if a BIG history dork, try to arrange a tour of the early Christian necropolis/graveyard underneath Saint Peter's Cathedral.  My big 'miss' while there.

Would also recommend eating as much spaghetti carbonara as possible.  Don't worry about the cholesterol, just wash down with red wine and a little Lipitor.


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I doubt you're going to get any game that isn't a major, nationally televised game (i.e. Super Bowl, maybe Rose Bowl). I doubt you'd even be able to find MNF games. I'd just buy a VPN for however long you plan on being there, and make sure its set to a US IP address so you can stream the games you want to watch.