OT: Masters Final Round Open Thread

Submitted by wlubd on April 10th, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Final round is about to start with CBS coverage starting at 2. Post any and all thoughts/opinions/golf is not a sport diatribes here.

Rory McIlroy is the leader at -12, with Angel Cabrera, K.J. Choi, Jason Day and Charl Schwartzel all at -8. Tiger's back at -5 after a 3rd round 74, showing again that Tiger Woods 2.0 is still in the testing phases.

Looks like McIlroy's tournament to lose although it only takes a couple shots at AN to fall far in a hurry.



April 10th, 2011 at 10:45 AM ^

I'm guessing the general public can only take so much golf coverage. They are starting it earlier today before the last 3 or 4 groups go off so we should be able to see all the relevant action. Was irritated yesterday when they started at 3:30. The lead groups were already 3/4 holes in when coverage started.




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Its Augusta its just how they roll. They feel like everyone should just be grateful that we even get to watch it at all. Augusta defiantly pisses me off how arrogant they are.

It's not going to happen but if Tiger were somehow to make a charge today and win I would be so happy. Golf without Tiger in contention is not as interesting. Rory is good but doesn't have the swagger of TW.


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the Masters came to their senses a few years ago and began allowing full 18 hole coverage on Sunday.

Heck it wasn't that long ago that holes 1 thru 6 were almost never shown on TV at all.   Years back we almost never saw the leaders until their 2nd shots at 7 or even #8.


I hope CBS spends more time showing #11 today, they only showed 2 groups play it on Saturday, its a diabolicle hole on Sunday and deserves much more air time than its been getting.


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For some reason I've never been a fan of Mickelson (it's an irrational and unfounded hatred), so I'm happy he, in all likelihood, will not be repeating as winner.


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I tend to lean towards liking Phil a little, but I get the dislike for Phil.  But if Phil doesn't win, we'll be denied his Monday morning photo of his stop at Krispy Kreme (w/green jacket)...


 and John Feinstein just referred to him as the Eddie Haskell of golf!   Nice! 


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Probably because Phil is a douche bag. He puts on this persona to fans that he is a really nice guy, and ESPN and CBS feed that by always talking up how nice of a guy he is. But it's a well known fact a lot of people on tour hate the guy. 




And don't get me wrong, cancer is not a good thing at any time for anyone and I don't wish it upon anyone (my grandmother died recently from cancer) but TV milks that shit for all it's worth and it's so annoying. Phil Mickelson is probably the ultimate douche.


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Maybe I'm a bit bias because of my age, but I would love to see Rory McIlroy win it. To see someone that young come into Augusta and go wire-to-wire and win the Masters would be amazing.

I would like to see Tiger make a run as well. He needs to get back into a groove where he is dominating and winning like Charlie Sheen.


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While he didn't have quite a Tiger-like career, I would hardly consider Ballesteros' career to have been killed by winning the Masters at 23. The guy did win 5 career majors and had another 17 top-10s. Not to mention 91 career wins worldwide before his back problems took him out of contention.


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last year he made a run, took the lead, but faded in the glare of leading in the final round of the Masters. This year I hope he sustains his game and finds himself the green Jacket.


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just finished a mini-tri two weekends ago, and because of that I've drastically reduce my intake of cheap or empty carbs in an effort to improve my body's shape. My father is currently on vacay and my sister was over at the home checking on things and noticed the refridgerator broke. We ended up throwing most everything away, but I took the beer home so it wouldn't go stale. I took it as a sign that it was okay to drink today, so I'll be enjoying some Moosehead and Heineken as I take in the final round; isn't the Masters one of those wonderful times to pop some tops?