OT - Maxim not drinking the ND Kool Aid

Submitted by exmtroj on August 11th, 2010 at 11:47 PM

So in the new issue, Maxim lists the 10 worst teams in college football, and oddly enough good ol' ND is at #10.  Among the reasons they give for the low ranking is Dayne Crist's recently destroyed knee, and the fact that the new spread is "only marginally less complicated than the plot of Inception."  They also acknowledge the new scheme being introduced to the already atrocious defense.  Well done, Maxim, good to know that not everyone is high on the Irish.  Other good news, Michigan didn't make the list.



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I don't think they're worthy of being ranked, but don't be surprised to see some fireworks on offense.  Kelly's offense utilizes very simple routes, and they are loaded with skill players.  It's not like 2008 Michigan where there wasn't much of an option at QB, the O-line was laughable, and we were starting freshman running backs.


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Crist (their QB), even at 50% strength, is a far cry from what UMich had available in '08 (or '09, when you consider the experience level).

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The numerous anti-RichRod clods are going to beat the @#$% out of that coach comparison (however unfair).  It has already started.


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I live in Cincinnati and have seen and heard Brian Kelly for the past few years up close. I never did like the guy but it's clear he is a master motivator and pretty good recruiter.He coaches guys up. He is unreal. I really cringed when he went to South Bend, because he is a perfect fit for them. He's like a fat Lou Holtz. The good thing is we get them early in the year.


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Rich Rodriguez fits the exact same description.  How has it worked out for us the past 2 years?*

Change can be tough.  I'm doubting ND makes much of a splash this year, though they're certainly more poised for a year two jump than Michigan was.


*disclaimer = I fully believe Rodriguez is one of the best coaches in the country and WILL succeed at Michigan if given the appropriate time. 


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Ranking the Irish in the bottom 10 is the same "creating news for the sake of making news" that we hate when its about Michigan. The Irish can definitely kick the shit out of at least 10 teams this year. Even their 3-9 freshman Clausen year they were not bottom 10.

I'm not super high on the Irish but I think they'll finish around 6-6 and no worse than 4-8 which doesnt put them even close to bottom 10.

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Was just going to post that myself. Just like every other list like this, they are just throwing in a big name for sensation. A list of EMU level squads, while it would be hilarious to read, would be a waste of time. They do get a point for stepping out of the box and not choosing us though. 


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... did I hear Crist say that the team got a lot of practices in this spring/summer following the "coaches'" plan?

Hello, NCAA?

It's time to kneecap a certain leprechaun.  No, not the skinny one prancing in the endzone, the chubby one on the sideline with a headset.