OT: LSU is now "We are ND" just like us

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Thanks to the boys in Better Than Ezra, it is time to sit back, pop open a cold one (it is Friday fergodsake) and treat yourself to some "Hey Fighting Tigers". This is a song likely to not make it onto my iPod.



For more of a review on the other tracks (yes there are more), EDSBS provides an in depth look (maybe the only people brave enough to do so) on the additional 7, yes 7!!!, tracks.





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Are FreakBass/PopEvil/"HorribleTrashDuJourRallySongBand" some kind of toxic side efffect of the "Glee Generation"? Holy hell, make this stop.   One of the reasons I am a college football fan and rarely watch pro ball is to avoid this kind of drivel.



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but that comes nowhere near the abortion that is "We Are ND".  I hate ND and even I felt embarrased watching that video.  Brian Kelly stars in it fergodsakes. 


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It's not the fight song but it is a major song played by the LSU band. When I went to Death Valley a few years ago the band played 'Hey Fightin' Tigers' during their pregame for Louisiana Tech. The whole crowd sang it so it's not some obscure song that the band plays occasionally so I'm guessing it's along the lines of 'Varsity' for us.

Here is 'Hey Fightin' Tigers' by the LSU Marching Band:


Chunks the Hobo

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Eh. It's a well known rock band from Louisiana doing a rock version of an established song from the major state university. Do I wanna listen to it? No. But it seems to me to be in a different category than "We Are ND In The Big House."