OT: Locker Room Altercation between Southern Cal players after bowl loss

Submitted by TexanGOBLUE on January 16th, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Why doesn't this surprise me? Lane's team seems to becoming increasingly volatile. After starting the season as #1 and it has come down to this. USC and Kiffin seem to be getting more and more negavite press.

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I assumed it was a couple of guys shoving, maybe throwing a punch or two at the worst. Ten to fifteen?! And it was born out of freshman questioning the senior players...yeesh. The USC train has managed to go even further off the rails than it initially appeared.


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ok he probably doesn't have a pager but come to michigan dude we don't fight.


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Heinous Wagner

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This goes along with the reports that USC snubbed the social function that was supposed to involve both teams. Lundquist and Danielson were kvetching about that during the game. How long can this clown keep his job in the face of the mounting evidence? And does the president of USC wear a bow tie?

Perkis-Size Me

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total shocker. that's what happens when you start out as preseason #1 and totally collapse, culminating in an embarressing loss to a crappy georgia tech squad. i hope stuff like this keeps happening for usc, because it will only make kiffin's seat hotter. he's a garbage coach and a shit human being.


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Personally I hope he stays there for a long time because he sucks so bad. Having him as your head coach should be the NCAAs new toughest sanction. He'll give you hope with his huge recruiting classes, then watch them self destruct year after year. I hate USC and how much they cheated over the years, from buying all the best college players, to refs and booth officials admitting to calling games for them. I want Lane in SoCal for the next 20 seasons. 


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Bottom line...Lane Kiffin is a poor leader.  Instead of being self-less, putting the team first, caring about the kids and people, and building trust and accountability he does the opposite.  He puts himself before the team, he only cares about results, but more specifically  his results instead of the teams results which includes taking a better job or getting more money, and he doesn't build trust in players and coaches because he's unwilling to be vulnerable and genuine, which has a tendency to make others self-centered as well instead of doing what's best for the team.  This is the definition of a dysfunctional team.


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To be fair, it's not all that rare for football teammates to get into fights.  Granted, this one sounds worse than usual, but I don't know if it's really big news. 


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99% of all the intra-squad football fights I've ever heard about have been during training camp, and none of them have ever involved the number of players reported here. Within the world of big-time college football I think it is big news, because it highlights what an absolute disaster Lane Kiffin is as a head coach.

Voltron Blue

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...it sounds like the effort level of the seniors SHOULD be called out.  Should maybe come from the, you know, coaches instead of the freshmen...but it could actually be that those freshmen are the most noble characters in this dumpster fire.


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It is because people like this go there:



EDIT: This was supposed to be posted in response to Tyang's comment above me. Also, bonus points to anyone that knows who the first photo above is. She's not as famous as the two below her, but she was a classmate of mine in HS


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and tracking the link to get the full name (I had the first name correct, but was way off on the last name).  

FWIW, I think she has a great future ahead of her if she can get some exposure.  Seems to have an infectious combination of talent, humor, and looks.


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your praise.  I hope for her she does get more exposure, maybe with luck and hard work her web series will get her picked up by a channel like E! network.  You are right on the combo she has going for her.  She was definitely one of the hottest girls in our HS, but she was the total package - smarts, athletics (soccer and cheerleading), and a kind heart to go along with her great looks.  Unlike most hot girls, she was kind and friends to all, not bitchy like so many on her level of popularity.

I tried to talk her in to going to UM but alas I failed. IIRC she did apply and get in to Michigan but chose USC since she wanted to go into the entertainment industry.  I remember seeing her on TV once or twice, but now she has her web series for hollywood news.