OT: Maurice Creek (IU MBB) to transfer

Submitted by IncrediblySTIFF on April 24th, 2013 at 8:52 PM

Well, like myself (and several others who know way more about stuff than me) predicted, Maurice Creek of Indiana will graduate and transfer, to seek more playing time.  This will fix all the scholarship issues that IU potentially would have had to deal with.

I know the general response to Tom Crean is that he is a douche, which I can't really argue with.  That being said, it is pretty safe to say that Tom Crean is NOT forcing Creek to leave.




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Best of luck as long as you don't play Michigan.  

Sidenote: I wouldn't want to play for a guy whose haircut implies "I have a favorite serial killer."  Anyone else creeped out by the middle-part?  This douchery aside. 


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I find it interesting that college athletes can blatantly say "I am transferring for more playing time" whereas in high school, that would get you in serious trouble.  Just noting that athletes have no qualms about dropping the student-(revenue)athlete facade on the collegiate level.  It's rare to see statements (also see PSU QB) that state exactly why they are leaving, without giving the typical "Well, East Carolina has such a strong phyiscal education major so..." 



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So, IU is losing 4 starters and only guy off bench who got significant PT was Shehey and Creek can't find PT on that team? I find that one hard to believe.

UM Indy

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The guy is a jerk. His SEC style scholarship shenanigans are shameless. He better hang a banner quickly or they will tire of his cheerleading, his sneering and his obsession with acting like his brother-in-law.


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Maybe he'll join McLimas at Miami and they can rule the MAC together in their 5th year of eligibility. Although not likely, I think Creek is headed more eastward, but I can still dream