OT - Max Bullough questioned at combine

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Dave Birkett ‏@davebirkett  40m

Asked specifically if he failed a drug test, as is the rumor, Bullough declined to answer

Josh Katzenstein ‏@jkatzenstein  25m

Michigan State LB Max Bullough said he weighed in at 249, down from 265 at the East-West Shrine game.


Between the buzz that every NFL team knows that this the Rose Bowl suspension was a result of a failed drug test and the drastic weight loss in a month and a half, the picture is starting to become clearer.



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At the same press gathering, Bullough said the following:

Bullough on message to teams: If you draft Max Bullough, you're not only getting a football player, you're getting a leader.


Yeah, Max -- you're a leader, although you won't admit to what your past mistakes were.  I really think you're a leader.

Lucky Socks

February 22nd, 2014 at 4:05 PM ^

That's true, and I guess that could happen.  But what are the odds that somebody getting ready for the Senior Bowl doesn't exercise?  If he took PEDs and got caught, more likely is that he stopped taking them and continued to exercise.

Yeah, I realize he was suspended.  But I don't think he was banned from every gym in East Lansing.  I'm sure he didn't walk in the Senior Bowl practices like me after a vacation.  


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What is the "bad weight"?  Bad muscle?  Fat?  I honestly don't know and am curious.

I'm assuming this isn't what all the baseball steroid users had before they all shrunk back, as they must have been exercising.

Lucky Socks

February 22nd, 2014 at 5:20 PM ^

Bad weight is fat, or flab.  Good weight is muscle.  Basically just an eye test.  Anybody can gain weight.  Just stop exercising and load up on food.  You need to eat the right foods (or supplements) and lift to gain the good stuff.  

Derrick Green showed up at 240.  Coaches said that wasn't necesarily a bad thing (Initially. And I think his frame can support 240), but there's big difference between that extra 10 in muscle vs. fat.  Jordan Morgan is another example of a guy who stripped "bad weight" and exchanged for "good"




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Sometimes logic gets in the way of humor. If MSU pumped roids into their players, they wouldn't be suspending them for failed drug tests and would have a circumvention plan in place.

Unlike the Noah Spence suspension which was done by the Big Ten, MSU seemed to take care of the Bullough situation themselves. They are definitely guilty of the bad look Fort mentality, though.



turd ferguson

February 22nd, 2014 at 4:20 PM ^

I'm kind of surprised we don't see hyper-aggressive reporters asking these guys about worse things to try to get them to admit the truth.

"Max, is it true - as rumored - that you were suspended for bestiality, necrophilia, and the combination of the two?"

Let's see him "no comment" that shit (or give the same answer that he does about drugs/PEDs).