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There is no debating that we are in a dead period in regards to all things Michigan athletics.  People, including myself, can't wait for the season to get here so that MGoBoard becomes more informational  rather than conversational.  But since news can't be produced, and since I'm bored, and since I can't help but navigate to this site even during dead periods, and since I don't have interest in the Tour de France, I am hoping to live vicariously through each and every one of you. 

The topic du jour is your encounters/run-ins with celebrities (or pseudo celebrities).  Ground rules are as follows: 

1) Seeing the celebrity or walking past them does not count - you must have spoken with said celebrity and received a response, even if it was only a one word response like "yes". 

2)  Meeting the celebrity at a planned event (book signing, back stage at a concert after their show, on the field after a game) does not count.  Said celebrity must be out of their natural element.

3)  Celebrity cannot be a college athlete.

With that said, my list is very weak and filled with D-listers (thus why I am hoping your stories can inspire me):

  • Sinbad (the comedian):  Ran into him fairly recently while he was purchasing sour apple Mentos in a Caesar's Palace gift shop.  I told him that I loved Neccessary Roughness and asked if he would let my girlfriend take a picture of the two of us.  He obliged but said make it quick, as he was trying to get to the sportsbook to place a bet and the clock was ticking.  He's a big man. 
  • Young MC:  He lives in Scottsdale, AZ and was a guest at a Phoenix area law firm's Christmas party.  The Christmas Party was held at a very cool old dive bar that the law firm saved from being condemened years ago and has held their Christmas party at ever since.  Well, karaoke was on the menu that night and, to the delight of all in attendance, Young MC karaoked (or sang, is it really karaoke if you sing your own song) Bust a Move.  He was very approachable and I went and talked to him for a bit about random stuff, mostly Phoenix sports since he was sporting a Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals jersey.  Very nice guy, has definitely eaten well since his early 90's success. 
  • EDIT:  How could I forget meeting Bob Eucker at a charity golf event.  He was playing in the foursome in front of our group and, since the course was jammed up, we would catch the group on every tee box.  He was a riot, always making everyone laugh.  Of course, after a few beers, I did watch one of his tee shots slice wickedly and (in hindsight, embarassingly) shouting, "Juuuuuust a bit outside." 



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And not counting people at athletic events, or promotions, or acts working the Palace or DTE Theater type things...

At the Alamo Bowl went with Angelique Chenglis and others and met up with not only Wojo, but Herbstreit and Tirico.  They were working the Alamo Bowl game, but I think a random bar is out of their element. Herby seemed like a nice guy, but his wife must go crazy with all the female attention he gets.  Talked to Tirico more, he went to buy us drinks but I gave him the money because I feel like guys like that get hit up for them paying just because they make so much money. And we were basically strangers.  But a really nice guy.  Talked about him living  in Ann Arbor and such (and having to defend that he lives there, but he's not from there, so every Nebraska fan can chill out).

Met Michelle Tofoya as we were switching planes on the way to the Rose Bowl. She was on the same flight to LA. We were both going for the same reason, but wasn't expecting her on the flight. 

Met Lloyd Carr and Sam Sword outside of Michigan football activities. They were taking care of other business. Which gave me the opportunity to chat up Sam a few times around Michigan (Spring games and such). 

Probably more, in other fields, but I'd have to think when they're outside their element.  


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I met George Clinton (and his hair) in a Burger King in Adrian, MI.  Also saw him grocery shopping in Meijers there once.  That was surreal.

My wife (literally) bumped into Evander Holyfield at the ATL airport several years ago.  He was standing right at the top of one of the long escalators with his back to her, and she wasn't watching where she was going - she bounced off him and landed on the floor.  He helped her up and was very nice.  She recognized him but was too embarrassed to say much. 

/cool story bro.



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He and my wife are from the same hometown, and he's her 2nd cousin or something.  I've never met him, rest of my family has.  They're all Alabama alumnae - one uncle played for Bear Bryant.

But... college athelete, Alabama, etc.

I'm going to catch all kinds of crap about the game, one way or another.



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I was waiting in LAX with a school group on our way home from Australia this past January.  We were all sitting around waiting to board when Craig Robinson (Darryl from The Office) walks out of the gate we were waiting for.  A bunch of us chased him down and got a picture with him, he was a pretty nice guy.


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I went to one of those dinners were you pay $X a plate to hear people speak for twenty minutes.  Dick Vitale and a former Steeler were the speakers.  I was introduced to Vitale and gave him a hard time about putting Gary Payton on his All-American team instead of Rumeal Robinson.  He was very gracious, and while I'm not a fan of his announcing anymore, I always remember that he was a really nice guy and very down-to-earth in person. 


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a basketball camp that he co-ran with Bob Lanier.  Honestly, was a top 5 highlight of my adolescence. Played a casual 1 on 1 with Bob (got killed, but did get him to leave his HUGE feet with a pump fake and drove around him to lay it in), played in the camp all-star game as a sophomore with Eric Turner playing point (I played 2).  Our team was ET, some dude going to Eastern, another to Toledo, and the center ended up at WMU.  And me, who had no interest above NAIA, ever.  

Anyhoo, Vitale picked ET and me to demonstrate how big guards should post up. In front of 3-400 campers, all solid players from metro Detroit.  I was defending ET, and Vitale screamed "NO, NO, NO!!  at me me because instead of fighting through a pick, I slid by to pick up Mr. Turner on the cut (would still defend the same way).  He ran out, grabbed my arm and dragged me around - "you go HERE, then HERE, and if the guy beats you on a cut, then you rely on your teammate down low", spitting all over me the whole time. His eyes were bugged out of his head, his face was purple and he was PISSED. 

Lanier cut in and said something like "But if you don't want to bust through a pick, you do what this guy did". Vitale was furious at being undermined. They glared at each other, and Bob low-fived me.  

I was but a pawn in the whole ordeal, but I'll never forget it.    


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A lot of mine come from working as a floor manager at a Sprint store in Tempe, AZ like 4 years ago.  For whatever reason, a lot of sports celebs are in Tempe often and have a Sprint phone.

1. Jeff Daniels - If you haven't met Jeff Daniels, well then you're probably not from SE Michigan.

2. Joe Fraizer - Saw him in the casino at the Flamingo in Vegas.  Got to shake his hand and take a picture (he also whispered something dirty, but funny coming from such an old guy, about my wife who was taking the picture). RIP Smokin' Joe.

3.  Manny Ramierez - Came into my Sprint store because he needed to get his phone fixed.  Was playing with the Red Sox at the time and when asked about how he felt about the Yanks, his response was "I could care less about the rivalry."  This guy is a pure mercenary ball player.

4.  Mike Tyson - Shit you not, came in at the same time Manny was at my store.  Evidently he saw one of my more attractive employees outside and came in to holler at her and be creepy.  Shook his hand.  My god that is strongest handshake I've ever felt.

5.  Amare Stoudemire - Came in because his phone didn't work when he was laying on his back.  Yep, you guessed it, he's one of the dumbest people on this planet

6. Kevin Jones (former Lions RB) - Came into the store right before he was cut.  Nice guy, pretty girlfriend, wasn't able to help him out though because his plan was under his agents account.

7. Shaun Rogers - Came into the store to get a new phone (that wasn't actually out yet).  I obviously broke the rules and sold it to him anyways after he apologized for how bad the Lions were.

8.  A multitude of WNBA players.  My sister played basketball at ND and stays close with ladies she played with/against who went on to play or coach professionally, so I've met a fair share of these famous ladies.  Whether or not they are famous to us here on the board is debatable, and that's why I consolidated them all into one.


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I have a random list of celebrity encounters:

1.) I know this is a bit before he was famous, but Ben Roethlisberger grew up a couple miles from my house, and we rode the same school bus together (he was a few years older than me). One day, he asked me to sit next to him and another kid in the back of the bus, and his friend held my arms back while Ben punched me in the stomach. True story.

2.) I ran into Tommy Davidson (from In Living Color fame) at a bar in Dayton. I told him that he was awesome in the movie "Booty Call". He said "that was my favorite movie ever to do". I was joking, he was not.

3.) Scott Parker, who was on the Colorado Avalanche squad back in the early 2000's, was best friends with a guy my sister was dating. I went to his condo. He was a big guy, hence him being the fighter on the team. He was fairly nice though.

4.) I met Scott Ian & one of the guitarists (both in the band Anthrax) at a bar in Columbus a month or so ago. Scott was okay, the guitarist was kind of a d-bag.

I think that is all of them...


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I almost forgot! I have met Dave Chappelle. I live in Dayton, and he lives just outside of Dayton. I see him around a bit, in a mall, in a bar, and at my gym. Each time, whether he's being bombarded by people or not, he's usually a pretty nice guy.

Gulo Gulo Luscus

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I was at a Sushi joint in NYC some time between Seasons 1 and 2 of his show and told the people at my table I thought I saw Dave Chappelle at a table in the back corner.  They didn't know who he was, which shocked me, but I was starstruck.  However, I didn't want to go up to him and interrupt his meal.  He must have seen me looking though because on his way out he walked past and said "Hey man how's it going" when I made eye contact and shook my hand.  I told him I loved the show and that one of my favorite moments was from the "Playa Haters Ball" when they show a picture of Rosie O'Donnell and one of the haters says, "She wears the underwear with the dickholes in 'em."  He laughed and said, "You wouldn't believe how hard it was to say dickhole on TV." 

Also met Charles Barkley at the Philly airport (he was on the 76ers and they were en route to Detroit to play the Pistons).  I was a huge fan and managed to get his autograph out in the terminal.  Later when I walked past him on the plane, Rick Mahorn (at the time a Sixer) said to me, "Rub his head, kid" (pointing at Barkley's bald head).  Barkley gave me a stone cold stare and told me, "Don't do it, kid."  Before I could respond, Mahorn grabbed me by the wrist and put my hand on his dome.  I nearly shit my pants but I'm pretty sure even Sir Charles had to laugh.  Also, standing next to Manut Bol (RIP) and watching him fold himself in half to enter the airplane door was pretty amazing.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:27 PM ^

Absolutely. Most of my friends in Dayton have seen him somewhere or another. I've seen him drinking either in the Oregon District downtown or at bars in Yellow Springs. He works out in Beavercreek, and the past few years has been working out quite a bit. He's gotten quite ripped.


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alright guys, try not to be super jealous.  BUT:  when I was in Vegas, I got to take a picture with none other then.... SCARY SPICE from the Spice Girls.  Plus I got to swim w/ her and Eddy Murphys kids.  I honestly had no idea who she was, but the girl I was with recognized her in her VIP section and asked for a picture.  Yea I know, cool story bro.  


July 9th, 2012 at 1:20 PM ^

I met basically the entire 1996-97 Pittsburgh Penguins team. My sister was doing a project for school and my dad was able to pull strings with a guy he knew (who at the time was the goal judge for the Penguins) and got her an interview with Greg Johnson not long after he was traded there from Detroit. We got access to a closed practice and hung out near the hallway leading from the locker rooms to the ice. We even got a stick from Ken Wregget. But we got to chat briefly with the likes of Mario Lemieux and Ron Francis (Jaromir Jagr was kind of a dick and didn't even say hi back to us). As a hockey player myself, I was on cloud nine for a few weeks after that.

I've met a few other hockey people, but none as awesome as the above: as with almost anyone who played hockey in/around Detroit, I've met Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay many, many times since they're so heavily involved in youth hockey in the area. I ran into Chris Chelios at the Ice Box in Brownstown during one of his kid's games. I played against Jeff Daniels' (of Dumb and Dumber fame) kid when he was at Chelsea High - he basically paid for the Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea and like a good parent actually went to pretty much all of his sons' games. I reffed games involving Jack Campbell and Jacob Trouba in their younger days (probably others too, but I know for sure those two because they were so obiovusly better than everyone and I always tried to remember names like that just in case).


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I met Bob Probert during the Wings' 1991 playoff series against St. Louis.  He got suspended during the series, and spent a game sitting in the next box over from the one I was in.  Talked to him briefly, and got his signature on my game ticket.

But my all-time favorite sports celebrity experience was spending a couple of hours with Ernie Harwell, about a year or so before he passed away.  Talk about a nice guy -- and, of course, he had a lot of great stories to tell.  That might be the best afternoon of my life -- but don't tell my wife I said that!


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There's some story about how he and my grandfather were two co-founders of a rink is St. Clair Shores or something like that. Anyway, I got to see him when he came to Chicago growing up, and have had the pleasure of meeting Colleen, Mark and Marty a few times.

Other than that, I played mite hockey with Brandon Sutter, and against kids with the last names Suter, Belfour, and Chelios. I saw Ray Ferraro just about punch some asshole's lights out after hitting Cammi Granato with a cheap shot in pick-up adult hockey.

Frito Bandito

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I met Mike Gordon from Phish. I got wasted after a Ween show with Dean Ween and the rest of the band minus Gener.. I saw Chris Carter in the airport once in Miami too..


July 9th, 2012 at 1:22 PM ^

While going to law school in New Orleans, my friends and I used to frequent a bar called the Kingpin. We were there late one night, I think it was the weekend before Mardi Gras. My (admittedly hazy) recollection is that sometime around 2 am, the bar went from being mostly dead to nearly packed. Then one of my friends pointed over to the bar, where, lo and behold, Peyton Manning is sitting (alone), drinking an 8 oz. "pony" bottle of High Life from a bucket of ponies Kingpin had on special. Next we became aware that Eli was there too, playing shuffleboard with members of their entourage. This was immediately following the season where Peyton had set the then-record with 50 TD passes, so I drunkenly thought I would try to buy him a congratulatory Jager shot. I walked up to where Peyton was stationed at the bar, and ordered two Jagers. When the bartender brought them, I pointed to one and asked Peyton if he wanted it. Again, if my hazy memory is correct, he offered a dismissive response that may or may not have involved more or less than a grunt and wave of the hand. After leaving Peyton to his bucket of petite beers, while drinking my second of 2 Jager shots, I began to regret not mentioning the '97 Heisman vote.

James Burrill Angell

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I hate politics so its not one of those.

I used to work for a company that ran PGA Tour events (the owner of the company was actually Jack Nicklaus and his sons). Anyway, each Tour stop had its on site permanent employees and then a bunch of the people from the main office would go out. I went to an event in South Florida and was winding up after the first day and I went to get a drink (non-booze, was still on the clock). I stood at the bar for like 15 minutes getting ignored because the bartender was more concerned about the golfers, club members and other VIP's in the room. Finally this older guy with his back to me bellows out "Bartender, this guys been standing here a long time, get him what he wants and get me another round of what I'm drinking". He turns around and its Ted Kennedy.

Same tournament, a day later, chance encounter out on the course when a guy with an earpiece comes up to me because I'm wearing my credentials and work apparrel asking for a short cut back to the clubhouse for a VIP. Around the corner comes said VIP and its Al Gore. Very nice. Had him sign a golf ball for me before he headed back to the clubhouse.

Finally, different tournament, same summer. THere used to be an NFL/Senior PGA Tour event up in New Jersey and the Pro Am included all sorts of current and former NFL guys. That weekend met the original L.T., Dick Butkus, Jim Burt from the Giants and a couple other guys. At the end of the day there was a little emergency and I get sent back to the clubhouse to go find someone. As I'm trying to get through the crowd of people, some dude grabs my shoulder and spins me around and says "you work here right", I tell him I'm with the company running the event. He says "Get me a Diet Coke will you."  I tell him I'm not with the country club nor am I waitstaff, he should go to the bar. He says, "come on man, get me a Diet Coke" and starts getting kind of rude and drops the "don't you know who I am" line on me. Frankly I didn't so I said as much. He says "I'm Jim Arnold, the punter for the Lions". I tell him, look man, I've never heard of you, I'm not part of the waitstaff,  and I sure as hell am not getting a drink for a punter." End of story.

Rupert Pupkin

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I was in St. Thomas for spring break.  When I walked into a restaurant in town i immediately spotted a guy that I new was a CNN anchor but could not place his name.  I did some research during dinner and realized it was John King.  We asked for a picture and he was really nice.  He came over after his meal took a few pictures and I asked him about Obama's re-election chances.  He went over the whole compaign for me, not only for Obama but also for the Republicans.  He gave me a 10 minute reply and he even talked about how he thought Michigan would be a factor this time.  He was really nice.

I was lucky enough to go to the White House in 2003 for one of George Bush's t-ball games on the south lawn.  Really cool event.  I got a picture with George himself.  My favorite was the picture I have with Jennie Finch.  She is gorgeous and tall.  She had to stoop down a little because she is taller than me and I'm 5' 9".  My wife refers to her as my other wife.  I always tell people that if I could have gottent the kids in the picture I would have made wallets size photos and played it off as my family.


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Took my wife to DTE back in '05 to see Tori Amos in concert.  Between the opening acts and Tori taking the stage, we decided to go use the restrooms and get something to drink.  As I was exiting the mens room, Neil Gaiman walked right by.  I said something like "Hey Neil", and he said "Hey" and kept walking.

I also went to high school and was in the same graduating class as actor Matt Keeslar.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:50 PM ^

This isn't a cool story because this person isn't as famous as most of the people in this thread, and I guess it doesn't fit the criteria because he was in his setting.  But...this person graduated from UofM and if you're into professional poker like I am, you may enjoy it, ....so I'll quickly share it.

I was at the 2010 WSOP Main Event at the Rio.  I wasn't sure how close you could get to the action but thought me and my dad would check it out.  Turns out you could get really close to everything, including the feature table that you see on ESPN all the time (don't need a VIP pass or anything).  When we went to go set down, a couple of ladies in their 20s got real excited when they saw my Dad was wearing a Michigan shirt.  Turns out they were Joe Cada's sisters.  Joe Cada was the winner of the 2009 WSOP Main Event and graduated from the UofM (you may remember all his friends wearing the Maize Michigan shirts in the crowd).

At one of the breaks my Dad and I were just roaming the halls when we saw Joe Cada (the defending champ) all alone in the corner with his phone out.  We introduced ourselves and told we were big Michigan fans and he couldn't have been a nicer guy.  He is a real quiet introverted guy but very polite. His two sisters were real friendly too.

You may remember him after seeing his picture:




July 9th, 2012 at 1:29 PM ^

Phil Mickelson-Vegas
Zach Johnson - Casual run in
Crazy bitch from Rescue Me - restaurant lobby
Isiah Thomas - gymnasium in eastern Michigan when I was kid
Gretchen Wilson - amusement ride line
Alice Cooper - Airport
Joe Buck - Gibson's Steakhouse
Dave Grohl - airplane

I travel a lot, and have met many more, but that is all I can remember right now.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:31 PM ^

I was in London about 5 years ago with about 15 members of the family.  As we were standing on a small street near Buckingham Palace (peering into a pub that later served us lunch), a man walked along the sidewalk and was perturbed that he had to walk around in the street (because our group was blocking the sidewalk).  I noticed this and apologized to him.  He was very nice and said "no problem."   It was only then that I recognized him and, amazingly for me, I recalled his name.  I said, "Are you Henry Winkler."  He responded immediately, and pleasantly, "I am."  He kept walking briskly.

I realized afterward that I was wearing a Fonz-like leather bomber jacket.  Winkler had moved on to North Face.

I later confirmed that Winkler was in London at that time appearing in a play.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:31 PM ^

I was playing some poker at the Horseshoe and, about an hour in, Flavor Flav joined the table.  This was right in the midst of his "fame" with those shitty reality shows.  He was ridiculously skinny, and just looked sickley.  The kicker is, I was playing some low-leve no limit game.  Definitely far from a high roller table.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:33 PM ^

I've met a bunch of actors and actresses from my cousin who's an AD in Hollywood--most recently I got to be in Kill the Irishman filmed at Tiger Stadium the last week before they knocked down the final pieces of it.

However the famous person who stuck out to me the most is Kimberly Williams, aka "The bride in Father of the Bride."

When I was 12 they made a movie at my camp called Indian Summer--basically The Big Chill except at camp--and all the campers got to come back up to be extras. My best friend at the time was actually selected to be an actor, and got lessons, and was treated like a superstar, and we all thought he was embarking on a career in the movie business. He got one line--"Sorry I have to pass you Bethie; I wanna win this one!"--which we tortured him with from then on. Guy ended up an opera singer.

Anyway during regular camp the actors who'd be in the film came up to visit. This was Alan Arkin (whom I didn't know but my parents thought was awesome), Sam Raimi, Kevin Pollack, Diane Lane, Bill Paxton, Vincent Spano, and Kimberly Williams. Kim's sister who was our age was also there, playing the the hot chick in a flashback scene which is all about how another friend of mine (who did actually end up with a career in the movie business) gets a boner.

So I'm 12 and at that point in my life when suddenly all I can think about is girls. I think Kim's sister is 13. Kim is probably 20-ish. I develop an insta-crush on the sister, while Kimberly is the hottest being I have ever seen. I don't remember exactly how it happened but my friends and I end up giving the Williams sisters a tour of boy's camp. Near the end of this tour our counselor yells at us that we have to come in because "Light's Out" is in 30 seconds or whatever. At this point Adam Maris asks Kimberly for a kiss goodnight and she pecks him on the cheek. And I go "me too?" and get a peck on the cheek. And then I turned to the younger Williams sister and tried to kiss her on the cheek but got shuffled by the next guy going in for a Kimberly kiss and utterly whiffed, then tried to make it good by "blowing" the kiss at her, which moment I think I have finally lived down.

Ah the Williams sisters.

Anyway of the actors Kimberly was by far the nicest to the extras. For the days we were filming, dinner would be served in the camp dining hall, which was roped off between where the hundreds of extras ate and where the 20-odd actors ate. The actors got this huge catered display of unbelievably good looking food, while we got--I swear to God--nothing but potato chips and tons of RC Cola. I think it was Jason Riback who spearheaded this heroic effort, but anyway we got Kimberly to pass us some of the good food over the rope, something none of our friends who got to be actors did for us. Kevin Pollack is exactly the dweeb he always is cast as. Elizabeth Perkins was nice too. My sister danced with Alan Arkin, who was kind of a dick, in this dance flashback scene that took most of filming and ended up getting cut and where we spent I think two days straight dancing to the song "Here Comes the Niiiiight." I didn't really get to meet the others very much.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:37 PM ^

I once sold a pack of three (crewneck) classic white tees to Mekhi Phifer working as a sales associate at the Somerset Collection GAP in high school.  He was super nice.  And super hot.  I clumsily dropped his credit card trying to return it to him after I swiped it in the register because I was so nervous.  Lawdddd.  I also once helped Christine Beatty (former Kwame Kilpatrick Chief of Staff) and her two daughters.  She was SUPER nice and great with her daughters.  


Edit: how could I forget the time I met Tim Hardaway courtside after one of the hoops games this season (Michigan State I think)?  I was with two of my friends, one of whom said, "This is Jenny, she loves your son.  She's already talkin' marriage."  I was mortified, but Mr. Hardaway laughed and offered to get a picture with me. #bestpictureever 

Brown Bear

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When I was 12 Jeremy Roenick was sitting two rows in front of us at a white sox game. Very nice, took a picture with us and signed an autograph.

A couple years ago when Da Bears made the super bowl Lance Briggs, Nathan Vasher and two other lesser players I can't remember at the moment showed up at a club downtown Chicago I was at.......the night before the NFC championship game. Had a beer and shot the shit with them for a few.

My gal's uncle was Al Capones lawyer in The Untouchables(the one Deniro punches).


July 9th, 2012 at 1:41 PM ^

Chris Hansen randomly knocked on my door one time.  I think he was just asking for directions or something, but either way, I just kept the lights off and pretended I wasn't home.


July 9th, 2012 at 1:41 PM ^

Met Tom Cruise years back. I realize he's out there but he was a hell of a nice guy when I met him. Also met Kate Upton a few weeks ago and again last week in Detroit when she was here for a few tigers games. Also very nice.