OT - Lomas Brown purposely missed block to get Scott Mitchell hurt

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“We were playing Green Bay in Milwaukee,” Brown said. “We were getting beat, 24-3, at that time and he just stunk up the place. He’s throwing interceptions, just everything. So I looked at Kevin Glover, our All-Pro center and I said, ‘Glove, that is it.’ I said, ‘I’m getting him out the game.’ . . . So I got the gator arms on the guy at the last minute, he got around me, he hit Scott Mitchell, he did something to his finger . . . and he came out the game. [Lions backup quarterback] Dave Krieg came in the game.”

Host Ryen Russillo expressed shock that Brown would admit such a thing, but Brown showed no remorse.





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Sorry for off topic, but...this was the last year, was it not?  They merge with Lasher after the end of the current school year, I believe.  I was on the Andover swim team and they are announcing some type of reunion for the last dual meet the teams will swim against each other. 

Sac Fly

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I remember a group of Bears who used to go after Cedric Benson in practice all the time. The lineman would tip the play, miss his block on purpose and Urlacher would clean him out.


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What an ass. I understand not liking a teammate, but to fail to fo your job in order to hurt the guy and by extension, the team, is reprehensible. I lost all respect for a guy who was a very good tackle for the Lions.


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So the awful history of the Lions gets even worse. It's bad that the only really quality lineman they ever had in the Barry era deliberately missed a block; its worse that the "franchise quarterback" of the prime years of Barry Sanders was so awful that his own linemen were okay with him getting hurt and even tried to let it happen. And that said quarterback continued to be the Lions QB for another couple of seasons.

From the quotes of Brown in the article, his hostility toward Mitchell can't be just a result of Mitchell's bad play. There is clearly no love lost between them.


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Joe Delaney called to remind you the Chiefs have had some pretty bad luck too.

But yeah, Andolsek's death never got enough attention in this town. He would have made the Pro Bowl his last season had he not uttered one too many racial epithets during play. He and Spielman were pretty tight.

Andolsek was the widest homo sapien I've ever seen. My wife suprised me with a trip to Lions' camp at Oakland U his rookie summer. Far off in the distance I saw an older Lion, a well-known DT whose name escapes me now. Eric Williams? Eric Williams. The guy was working on his own away from everyone else, with a coach. Every few minutes some other player was brought over to go one-on-one with Willams for some snaps. He ate them alive.

At some point they bring Andolsek over. Coach blows whistle and they scrum to a draw. Reset, do it again. Reset, do it again. Now Williams is pissed and decides to dish the kid some extracurricular physical abuse after the whistle. From the view of my binoculars the kid doesn't seem to respond at all. Williams is now just yelling at him. Coach decides to bring someone else in and Andolsek walks quietly away.

I didn't know who the kid was and I look him up on the program. Andolsek, 5th round from LSU. I learn his number and decide to keep an eye out for him after the practice is over.

Practice ends and the players begin the hike over to our part of the field and start signing autographs. I'm keeping an eye out for Rodney Peete. Hard to miss; the guy looked like a movie star from 50 yards away. He gets closer and closer, but someone else gets in my line of sight. The guy is so wide that he blocks Peete from view completely. Its Andolsek. A total eclipse of the Peete. Rodney could have died on the spot and I never would have seen it.

I get Andolsek's autograph and I'm practically speechless. I'd never seen a human built like him before. And never since. They called William Perry the Fridge. Andolsek got a nickname too; the Table. Could have called him the Doorway, because I don't know how he could fit thru one. He would have gone down as maybe the best guard ever to wear the Honolulu Blue & Silver.


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Did but Scott Mitchell was unbearable at times. He had an uncanny ability to throw picks in big moments of the game and he was a fat slob.


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What a piece of shit.

I don't care how bad someone is, doing something to deliberately cause physical harm to a teammate is just...  man, I don't even know if there's a word for it.  

I don't recall if he's a hall of famer or if his number is retired but if either are the case they should be revoked.  


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Does frequency of occurrance make it right? If you found out that virtually every major college football program cheated, would you then say "well okay, then, must not be that bad?" 

I'm really tempted to provoke Godwin's law here. So what if it happens a lot?

Mitch Cumstein

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"Play some time and you'll understand it's kill or be killed"


So by kill or be killed you're suggesting that somehow Mitchell's being on the field was a threat to Brown?  It really dumb when people (you in this case) throw out stupid rap lyric or whatever it is and pretend it actually means something.  The guy intentially didn't do his job to try to injure a teammate.  When you played football you did that all the time? I guess that doesn't surprise me JayZ.

Buck Killer

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If he gave the kid more time to pass he could have played better. His fat ass couldn't get to practice just like Barry. That is why they sucked. F him and that shit group of lazy asses. Had they practiced we would have got some big wins! Fat f! F!

Stike A Pose

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"And for Brown, who is suing the NFL because he says the NFL didn’t do enough to protect players from concussions, to celebrate the fact that he once stood by and allowed an opponent to take an injury-causing free shot at a teammate, is pitiful."

Sums it up perfectly.