OT: Manziel pulled over Monday by police.

Submitted by wolverine1987 on October 16th, 2015 at 7:04 PM

Drinking. And His GF was in the car and told police he pushed her during an argument.

I don't feel sorry for him but jesus, ESPN just spent literally 15 minutes on this story. 


East German Judge

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I agree completely with you that addiction is a horrible often debilitating disease and often hard to break free from its clutches.  I really feel sorry for people who are alone in life and/or can not afford to get good help to break this deadly cycle.

However, my sympathy is diminshed when I see well-to-do folks who have plenty of money/friends/family who don't get the proper help and who continue to surround themselves with sycophants and the Cris Carter type of "fall guys". 


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How was it that Kevin Costner described Tim Robbins in "Bull Durham"? A million dollar arm and a 5 cent head? That seems to fit almost perfectly with Manziel. Yet I have a feeling that this, too, will be everybody else's fault...


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He drank earlier in the day and then later in the day, he got into an argument with his girlfriend and she tried to get out of the car and he stopped her. Basically all that happened is that he got into an argument. 


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but you may be right. Odd timing as I just randomly watched a random video on YouTube about this. They had to shoot all of his scenes twice because it was so bad the director just decided to make it stop lol. Christian Slater apparently had an accent, ffs. Funny video but this was a main point in it so it's odd timing.


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I always thought Allan Rickman, Michael Wincott and several other people were great casting choices in the movie. I was never sold on Costner in this particular role, to be quite honest, and part of it is the lack of an accent, as petty as that might sound. That being said, the only film with higher returns in 1991 was Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which I admit was the one of the two I saw in the theater (they came about about three weeks apart, as I recall).