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This movie is about the recruitment of Marcus Dupree

I have never shown much interest in recruiting, but this movie is extremely interesting. Dupree was a star running back from Philadelphia, MS who was recruited by Texas, OU, and Southern Miss.

He just announced he was signing with OU, but then he told the rev he was making a mistake going to OU.

Very interesting movie on recruiting



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Dupree, second favorite player behind Harbaugh.  Dupree was amazing and was unstoppable.  Remember one game, he had like 200 yards in the first half.


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Yeah, the movie mentioned he had like 245 yards in the Fiesta Bowl and he didn't even play the whole game. Switzer said if he had played the full game, they might have won.

What is really interesting about this movie is all the drama surrounding Dupree, he didn't get along with the coaches, and he was often out of shape.

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I was aware of the ESPN documentary; I haven't seen it.  But Marcus Dupree's story is one of the more amazing, revealing, depressing, inspiring stories in modern college football history.

I do think that the first out-of-state h.s. highlight films I ever saw, were Marcus Dupree's.  He was the original mixtape.


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If RR was his coach, this dude would have rushed for 400 in some game over the course of his career. He was a freak athlete and he wasn't even in shape. Ridiculous.


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I want to know his workout when he was training to get back in the NFL. Losing 100 lbs in a year and getting in that kind of shape. 

I've only seen this one and the Vladi Divac-Drazen Petrovic, but these stories are really well done. I'm not the biggest fan of ESPN, but this is one thing they have done really well.


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It's tough seeing him watch the old highlight reels of himself, I feel for the man. He really was the first highschool kid to experience all the pressure of being such an amazing player. Everyone wanted a piece of Marcus, it would be tough being the center of attention and having such high expectations placed upon him. I know recruits these days have an enormous amount of pressure as well, but everyone was watching this kid to see bow he would perform. My dad even called me during the show and was telling me how he remembered Marcus Dupree. These espn 30 for 30 are very well done IMO.


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It is funny how they try to talk about how dirty recruiting and stuff with agents is so bad these days. It was at least twenty times worse back then, with all the players and families getting cars and houses. It seemed like Dupree could have gotten anything he asked for from any school he wanted. It would have been great to see what would have happened with him had he finished his career at OU and then gone pro. Seems like a nice guy though and I think I would have a lot more animosity towards the Rev. if I was Dupree. Great Show,definitely one of my favorite 30 for 30's.


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And Billy Sims flew down in a private jet to talk to the kid...I don't think that can be done in today's NCAA

I couldn't stop thinking about the Cam Newton saga while they were talking about the recruiting process...all the shady dealings, the money involved, etc

The difference is that Dupree didn't cheat on tests lol


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They stated that he ran a 9.5 second 100 meter dash and benched 400lbs ten times all while being a senior in high school. At 6'3" 230lbs. That is a once in a century kind of player.


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Yes, he had incredible measurables.   Like you correctly pointed out, "once in a century".    But more than that, his feel for the game, vision and instincts were off the charts.   There were times it seemed like he had eyes in the back of his head.    Just an incredible talent.   A born running back.    Without a doubt, he had the potential to be the best ever.  


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link to the book they referenced in the documentary about the recruitment if anyone is interested. "The Courting of Marcus Dupree"  

Anyone else think it was odd that they never got Barry Switzer's comment about the claim that Dupree's mom got a double wide to get him to come back for his sophomore year at OU?

There is a quote widely attributed to Switzer where he talks longingly about the good old days of the 70s when you could just get the kid a car to secure his loyalty.


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All the 30 for 30s are extremely well done, including the one about Dupree last night.

IMO the best one was about the Colombian soccer player that was murdered after the '94 World Cup


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Too bad Switzer was such an egomaniacal tool.  He puts the reins on Dupree but lets that idiot Bosworth go unchecked.  I don't remember what game it was, but OU was losing and the cameras showed Switzer crouched down on the sidelines during the game, having a smoke.  For some reason, that image is burned into my brain and is the first thing I think of when I hear his name.

I feel bad that Dupree has to go through the rest of his life regretting his decision to leave Oklahoma.  Tough breaks.

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Firstly -- yes I am old.

I remember the SI Article on him during all of this. My dad and I talked about his "class" schedule. He was taking 16 hours but I could only find one class in my class catalog. It was pas fail only.

That was a truly bad time at OU.