OT: Locker Room Altercation between Southern Cal players after bowl loss

Submitted by TexanGOBLUE on January 16th, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Why doesn't this surprise me? Lane's team seems to becoming increasingly volatile. After starting the season as #1 and it has come down to this. USC and Kiffin seem to be getting more and more negavite press.

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""It's going to be a whole new family atmosphere next season and you can quote me on that. For the seniors, it's terrible." - Zach Banner, quoted in the ESPN article

That's a lovely thought, but Lane Kiffin - if he is able or willing - would have to repair the things that allowed this scuffle to happen first or it will scarcely matter who the next QB is or who comes into replace Monte as DC. We knew that Kiffin was not the best leader, and football is a game that ignites passion in players, but for a team with the historic expectations of USC, this display should be seen as embarrassing. If that is what the USC locker can become, you have to wonder if Pat Haden has already begun to have second or perhaps third thoughts, even if it would be difficult for him to do something right this minute.


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Getting the RR treatment from the press?  Every incident being covered and posterized on the front page because of unhappy fans/alums?  He went from a #1 rating, arguably the best senior prospect coming back (Barkley), and insane recruiting classes, to that horrible finish, unranked, a bowl loss to a mediocre GT team.  He was primed for success THIS year.  Their first year eligible for the postseason and they were red hot with hype to start the season. 


I don't think it's too early to call for his head because he hasn't shown any promise or progression in the couple seasons he has had.  Maybe they're starting to try and run him out. USC is... not exactly a patient place for success.