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I know we have some members of our community living in enemy territory – so I figured I would seek your wisdom. I have a job opportunity that would require me to move from Los Angeles to Columbus (you all must think I am crazy, but it’s a good opportunity). My family is still all in Michigan, so I wouldn’t mind heading back to the midwest – maybe for only a few years. So my questions – what is it like being a Michigan fan in Columbus? How is Columbus as a city? I would be working about an hour north of Columbus – any recommendations on cities to live in or to avoid?  



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Having lived in Columbus and Cleveland I think Cleveland is a much nicer place to live than it gets credit for. I think people see all the bombed out industrial areas right off the highways but there are a lot of cool parts of town with good culture and restaurants, a good arena district and some really nice areas to live. I lived on the east side and loved the Chagrin falls, Chardon areas etc. It takes a long time to drive places which is the biggest downside. I worked in East Cleveland but even that didn't bother me one bit. Also worked down in Hudson for a bit which was a real nice area.

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It's a little unfair of me to judge Cleveland so severly. I have some relatives that live there and the parts I've driven through were less than pleasant. I'm sure there are some pretty nice parts of Cleveland and I should make an effort to try and visit them the next time I go up there.


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You aren't going to offend me. I'm not a native of Ohio or anything. I just honestly enjoyed living there. Ohio city has good bars, good sports venues downtown, good food in little Italy and many other places, nice shopping areas in beachwood, wineries all over to the east, nice scenery in the hills to the east. I worked in one of the scuzzier parts of town like I said and I didn't even think that was too bad. The view from the interstate drive through doesn't do the city justice. Plus I found very few obnoxious OSU fans. More steelers fans than anything honestly.


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Next time you check out Cleveland, get a local to show you the right places and I think you'll get a better feel for the suburbs and the highlights. Tremont and Ohio City are two of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the midwest, and for the beer fan, you can't beat Ohio City for the number of small breweries per block, especially the best known Great Lakes Brewing Company


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Hey!  Cleveland was a pretty cool place to live for a year.

I lived in the Warehouse district right downtown;  Great restaurants, but some of the music from the bars got a little annoying on the weekends.  

Cleveland had a great food scene for a mid-sized city;  the eclectic feel of Tremont, higher end places in the Warehouse District and East Fourth (home of Michael Symon's Lola), lots of good Eastern European food further east.  Our favorite two places were in Westlake, the dearly departed Three Birds (our first and still favorite meal in Cleveland), and Melt.

Plus, Cleveland Clinic is a true world-class medical institution.  Obscene amount of resources, really only rivaled by Mayo and Johns Hopkins.

Finally, Cleveland Hopkins airport was fantastic in that it was one of the few hub airports that let you park for $8 a day, where you could easily walk to the terminal.  From car door to gate on a Friday afternoon, less than 10 minutes.  Costs me >$20 at BWI, DCA, IAD (one of my few splurges, I HATE waiting for shuttles).



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Who bleed michigan with most of my friends from toledo who went to osu. You ll be fine just start dippin to fit in. No its a decent city just filled with a bunch of obnoxios a holes. GO BLUE FOR LIFE

no joke its hoke

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its a city taht wants to be important and a big shot,and its not. i dont mind going there,i have a lot of friends there and there is a lot to do. out of all the "big" cities in ohio,columbus is by far the best,uness you live in the ky side of Cincy. oh and you will get all kinds of shit for being a michigan fan but thats everywhere in ohio. trust me.


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I would say Cinci is far and away better. I lived there for 2 1/2 years (commuted home on weekends as my daughter was born in the middle of school) and it was nicer.

I noted on another thread earlier Columbus is still a giant college town. It is VERY NOT cosmopolitan. But there is a lot to do here as I think they spend most of the state budget here.

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Meh. It's not too bad. Most of the year people make stupid little comments that they think are funny. Like if you're ordering a sandwich and wearing a Michigan sweatshirt, they'll tell you it's  $35. So I smile and play along, but really it's just annoying when you hear it 5 times a month. During football season, it can be rough. My mother once was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt when she was pumping gas and the attendant kept shutting of the pump. Wasn't smiling or joking, literally didn't want to get business from a woman in a Michigan sweatshirt. But obviously, living in Columbus can be pretty awesome after a big game. After we won in football in 2011, the whole city just stopped talking. Dead silence everywhere. I think I wore Michigan gear for like 3 months straight. Colubus really is a nice city. Some pretty good restaurants and the bucknuts are actually pretty bearable. Hope you decide to come over and taunt some bucknuts! Hope this was helpful! (Sidenote: I don't live downtown, but I literally live the closest town possible to Columbus, like 2 minutes away.)


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I have lived in Columbus (specifically, Dublin) since 2007.

Columbus is really a decent town, especially if you have family.  Housing is cheap and high quality, good schools, etc.  The job climate is good here, and the economy never got as bad as other places in Ohio.  Pretty decent choices of restaurants, shopping, a decent bar scene, etc. 

As for Buckeye fans...yeah, they are as bad as you can imagine.  But I ALWAYS wear my Michigan gear.  Everywhere.  And you would be surprised at how many 'Go Blue' references I get. There are a fair number of us down here. 

So, yeah, it sucks when we lose, it is awesome when we win.  I wouldn't let the Buckeye thing be the deciding factor though. 

Depending on where 1 hour north you are working (up 23?  71?) the northern suburbs are the nicest suburbs, and there are a lot of nice choices for housing. 


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I couldn't agree with Neoavatara more. If you are trying to get closer to family, then we welcome you to Columbus.  Suburb schools are great (Olentangy, Dublin, and Upper Arlington).  Good/plenty of restaurants and shopping for the ladies.  o-h-i-o fans, for the most part, are idiots and obnoxious.  It's great when we win, sucks when we lose.  Always looking for UM fans in C-bus.  Feel free to message MRLOTTY at the MAIL that's HOT.


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 hmm an hour north would be Bucyrus? Maybe Marion, there was a honda plant there when i lived there forever ago.

  I was surprised by how much the northern area of Columbus/ Delaware has changed. Heading north up 23 used to be nothing but a sausage farm.... I think. I just remember the old burma shave sign for a mile or 2 talking bout there's no fatty in the patty. It's all fairly well developed now with strip malls and such

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Dublin is great.  Delaware County is nice.  Powell is nice.  New Albany is nice.

"An hour north of Columbus" struck me as curious.  Because an hour north of Columbus is, like, Findlay, right?  And hour north of Columbus is really pretty exurban, if not really rural.  I'd sure as heck prefer Columbus to Findlay.  "Columbus versus Findlay" is like "Ann Arbor versus Owosso."  Actually, its not quite fair, because Columbus is a much bigger city than Ann Arbor.  If one thinks of Ann Arbor as part of metro Detroit, that's no longer true.  But then again, not a lot of Ann Arborites want to claim "metro Detroit" status.

Columbus is a nice town, with a lot going for it.  It's a nice sized town; good economy (state government and state university which make it almost recession-proof) with lots of nice civilized amenities.  A nice big-college atmosphere, big teaching hospital, a decent newspaper.  It's nice.

There are only a few rules for Michigan logos in Columbus.  I've worn the M to Ohio Stadium for every game I've gone to there, which include a number of games in which the Buckeyes were playing other opponents.  Never once had a problem. 

However, High Street after dark is almost never a good idea, and I've had a couple of close calls there.  And a car with U-M plates, "Worst State Ever" bumper stickers, etc., is asking for it.  I've never once been harassed by Ohio law enforcement in years of visiting Columbus.  I think most of those stories are myths.  But what you do find (a subtle finding) is that people tend to drive more aggressively around you.  You'll find people following you and seeing your M plates will tend to pass you and cut in front of you.  My M plates are a bit of a problem down there.


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i would be working in Marion, but after living in LA have grown a custom to the commute. Me and my girlfriend would prefer to live somewhere fun with things to do nearby.. also she may end up working in or near downtown.


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Delaware would be a good option if you work in Marion.  To me, outskirts like Dublin, Delaware, and Marysville are all better options then Columbus.  I can be anywhere in the city in about 20-40 minutes and I live across from farmland.  That is something that I do enjoy, as I get the best of both worlds.


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My 80+ year old mom lives in Findlay. It's like a big farm town...seemingly full of people my mom's age. She wears her M gear I've bought her and gets into it with the local buck nuts. She's a tough old lady. However, I'd never live in Findlay.


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I've been here 9 years and really enjoy it. The previous poster puts it pretty much in perspective, people get annoying and the week of the Michigan game can get on your nerves but overall I like it. We live in lewis center about 20 mins north of downtown and I love. Granted I grew up in Frankenmuth, MI so I never lived anywhere with so much to do. It's on the close side to family and I find most of the suburbs to be very nice places.

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Just had dinner at the Tap room tonight!  True, there isn't much to do in Frankenmuth.  Saves me money.  Nice place to raise kids....

Good Luck with the new job in Columbus, original poster whose name I forgot!


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Good to know there's some other UM fans here in the Lewis Center, as I get evil stares while out with my UM gear on, and my 3 year old son... he just looks at them, gives them a fist pump and yells, "GO BLUE!"  His 2 year old sister is learning to do it as well! 


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I live an 1:10 north on 71, any direct questions?  

Special insights since I grew up in Michigan and married into a buckeye family.  


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I live in Westerville and have lived off and on in Columbus.  Westerville is a nice community with good schools-Dublin the same(expensive) as well as Gahanna and Worthington. All suburbs of Columbus  and great schools.  You could also live in Delaware Ohio which is farther North of Columbus and the fastest growing county in Ohio (Delaware County) Nice small little city. Close enough to Columbus where you can get to the city easily and do things.  Decent things to do.  As a Michigan fan its all inn good fun for the most part if you take it that way but you have your stupid one's.  I sport my gear all the time and have no issues but I don't go down on campus with drunk college kids.  I'm 51.  Hope that helps. Go Blue


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I'd agree with living in Delaware. Nice little rustic downtown, 1/2 hour from downtown Columbus. Especially nice if you are working north of Columbus. Traffic getting out of town is brutal. Particularly to the north. Or east.


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Ohio is pretty UM heavy. I lived my whole life here. I wear my gear and never get more then a go bucks. If you are decent you get treated decent. The people who say people are a-holes are probably one themselves. C bus is nice, but not enough sports teams for my liking.


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Winters aren't nearly as bad. I love to snowboard and lots of snow in the winter so I would love it up there, but the majority of my family lives here in the Dayton area and I like the people I work with. Plus my brother lives in Grand Rapids so I usually go up once a year or so and it curbs my appetite.