OT: Mack Brown - $5,000,000 coach

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Mack Brown is guaranteed to make 5 million as long as he is the coach at Texas, plus a yearly 100k raise. If he stays for 10 years, he will earn 6 million a year.

Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator, is supposed to be the next head coach at Texas, so I guess Mack will be the coach for a long time and an expensive "buy-out" will be given to Will, as long as he doesn't bolt elsewhere.

If a coach at Michigan can get us to 9-10 10-win seasons in a row, I hope we will be able to reward the coach handsomely. Ironically, Mack Brown lost to Oklahoma 5 or 6 in a row, before finally winning with Vince Young and Colt McCoy. If memory serves me right, Mack has only won the Big 12 3 or 3 times.

Pete Carrol was the highest paid coach at 4.6 million but he did win 7 or 8 Pac 10 titles in a row and was in several national championship games. I wonder if Mack Brown was thinking about retiring soon, so this 5 million dollar bonus will make him stay a long time, plus he never has to worry about recruiting in state and the only real contender he has to worry about is Oklahoma and some 1 year wonder annually which basically means at most 2 losses in a year, just like Carrol at Pac 10.



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Not that Mack hasn't done a good job considering the shape of the program when he took over, but I can't imagine another coach in the country making this much dough after just winning his second conference title in twelve years (and that by the skin of his teeth). Just more confirmation for me that Texas fans are a strange lot.


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I believe that's one dollar for every whiny interview he's given about the BCS over the years. ZING!!

Actually this year he probably should be begging to get left out of the Championship game, they're going to get absolutely creamed.


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I have a feeling Texas will get creamed, even though I had classes with some of the current starters. (Jordan Shipley and Sergio Kindle) This is probably a good time to give Brown a huge raise, since it wouldn't seem justified to give him a huge one if they lost the national championship. I just hope Colt wins the Heisman so the jinx continues, plus I don't want to see Alabama have their first Heisman too.

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Wanted to point out that Mack Brown was 1-10 (!!) in his first two years at North Carolina before turning it around, and eventually landing the Texas job. Good thing they didn't abandon him after two years, eh?


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was not at all any good, Mack & team will take a step or two back next year and then he'll get presure about being an old man and how for the betterment of the program he should let the coach in waiting step up and fix Texas football.

I can still see the Rose Bowl kick when Henne and the boys were freshmen. And then the next year when #10 ran into the freakin endzone untouched with that damn ball stuck out in front of him and the Texas colored ticker tape crap that floated in the air after defeating USC. I still can't stand VINCE yOUNG. I wish the Titans would lose every game by 100 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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There are still pictures all over campus with Vince Young and Michigan players, and I do not recall any such pictures from the national championship game, which was the 2nd rose bowl game they were in. I personally think Texas is more excited about beating Michigan than beating USC.


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Don't have recruit outside the state of Texas, and don't have to play the two biggest games a year, Oklahoma and Big 12 title game outside of Texas either.

Play a complete joke of a non conference schedule, get lucky a few times and leave the State of Texas once a year. There is the pesky Bowl game, but I'm sure they are going to figure out how to have a BCS game in Dallas too.

Seriously their recruiting is a joke, they send offers to the top 50 players in Texas, the first 25 that committ is it


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Ole Miss is one of the BCS games?

Despite the Cotton's former glory, the Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, & Rose compose the lot, currently. Plus the Championship Game, obviously.

You're right that there has been speculation that the Cotton may become a 5th BCS Bowl (or 6th, if you include the NC game). Hasn't happened yet, though ...


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Mack Brown deserves a lot of credit for getting Texas back to where it should be. The program was in pretty bad shape when he arrived. That being said, there are more resources at that school than any other in the nation. All things being equal, they SHOULD be the best program in the nation and I firmly believe there are about 15 coaches who could do the same or a better job at Texas. Now there probably aren't 15 coaches who could do what he's done at Texas AND what he did at UNC.

That may have been the most expensive 1 second in the history of college football. There is no way he gets this bonus if he loses that game.


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He came into a reasonably good situation. John Mackovic, Brown's predecessor at Texas, was the Ron Zook of the nineties. He could bring in talent, but he didn't know what to do with it. For instance, Ricky Williams was on Brown's first team at Texas in 1998 (when he won the Heisman).

Texas in fact had won a Big 12 championship in 1996, upsetting Nebrasks in the title game. They then fell apart to go 4-7 in Mackovic's last year.

This is not intended to take away from Mack Brown, who's turned Texas back into a consistent winner.


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I don't understand why people believe Texas has no shot at Alabama. Didn't we watch the championship game a few years ago?

Alabama only opened up as 5.5 point favorites over Texas. Conversely, USC opened up as 6.5 point favorites over Texas in 2005, and OSU opened as 8 point favorites over Florida in 2006. We all know how those games turned out.

I think all the people who say UT has no shot this year were the same ones saying UT had no shot against USC or Florida had no shot at OSU.


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1) Bobby Bowden-Jimbo Fisher. The longtime figurehead is forced out by the program as being outdated and unable to adapt to the current collegiate atmosphere, and the coach in waiting takes over for the forced out coach.
2) Mike Belotti-Chip Kelly. Longtime coach has adapted well to the current landscape and could coach many more years, but bows out because of a sense of duty to the coach-in-waiting to allow them to take over the program. Coach-in-waiting was named to keep the assistant coach at the school and the longtime coach steps aside to give the coach-in-waiting their promised opportunity.
3) Mack Brown -Will Muschamp. Coach hasn't been at the program long enough where it would really make sense to name a coach-in-waiting (98). Seems like head coach will be around for a few more years, but the move was done to keep a hot shot coordinator around.

Getting the sense that Brown has no intention of stepping down anytime soon. I think they shrewedly promised WM the head coaching job to keep one of the best d coordinators in the country around. I really don't think he ever becomes the head coach at Texas, because I don't see Mack Brown retiring for the next 5 years or so. Can't imagine Muschamp would string along for that long, regardless of whether he'd be entitled to a buyout or not. I think itd be in his best opportunity to look at head coaching gigs while his stock is so high.

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I sort of agree about Muschamp-Brown but even if Mack Brown did stay 5 years, which he very well may not, why wouldn't it be in Muschamp's best interest to stay? If he got a HC position at another school in the next 2-3 years it likely won't be at a top tier school. Only the top current HC's get a sniff at those gigs.

So you figure that he'd go to a Cinci, or Louisville, or Kansas for 2-3 years at the least. If, and only if, he is successful there would he be given a HC job at one of the top tier schools like Texas. By staying there, it is guaranteed that in the next few years he'll have the job. No worries unless the D just completely loses it.


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While a lotta of the top tier teams have hired previous college HCs (Florida, Texas, Michigan, etc.), that's not always the case. Bob Stoops for example, was Fla's d coordinator before heading to Norman.

I see where you're coming from, but for some reason I think Muschcamp may be able to angle for a higher profile job than a guy like Charlie Strong can. I was thinking of a school on the level of an Auburn (which I think his name came up last year) or a Georgia. Obviously there are no teams that fit that mold this year (Muschcamp could realistically a candidate at ND, except in the minds of ND folk who think that a Meyer or Stoops would want to head to South Bend and would never lower themselves to hiring a coordinator after the Weis episode).

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I'm sure Mack Brown is a good coach and a good recruiter (though how good do you have to be in TX?). But did anyone else feel like he was completely out of his mind as UT pissed away all but one of the last 30 seconds against Nebraska?

In the post-game interview on the field it was like he had gone to the bathroom during that play and came back in time for the field goal. He said things like "well goldang, our boys sure did hang in there and win that ball game!"