OT - M Jersey in a church?

Submitted by WolvinLA2 on September 3rd, 2010 at 4:20 PM

Disclaimer - this is not a religious post.  I need some super-serious advice.

So - I always wear one of my M jerseys all day on game days, no matter what.  Depending on what plans are before or after the game, this can get dicey.  Tomorrow is one of those times.

My fiancee has scheduled a meeting with our priest tomorrow morning to discuss our wedding (which is 11 months away, mind you) at 10:30 tomorrow morning (game is at 12:30 for me).  Is it poor form to wear my Cam Gordon jersey to a meeting with a priest, in a church?  And don't say "ask her" because I know that answer already.  Thanks for the help.

Also - the priest was born in Ireland, so if he's an American football fan, he's probably a Domer.  This makes me want to wear it more. 



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If it was me, I wouldn't wear it. Even if you are a die hard, it is not very respectful towards the priest, church members, and perhaps your fiancee. I always see OSU fans wearing jerseys at Sunday mass after a win here in Ohio and it just looks a little trashy. Of course that doesn't stop them.


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that it's not a service? I'm not a regular church goer, but it seems to me that a private meeting with a priest is very different than showing up at mass. The one priest I know (Episcopalian, which is a little less conservative), is one of those super hip priests who probably wouldn't mind.


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If God is a forgiving God like everyone says he is, he will surely forgive you for this.

Proceed with your Saturday religion known as Michigan football. If you go to church on Sunday wear some nice dress clothes to even it out.

The Gospel according to DenverRob


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If you didn't wear your jersey what would you wear? Wouldn't you just go in street clothes anyway?  If so there really is no difference. 

There is a big difference between going to church and going to meet your priest at a church. 

I don't think it should be a problem.

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You have a choice; you can wear your jersey, in which case you are liable to make the impression that you are "a Michigan fan, and a complete jackass."

Or you can make the impression of being "a Michigan fan, and very much a gentleman."

If the Michigan football team -- your Michigan football team -- can wear coats and ties on the team bus, surely you can wear a coat and a tie to church. 

Pea-Tear Gryphon

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And win the preist over with a joke:

So, an ND alum just passed away and meets St. Peter at the pearly gates. Peter says to him, "We have a nice house for you while you're here in heaven." and points to a cozy ranch house with a nice Irish flag on the flagpole. The ND alum thanks Peter, looks around and sees a huge house on a hill in the distance. This mansion has a huge blue flag with a maize Block-M on it. The ND Alum asks Peter, "Is that Bo's house?" To which Peter replies, "No, that's God's house."

Ice is broken, on with wedding planning. Go Blue!


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I've worn jersey's in church before, but not to church.  If you're not going for a service and it's Saturday I think you should be fine.  Though, if Cam Gordon goes down, we know who to blame...


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I was gonna say: Dude, just wear the jersey. Seriously, set that benchmark now, or regret it later... Michigan Football is important to you, show it.

But yeah, just wear it. And having it blessed can't hurt. Unless said priest is a Domer, and there is a God, and said priest has connection with God, and chooses to be an Evil SOB and smite us.... That would suck.

Bando Calrissian

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I'm sorry, but I think it says a lot about our society when so many people don't see any issue with someone wearing a football jersey to a meeting with a clergyman.  I don't care if it isn't a service, there's a certain amount of decorum one should show when going to meet with the priest who is set to marry them.  

Don't be that guy.  Represent Michigan well, and show a little respect.  Leave the jersey in the car.

Clarence Beeks

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I agree, but we're not talking about getting dressed up here.  If he doesn't wear the jersey he's going to wear a t-shirt or a polo, at best.  Thus, since it isn't actually church, given what the alternative is, I don't think it matters.  But yes, from a guy who appreciates formalwear and generally despises the increasing push toward inappropriate casualness, I agree with your overall point.


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That's fine, I want to hear both sides. 

A couple things:  He's not the priest who will marry us, we're getting married in Michigan (look who won that battle???) but we have to do all of our pre-wedding stuff out here.

I can't leave it in the car, because I'll be walking.  Yeah, I guess that really doesn't change anything. 

Does it matter than I'm not the Catholic one?  Probably not?


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Side note, I've been meaning to ask.  My girlfriend wont' be seen with me if I wear a football jersey.  She says once you graduate HS, you should stop.  Is this true?  I have like 5 michigan football jerseys (I bought a couple online for dirt cheap, and found some #10 nike jerseys at Kohl's in East Lansing last year for 10 bucks each.) 

At what age should one stop wearing football jerseys (if ever?)

03 Blue 07

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Wow- I have a different view, but Strafe, you have some pretty strong logic here. I'm 29, and no longer wear jerseys, but I can see wearing one to either watch your team or go to a game your team is playing in, up until...30? 35? No- 30. After that, it's time to step up or change it up to some other M (or team-specific) gear..

Wearing a jersey otherwise, I don't know. I just feel like wearing a jersey like you would a normal t-shirt or something to go to the store  or run an errand on a random day is...I don't know. To each their own, I guess. I'd say wearing a jersey to just hang out probably becomes (this is just to me) kind of . . .not appropriate or whatever once you graduate college. So, I guess I'd say up until 30 (or around there) to a game/watching the team play on television at a bar or something or at a friend's house, not after college any other time, unless, you know, it's something super ironic. For example, I busted out my old Jalen Rose jersey from 7th grade and almost wore it to Lollapalooza, as I knew there would be a shit-ton of people there in throwback, slightly ironic jerseys. But, alas, the choice was made for me: though the Jalen jersey still fits (got it baggy when younger), I look like a fatass in it, and the public should not be subjected to that much of my pasty skin.


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I think size matters here.  IF you have an ultra baggy shirt and you're skinny,  No go.  If y ou're of the bigger size with a size Medium... not so much either.  I think if the sleeve stays above the elbow, and it looks more like a t-shirt than a  large jersey, you're in the clear.

Maximinus Thrax

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There are enough girls with very ...ahem...distracting clothing in church that emphasizes their...ahem...assets.  Priests have therefore seen much worse (from a moralistic standpoint-better, from a masculine standpoint) than a guy wearing a football jersey.  Wear it!


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I am a pastor so here are my thoughts...

I wouldn't be offended since it's not a worship service you are going to.  If you walked into a meeting with me, I would be surprised you showed up in a jersey but wouldn't think any less of you.  Okay maybe the "really?" thought would cross my mind but that is it.

God doesn't care what you wear to church.

NowI will say that I am probably a minority opinion on this matter but the church I serve at is not a typical "traditional" church that would tend to see the other side of this discussion.


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AMSHG is a vengeful god. I would not tempt him. Wearing a C.Gordon jersey in to a church is just serving him up on a platter for sacrifice. If Gordon slips on a bananna peel and blows out his ACL 10 minutes before kickoff, we'll all know who to blame.

st barth

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...but quite honestly I do not understand why any adult (unless on a football field playing football) would be compelled to wear a football jersey.  Even under the best of circumstances, it looks amusing but in a clownish manner (think halloween costume).  More likely it makes one look unnecessarily juvenile.

If the priest that you are going to meet launches into an embarrassingly condescending lecture about the "birds & bees", maturity, responsibility, etc., then don't be surprised.


September 3rd, 2010 at 6:14 PM ^

Does this even apply to on the day of the game?  I agree with you that people who wear jerseys on any given day as their normal street wear look silly, but if it were a fall Saturday and I saw someone wearing any college jersey, I would assume they were a fan of that team and they were going to cheer for or had already cheered for that team.