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Apparently, Man v. Food has either stopped or will be stopping in Ann Arbor for an episode this upcoming season, which starts tonight at 9.  Anyone hear anything about where they will be filming around town?  

I'll bet my life they're going to visit Blimpy, but where else?  Bagel Fragel?  Zingermans? Where could the food challenge possibly be?



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He's a douche because while filming his TV show in Columbus he tried to enculturate himself? This is one of the most narrow-minded, ignorant perspectives I've seen here in quite a while. Do you understand what it means to work for a living? Do you understand what it means to be an entertainer?


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No, he is a douche because of how he acts on the show. 

This has been blown out of proportion as is, anyway.  My initial response was to the following:

Hell yea! Adam is the shiznit! Good exposure for A2 too, can't go wrong!

How anyone in our Michigan-based culture could think someone is the "shiznit" after selling out hard to Columbus is beyond me.  And if you want to argue the fact that he sold out by saying he is just "working for a living", you are selling out as well. 

Did he do his job by going to Columbus and doing the show?  Yes.  Did he also sport scarlet and grey, meander about an OSU tailgate, and act like a jackass (as he normally does), whenever there was no food challenge / focus based on the OSU tailgate?  Yes.  Yes he did.

I don't know man, I guess we can just agree to disagree.  He comes across on TV as a guy I would not have hung out with in high school, college, or post-college.  He might be a good dude who is just trying to put on a good show.  I could be way off.  I just don't know and can only base an opinion of him on what I see.  If you disagree, that's fine with me.  Just don't doubt the facts (sold out in Columbus already + behaves like a child = the shiznit? please...)


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This may surprise some of you, but I agree.

I loved that stuff so much that the woman who used to run South Quad would send me an email for the days when it wasn't on the menu, but they were going to throw in a single pan.

She also gave me the recipe.

I made it, but it wasn't nearly as good as at SQuad.  I think because I didn't put in 2 lbs. of butter.


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Even the quints with egg are dwarfed by what he noramlly consumes. 

I can't think of anything served up in Ann Arbor that is abnormally large.......

I miss Spring Lake

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I love that she was picking her zits during that shot.  Congrats.  Forever immortalized as the girl who was nervously picking her zits in dazed disbelief.  Now, everyone who watches this classic game from here to eternity will remember her at that moment.

EDIT: My apologies for a wasted post.  Njia commented on the infamous zit-picking before I did.


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record... and I ate there at least once a week when I lived on Division just north of Hill (back in '94-'95).

The girl is the ND fan that the camera man was fixated on after Michigan scored the winning TD last season.


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It's a more recent development, and I think it started around 2000 or 2002. Even so, I hadn't heard about it either until my junior year, and I graduated in 2009. Must be a fairly well-kept secret. Maybe the owners don't want word to get out and things to get out of control. That may change when MvF comes to AA.


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The "record" has been an ongoing for quite some time. I remember a guy breaking the longstanding one in 1996, and now the current record is something like ten patties higher. Locals seem to be more aware of it than students....that will probably change in the future.


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Just texted the roommate, who confirms civil, naval, and NERS were neglected. I then wondered who I got with in AOSS, and she said we didn't count them as engineers.

That leaves BME I guess? I knew I'd regret throwing out that list.

EDIT: roommate confirms, BME happened at some point. This concludes my overshare of the year.


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a single structure, but A: It seems in poor taste. B: Though I'm not an engineer, I know I shouldn't make comments on a structure's stability till examining it personally, and C: I don't think my wife would like it if I did that.


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There is a patty record at Blimpy Burger (the record, last I heard, stood at a whopping 43 patties in one sitting!!!), so he could try to top that.

There is also a pizza challenge at Bella Italia Pizza where someone has to consume a 30-inch pizza in a set amount of time, and I've heard that there's an alternative to this challenge that involves a meat lovers 30-inch pizza that can be tackled by you and a friend.

Regardless, great show, and great exposure to local restaurants and eateries in the area. I hope I get the chance to see the filming. Great find!