OT: MGoBlog and Poker

Submitted by eth2 on December 22nd, 2010 at 10:50 PM

So I got an e-mail tonight from a neighbor inviting me to a poker game next week.   While that's not quite a cool story bro, it did remind me that Brian often uses poker analogies when writing and has mentioned on at least one occasion that he played in the World Series of Poker.   Now I don't recall him posting any real details of his WSOP experience so on a whim I Googled "Brian Cook World Series of Poker" and found this:

(Annie) Duke had had that reminder only moments earlier, when a young Michigan player, Brian Cook, crashed from Duke's table. Cook, who had earlier admitted to being "a little intimidated" by Duke when his own smallish starting stack grew large enough to allow for more creative play, lost his last $25,000 when his pocket aces were cracked by another player who called his pre-flop raise with 10-7, then put Cook all-in after a K-7-7 flop. This came only moments after Cook had lost a sizeable hand with pocket kings in a similar manner. 

Edit: link to Full story

Going to go out on a sturdy limb here and assume that's our own Brian.  If so, it sounds like he was playing well but was eliminated when he got hit by not one, but two coolers in a bang, bang fashion.

That said, I bet it was an amazing experience.   I always drop strong hints to the wife about how much I'd like to play in at least one WSOP Main Event before I die.   She doesn't say no, but doesn't book rooms at the Rio either.

Any how, wondering if there are any other poker addicts here on MGoBlog, including any who have already played or plan to play in the Main Event or some other tournament of note.  

They say no one likes to hear a bad beat story, but hoping Brian might share a bit more about his experience.  Hey, at least he got to play with Annie Duke.