OT: MGoBlog sponsored by the M Den?

Submitted by Amused on September 2nd, 2009 at 2:22 AM

So after a long day, I log onto MGoBlog to partake in some of Brian's Pulitzer Prize* winning writing. As a begin to scroll down to read, I was shocked, nay appalled! to see a hideous strip of advertising screaming at my eyeballs the following six** awful words:

MGoBlog sponsored by THE M DEN

Could this signal the downfall of MGoBlog? Will this spark a bunch of M DEN themed posts from Brian about their great low prices on All In towels? Has this thoroughly destroyed the integrity of this website? And are those towels even worth five dollars? Shouldn't they be like, half that price?


*Not really, but if the Free Press can win a Pulitzer...

**Does M count as a word?