Mr. Yost

July 2nd, 2012 at 1:52 PM ^

Amazon had NCAA for $34.99 not too long ago.


Critics have said Madden had been the better game over the past 10 years, but in the last 2-3 years many believe NCAA has been the clear winner.


I've always been more of an NCAA guy, just because Michigan is my favorite team over any pro team in any sport.


FWIW, I've heard that NCAA is better this year, but Madden has closed the gap that's existed the past few years.


Mr. Yost

July 2nd, 2012 at 2:00 PM ^

If you want the ratings that I'll be changing the players's a very early rough draft from a post I had a month ago. I'll definitely go back and tweak this once I can compare the ratings to other players. I plan on getting a couple of pre-season magazines today, I basically use my rating, plus the player rankings from the 2 magazines and the orginal rating as 25%. I take the 4 and pretty much average them so that it's not as biased.


Here's what I have at first glance.

Note: Typically I have a formula for ratings...I go through and do the top 50 players at each position, regardless of team (15-20 for K's and P's). When I'm adjusting the top guys, I use 25% my rating, 25% college football mag A and 25% college football mag B and 25% original rating. Then once I get those "fair"...I go back and compare the Michigan players to them as well as like players in college football.

With that said, I'll take a random shot at what the ratings "should" be (I know all of these players won't be included):

1. Denard Robinson (Sr.) [93]
2. Devin Gardner (RS So.) [84]
3. Russell Bellomy (RS Fr.) [77]

1. Fitzgerald Toussaint (RS Jr.) [90]
2a. Vincent Smith (Sr.) [84]
2b. Thomas Rawls (So.) [79]
4. Justice Hayes (RS Fr.) [76]
5. Dennis Norfleet (Fr.) [74]
rs: Drake Johnson (Fr.) [73]

1. Stephen Hopkins (Jr.) [82]
2. Joey Kerridge (RS Fr.) [79]
3. Paul Gyarmati (RS Sr.) [72]
rs: Sione Houma (Fr.) [74]

1. Roy Roundtree (RS Sr.) [86]
2. Jeremy Jackson (Jr.) [78]
3a. Ricardo Miller (RS So.) [73]
3b. Devin Gardner (RS So.) [xx]

1. Jeremy Gallon (RS Jr.) [84]
2. Jerald Robinson (RS So.) [78]
3a. Amara Darboh (Fr.) [77]
3b. Jehu Chesson (Fr.) [77]

1. Drew Dileo (Jr.) [81]

1. Brandon Moore (RS Sr.) [78]
2a. Devin Funchess (Fr.) [76]
2b. A.J. Williams (Fr.) [76]
4a. Mike Kwiatowski (RS Sr.) [70]
4b. Jordan Paskorz (RS So.) [70]

1. Taylor Lewan (RS Jr.) [96]
2. Michael Schofield (RS Jr.) [88]
3. Graham Glasgow (RS Fr.) [71]
rs: Erik Magnuson (Fr.) [77]

1a. Elliott Mealer (RS Sr.) [79]
1b. Kyle Kalis (Fr.) [80]
3. Joey Burzynski (RS So.) [77]
rs: Blake Bars (Fr.) [76]

1. Ricky Barnum (RS Sr.) [86]
2. Jack Miller (RS Fr.) [79]

1. Patrick Omameh (RS Sr.) [88]
2a. Elliott Mealer (RS Sr.) [79]
2b. Chris Bryant (RS Fr.) [77]
4. Kyle Kalis (Fr.) [80]
rs: Blake Bars (Fr.) [76]

1. Michael Schofield (RS Jr.) [88]
2. Elliott Mealer (RS Sr.) [79]/Patrick Omameh (RS Sr.) [88]
3. Erik Gunderson (RS Jr.) [76]
rs: Ben Braden (Fr.) [77]

1. Brendan Gibbons [88]
2. Matt Wile [87]



1a. Frank Clark (So.) [83]
1b. Brennen Beyer (So.) [82]
3. Craig Roh (Sr.) [87]
4. Jake Ryan (RS So.) [xx]
rs: Mario Ojemudia (Fr.) [77]

1. Will Campbell (Sr.) [82]
2. Richard Ash (RS So.) [77]
3. Ondre Pipkins (Fr.) [79]

1. Jibreel Black (Jr.) [82]
2. Quinton Washington (RS Jr.) [80]
3. Ondre Pipkins (Fr.) [79]
4. Kenny Wilkins (RS So.) [75]
rs: Matt Godin (Fr.) [77]
rs: Willie Henry (Fr.) [75]

1. Craig Roh (Sr.) [87]
2a. Jibreel Black (Jr.) [82]
2b. Nathan Brink (RS Jr.) [78]
4. Keith Heitzman (RS Fr.) [75]
rs: Chris Wormley (Fr.) [78]
rs: Tom Strobel (Fr.) [78]

1. Desmond Morgan (So.) [83]
2. Brandin Hawthorne (Sr.) [82]
3a. Antonio Poole (RS Fr.) [78]
3b. James Ross (Fr.) [78]

1. Kenny Demens (RS Sr.) [87]
2. Joe Bolden (Fr.) [83]
3. Mike Jones (RS Jr.) [81]
rs: Kaleb Ringer (Fr.) [77]

1. Jake Ryan (RS So.) [88]
2. Cam Gordon (RS Jr.) [84]
rs: Royce Jenkins-Stone (Fr.) [77]

1. Blake Countess (So.) [86]
2. Terrence Talbott (Jr.) [79]
3. Delonte Hollowell (So.) [78]
rs: Terry Richardson (Fr.)

1. JT Floyd (RS Sr.) [86]
2. Courtney Avery (Jr.) [84]
3. Raymon Taylor (So.) [80]

1. Thomas Gordon (RS Jr.) [86]
2. Jarrod Wilson (Fr.) [81]
3. Tamani Carter (RS Fr.) [76]
rs: Jeremy Clark (Fr.) [76]

1. Jordan Kovacs (RS Sr.) [91]
2. Marvin Robinson (Jr.) [82]
3. Josh Furman (RS So.) [80]
rs: Allen Gant (Fr.) [77]

1. Will Hagerup [86]
2. Matt Wile [87]


July 2nd, 2012 at 8:40 PM ^

for me in the display in ncaa is that the facemasks of the players are not realistic like madden is. obviously everyone has a different opinion but i hate the facemasks in particular for the quarterbacks how they look


July 3rd, 2012 at 8:12 AM ^

who develops Madden. EA Sports layed them all off, and brought them back on cyclical contracts a few years back. He and his team developed up through 12 and moved onto iPhone and Android game contracts. The same team is not doing 13, so it is likely just a refresh. (i.e., if you have 12 you're good)

As for NCAA: I didn't buy 12 based on many reviews. 13 is supposed to be worth the step up. So we'll probably get 13.


July 2nd, 2012 at 1:54 PM ^

Playing PES '12 as well, not far behind Fifa. In fact the gameplay is slightly better for PES 12. Still prefer Fifa (Don't know why).

NCAA13 I recommend. Once your done you can export your graduated players onto Madden and watch them blossom. Best part about the game IMO. Well, next to recruiting.


July 2nd, 2012 at 1:56 PM ^

No edit player (equipment, team, or ratings) as well as no fantasy draft for franchises.  I rarely buy Madden anyway but that's a huge red flag and a pass from me.

Mr. Yost

July 2nd, 2012 at 2:02 PM ^

Those are pretty big features to leave out...

That sucks, because I wanted to get this one because it had Calvin Johnson on the cover. I didn't know that though, now I'll definitely wait to see if I want it around January when I'm board and CFB is over.

The Baughz

July 2nd, 2012 at 5:08 PM ^

I know you cant import draft classes to madden this year, but I didnt know about not being able to edit your team or players. Thats awful. I havent bought Madden in years, and this year will be no exception. I def think ncaa is the better game. It had a ton of bugs last year, so I will be waiting a while before I purchase it.

The best sports game, imo, is The Show. I feel bad for the xbox guys. Lol


July 2nd, 2012 at 2:02 PM ^

Personally, I am going to go with NCAA 13. Like Mr. Yost said above, I love Michigan a hundred times over any pro football team. Plus, I haven't played a NCAA football game in years. 


July 2nd, 2012 at 2:28 PM ^

I'd say the odds of you buying one or the other are roughly 50/50. However, considering that this is a college football fan site, I'd have to give a slight edge to you purchasing NCAA. I'm not really comfortable putting money down on that, though.


July 2nd, 2012 at 2:30 PM ^

Madden 13 is suppose to have some new ground-breaking physics system that won't be present in NCAA 13. I'd wait for the Madden 13 demo to be released to see if it really changes gameplay that much. In short, NCAA 13 should be quite similar to NCAA 12 but Madden 13 should have a much different feel compared to Madden 12. There's always a chance that they'll botch this new physics system and Madden 13 turns out worse, so I'd definitely wait.

Mr. Rager

July 2nd, 2012 at 2:46 PM ^

Madden's dynasty mode was so bad last year that I will never buy it again, IMO.  

Also, you cannot import Denard into Madden this year (first time that's happened since the 1st version of Madden on the 360).  So, that's a deal killer for me.  


July 2nd, 2012 at 2:46 PM ^

I would go Ncaa, they supposedly fixed eyes in the back of their heads defenders and recruiting has been fixed, supposedly. For years I wanted them to make recruiting a little more random so there are actual busts and gems. The dynamic team grades is also cool. I got it during the 34.99 deal at Amazon with release day shipping, such a good deal.


July 2nd, 2012 at 3:07 PM ^

I wish I had time for such choices these days.  Give me one day, just one day, where I can actually play a full Madden or NCAA game, shit, just a 5 minute quarters game and I will show you one eternally happy man.


July 2nd, 2012 at 3:17 PM ^

I personally buy NCAA. The last time I bought Madden, I was thoroughly disappointed. I might give Madden a shot this year after I play NCAA. Typically, I only buy one, though.


July 2nd, 2012 at 3:27 PM ^

i haven't bought madden in awhile

mega is on the cover and i heard about the new physics thats why i was asking

i used to play madden 40-50 hours a week

came pretty close to winning the madden challenge in my area a couple times when they did them at all 32 cities


July 2nd, 2012 at 3:46 PM ^

I bought ncaa last year and only played it a handfull of times. I will pass this year and save the money. Having a 2 year old takes up alot of my time.


July 2nd, 2012 at 4:54 PM ^

If you're into the football games go Madded and NCAA on and off every other year... buying the same titles back to back is just plain dumb to me.


btw, FIFA>Madden/NCAA... Almost wanna thread jack to get a list of people's gamertags so I can get down with some fellow Blue FIFA 12'ers... hate trying to find a decent connection against people over seas...


July 2nd, 2012 at 7:14 PM ^

Go with NCAA 13. College football is my choice for the obvious choice you can play as Michigan, but with the bonus of college fight songs, rival trophies, and the option.


July 2nd, 2012 at 7:25 PM ^

I just recently got back into Video Gaming so I'll be buying both. I figure take a look at them for myself regardless of what other people think. 

I do have major qualms about the lack of Export Draft Class option. I've always wanted to test that out. 


July 2nd, 2012 at 7:38 PM ^

I know it's Wikipedia, but it says Madden 13 has Jim Nantz and Phil Simms this year. Gonna miss Gus Johnson. Was he any good? 

Also wish Musburger would do NCAA 13. "You are looking live"