OT: Mayhew said Lions will add RB

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Mayhew said the Lions will add an RB to their stable. He did not specify whether that would be a starter, a role-player, a rookie, or a veteran. I've looked at the guys available in this draft, and I'd like to see McCluster come in. He could help in the kick return game, and add some electricity to a weak running game.

Will the Lions draft an RB? Or do they throw a bunch of $$ at a guy like Leon Washington? Trade is always a possibility, but the Lions need so much talent that I don't see them trading youth, picks, or talent at this point.



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As long as we don't use a draft pick on a RB I will be content. If anything we need to trade down from the no. 2 pick and get more picks. This team needs to be built on the players coming out of the draft. We're not at the point where we can change our luck by signing one or two free agents.


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Trading down sounds like a good idea, but somebody has to want to trade up. Really the only reason that anybody trades up as high to #2 is to get a "franchise" QB or LT, other wise trading up means you have to spend too much money on a position that teams don't spend that much money on. You have to hope that Bradford and Clausen start to test through the roof in hopes of trading down. Right now it doesn't look good.


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That doesn't sound good for Kevin Smith's knee. If they were expecting him back at 100%, they probably wouldn't consider it a position of need.


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But I don't know if he is the future at RB for us. I'd say he's more of a role player than a starter at this point. I'd like us to get a speedy young draft pick, if anything. I'd also like to see some defense. If we picked up Suh and Graham, that would be one hell of a defensive line. I doubt that is possible.

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Smith carried the ball a ton his last year in college and appeared to regree last year from a somewhat promising rookie year. I just don't see him as a featured back in the NFL.
The Patroits are raving about BG right now and have the 22nd pick. Unless this is a smoke screen, I doubt the Lions will have a chance to draft him (thank you). BG would definitely help the Pussycats put bodies in the seats, but I don't wish any former M players to have to get drafted into the NFL purgatory that is Detroit.


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Linehan is on record already saying they got virtually no production from the #2 and #3 receiver spot last year. He initially commented that Bryant Johnson will need to step up in 2010 (35 catches in 2009 was pedestrian, to say the least), but went on to say "whoever our #2 or #3 receiver is next year has got to be able to produce in one-on-one situations" in order to take pressure off of Calvin.

My immediate reaction after hearing that comment was: This is an admission of no confidence in the depth chart after Calvin (including Bryant Johnson) and is a candid confession of the obvious: the WR position is one of need. Without a good #2, #1 has no chance to produce. This will hurt the team's performance on the field and demoralize Calvin even further off the field - and potentially drive him to greener pastures.

FREEP ALERT: Cotsonika quotes Linehan here.


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That is because he isn't a number 1 back anymore. LT's 3.3 yard/carry was less than Kevin Smith's 3.4. Throwing any money at a free agent back at this point would be a waste. Older free agent RBs rarely work. RBs who can contribute can be found later in the draft. Jets got Shonn Greene in the third.

First two picks go to DL/OL, McCoy then Bruce Campbell?. Grab a RB later on, like Hardesty in the 4th. LeGarrette Blount can be had in the middle rounds and has the size/speed to contribute as long as he doesn't lose his mind on the field. Between Smith, Brown, and rookie mid-round RB there maybe an NFL back in there.


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Great value, but do we need a RB that high in the draft? Do we have other positions of greater need??

Like the DB and DL?? There is Berry out of Tn coming out this year and DE Suh from Nebraska. Lets use our first and second round picks for the strongest positions of need right now. IF the Defense can hold a team and get off the field every now and then, they would have a shot to win a few more games.


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I'm still pissed that they didn't take Oher at #20. They can get all the RB's they want, but if there is no blocking, they will still suck. That's why ex-Lions RB's have success with other teams. It's also what, combined with terrible coaching, drove Barry Sanders to early retirement.

The Lions haven't had a decent OL since the dual tragedies of Mike Utley and Eric Andolsek. The Lions have never fully recovered from losing 2/5 of their line in that way, on the field or off.


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I couldn't agree more. THe Lions have not had a great offensive line since those days, however I don't think the lions need to be using thier first or second round picks to help the OL.

I personally would go after a strong CB (IE: Berry) and or a DE ( IE: SUH) then maybe get a RB late second or third round depending on how they work thier picks and how they trade them out. Then use your late round picks and help out on the OL


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Which ever position they have suh and or Berry listed, I appologize for my iggnorance, however, they both would be great picks in the draft. No way we could or would ever get both if either one of them. Especially if they trade out of the second pick as someone mentioned earlier. I see Berry and Suh going in the top 3 or 4 picks. Now the question would be then do we go after the D or build on the O. I am thinking the D, but that is just my opinion. I just think with this year having such a D heavy draft that we go there and hope next draft is an O heavy draft.


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I would love a LT (to get Backus off the field and for the obvious protection of The Investment), DE and CB, in that order. The idea of LeGarrette Blount later in the draft is perfect. He's going to be really good (if he stays out of trouble).
Before the draft I thought the perfect scenario was going to be Okung (or other OL), Graham and Warren (if still on the board). Now that Graham's stock is rising rapidly, I know that it's no longer possible.


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From what I've seen, Spiller is the #1 RB on the board. If the Lions are bent on taking a RB then Blount is the guy I'd like to see us get. It'd be tough to justify spending a first or second round on a RB for the Lions right now, IMO. I think Blount has really good NFL potential and would probably be available past the 3rd round. Realistically, I think his performance at the combine will raise his stock possibly into the late 2nd.


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If we drafted a LT they would just move Backus to right tackle. Like it or not it's actually the right side of the line that is killing us. Backus, Peterman and Raiola combined to be a relatively average left-middle of the line. It's Ramirez and Cherilus that were horrendous.


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I never like to see teams draft RBs earlier than the 3rd round given the following:
1. The pounding they take.
2. The fact that so many good players are drafted at this position in the 3rd round or later.
3. The fact that almost everyone carries 2 really good backs. Given the salary cap and that fact, I would spend my money on defense, O line and QB.