OT: Mangini out in Cleveland

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No link, Schefter broke the story on ESPN while discussing Harbaugh FWIW, he got the info on his blackberry during the telecast, and there was clapping in the studio for breaking the story in real time. Quickly collected themselves and noted they weren't celebrating someone losing their job



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I live in the Cleveland area.  There was a large contingent of fans who thought that McCoy and Hillis were going to be a staunch combo going into next year (they needed an impact WR).  The Browns were in a lot of games this year that they weren't expected/shouldn't have been in.  Four straight losses to end the season didn't help.


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I live in Cleveland as well.  While the win/loss record didn't show the progress, I definitely saw it.  Mangini gave this team an attitude that I want to see the Browns play with.  A new offensive coordinator, and a receiver or two and this team is different.  Haden, Tj Ward, Joe Thomas, Mack, Hillis, McCoy, Rubin is a nucleus that can start something.  I believe the browns had the worst starting WR tandem in NFL history, and I can't deny that Mangini is the person that drafted them.


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The core of this team is really strong.  I see Rob Ryan leaving too - he was a heck of a coordinator for the past two seasons but has a head coaching position out there somewhere in the near future (maybe this offseason).

It's hard to see Holmgren passing up the opportunity to hire himself, even though I don't think he's right for the job.

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they probably lost 2-4 more games than they should have. They lost what 3 in the final minutes of the game? McCoy and Hillis look like they can be solid. There are still holes though at WR and key defensive positions. McCoy should get better. Hopefully Hardesty can compliment Hillis next year and one of the WRs step up. I think they are on the right track for once and they have a good foundation to build on. 


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I thought i liked what Mangini was building in Cleveland. Tough, competitive, scrappy team that at mid-season seemed to be overachieving despite an obvious lack of talent and game changers.

But it's not just the four game slide, it's the way that it happened. If you believe in the program, you don't get your rear end handed to you by Pittsburgh that badly. You show some pride and at least keep it close. 

I'm not excited about Holmgren because his player personnel decisions in Seattle were atrocious and they only started winning after he was demoted to head coach only. In GB, he had Ron Wolfe and some guys named Favre and White. Pretty much the best two players on their side of the ball at the time he took them to two Super Bowls. Plus, his style probably won't work in Cleveland.