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I don't have enough points for a post, but if anyone else thinks this is board-worthy, please share it:…

Maryland, which cut a couple sports programs last year because they are millions of dollars in the red, appears to have blown its first B1G dowry payment on iPads. For every student-athlete at the university.


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Nicholas Cage as Lloyd Carr
John Goodman as Brady Hoke
Kevin Spacey as Jim Tressel
Rob Riggle as Bret Bielema
Lance Reddick as Ron English
Louie Anderson as Charlie Weis
Tom Cruise as Urban Meyer
Christopher Walken as Mark Dantonio
Bobcat Goldthwait as John L Smith
Bill Murray as Les Miles

Danny DeVito as Jim Delaney
George C Scott as Bo Schembechler
John Wayne as Woody Hayes
Richard Nixon as Joe Paterno



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as 'herself'?  

 mary sue coleman to be played by the gal that played nurse ratchett in 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest'.

 jerry sandusky to be played by jeffrey dahmer, who promises not to eat the rest of the cast. 

contrary to earlier misconception, danny devito to play tom izzo. 


that ought to be enough sunshine for one morning. 


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As Richard the Ridiculous! I love it! Instead of demeaning the players by yelling and making angry faces, he could insult them with jokes that half of us don't even understand...


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Mike Golic is enough of a performer that he could play Hoke, though he would have to work on the voice a lot.

Hugo Weaving is the most obvious choice to play Dantonio. (played Agent Smith in Matrix series, Elrond in LOTR, and Schmidt in Captain America)