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I know this may be redundant, but this kinda stuff just makes me want to scream. This sounds like a Free Press jihad. A player was jerking off during walk throughs and a coach yelled and grabbed the player, now they are investigating his anger issues?? Same lame stuff they go after RR for. If Mangino had them in the Orange Bowl like he did 2 years ago you think this is a story?? For all the mothers and pussy ass journalists who never played football, let me explain that it is tough and hard to play football and if the worst thing that happens to a kid during the day is that some giant fat ass grabs his jersey and pokes him in the chest, he has had a good day. If he doesn't like it than leave quietly. I can't stand that this kind of complete bullshit is allowed to gather steam and be a story.


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You get two weeks after finals, a week of July 4th and a week before training camp starts to spank your monkeys. That's a MONTH! That's probably more bishop beating than YOU guys get!

I gotta go meet Justin Boren for breakfastlunchdinner and I don't have time for these accusations.


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..is played by men, not pussies.

I would love to have heard Mangino have only one comment for questions on the topic:

"I'm a football coach, not a poetry teacher."


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I hate the fact that parents were cited as being sympathetic to the cause of the disgruntled players. A football coach tries to turn their kids into men, and gets "thanked" by parents whining louder than their kids do. I think any player who contributed to this should be told to take a hike after this year.


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In regards to the OP -- there's a fine line between tough love i.e. discipline and just being an angry psycho. Some people just have serious anger management issues and what they consider to be discipline is really just abuse. I know nothing about Mangino so I don't know where he falls, but it's reaonable to want to investigate whether he just expresses himself aggressively or whether he's a two year old in an adult's body who is taking out his psychological problems on people who have to take it. Anyhow, that's my two cents on the matter.


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Frank Kush was booted from Arizona State for allegedly assaulting a player, and his methods of physically treating his players was considered over-the-top by many college football people, such as John Elway and his coach father Jack. John refused to play for the Colts when he was drafted by the Kush-led team, and eventually ended up with Denver.

Controlled, focused anger can be a very useful teaching aid, but the key is control. Rage is uncontrolled, and very little of value can result when rage is present in a teaching situation. People always talk about Bo's anger, but he was in control of himself and knew what he was doing. People in states of rage frequently aren't aware of what they're doing. I should know; I have anger management issues myself, and very occasionally I'm just out of control. It's never, ever a good thing.