OT: Louisville Basketball Receives Notice Of Allegations

Submitted by Ponypie on October 20th, 2016 at 11:38 AM

Haven't seen this posted yet, but it looks as if the NCAA is at least beginning to think about considering the possibility of maybe doing something about Rick Pitino's sexcapades. He is charge with a Level One Violation (the dreaded "Failure to Monitor" a team staff member), and subject to the equally dreaded "show cause" order.

Will this have a lasting effect on the program? Louisville intends to contest the charges, and is going out of its way to point out that the NCAA is not saying that Pitino knew about the shenanigans. So, a long battle with relatively small consequences (see Boeheim, James for reference) is probably in the offing.

The article:


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actually think it is only bad because of the title.  I have oft wondered whether Pitino is ever going to be called out, by anybody, for being like the biggest DB in all of sports.  Prolly not, though.

El Demonio

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the NOA basically says nothing further coming to the university, the NCAA holds that the assistant McGee is predominantly responsible and though Pitino should have known he wasn't complicit. He'll likely get a suspension of a few games. No illeligible players played on any of the years it went on, including 2013, and the total cost of infractions was $5400 over 4 years (so like, nothing), and there will be no wins vacated.