OT: Listened to Mike Valenti for the first time today

Submitted by RollDamnTide on March 6th, 2012 at 7:24 PM

Being in the state until May, my co workers are always trying to get me to try things that are uniquely Michigan. That being said, my co worker today had me listen to Mike Valenti, because he knew how low my opinion of MSU was. "He really knows his stuff, he's constantly crushing Wal-Mart Wolverines", he said. (By the way, after everyones thoughts, can someone please explain wal-mart wolverine to me?) So I was curious, so during our drive between offices, he turned the station on. Apparently I was lucky, because my co worker said Mike was on one of his classic rants. Today some writer I've never heard of, said that Michigan had caught up to Michigan State in B-Ball. This seemed to infuriate Mike, and he started screaming out nosensical absurdities.

I'm not going to bother getting into a breakdown of what he was spewing out, because he's clearly a shock jock out for ratings. Having grown up listening to Paul Finebaum, I've had more than my share of loud mouths with an agenda. What makes it worse, is what I deem to be a complete waste of space, his partner Terry. After 10 minutes of nonsense, I could take no more, and we turned it off.  Having spent a few hours going through the board on the 247 MSU site, a guy like Mike is hardly surprising. If I wanted to listen to radio hosts from schools with inferiority complexes, I'd move to Knoxville.

Needless to say, my opinion of MSU remains as low as it did before moving to the state. Hey Mike, America is on line 2, and it doesn't give a good God D**n about MSU. Thanks.

Cue the "Come at me Bro", and "You mad, Bro?" meme's.



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Since I'm guessing you're in the Metro Detroit area, you should make your way down to Downtown Detroit and try out American and/or Lafayette Coney and also Slow's BBQ.

I'm an American fan, but you should decide for yourself, both are very delicious.


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If you want to actually sit down and not be rushed on a meal than American is the way to go. If you're looking for the whole "Coney"  experience, than Lafayette is the place. Personally I prefer Lafayette but I always feel im going to break my neck when I walk downstairs to the bathroom.


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First thing that comes to mind is Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village - very interesting if you're into history.

Also check out Frankenmuth (it's close to Flint); It was originally a German settlement, a bit of a longer day trip from the Detroit area but well worth it.

And check out 'Mexicantown' in Southwest Detroit...my favorite restaurant is Los Galanes, excellent authentic Mexican food..



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I know it's popular to hate on chains, here, but I just have to add that you should try going to Olga's while you're still in state, RDT. I love that place and hate that we don't have any in Illinois. For another chain, I'd try Bagger Daves if you get a chance, too. They seem to be rapidly expanding, and with good reason, IMO.

What else...Bell's, Founders, the entire "Where to Eat in Ann Arbor" post (you really should try to make it to Zingerman's at least, even if you can't try anyting else in that post).


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at Blimpys if you're in A2. Personally, I'll take a double (triple if I'm hungry) with provolone on an onion roll with grilled onions and peppers, tomato, lettuce and ketchup. Mix in some worscheshire (sp?) sauce with the ketchup for your fries or fried veggies...  yum.

And Frankenmuth is a tourist trap. ;-)   the ice sculptures in the winter are cool though.


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that this entire section of comments turned into what it did. Nothing better than discussing Michigan food, soft drinks, beer, and where you just have to visit while you're in state.

I do love Blimpy Burger (kaiser, blu cheese, fried egg, bacon, grilled mushrooms...never tried adding Worcester to ketchup, but that sounds amazing right now) but if I had to choose one place it would be Zingerman's (Rueben on sourdough and their Cuban).


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When swinging through Michigan: Faygo rock and rye, Bettermaid potato chips, and Sanders bumpee cake. I can get Vernors and Bells beer here in IL. Discovered Traverse City Pie Company last fall. Real Traverse City cherry pie. Hopefully RDT will be in Michigan for cherry season this summer.


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 "Having spent a few hours going through the board on the 247 MSU site, a guy like Mike is hardly surprising. If I wanted to listen to radio hosts from schools with inferiority complexes, I'd move to Knoxville."


Nicely done. 


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I'm pretty sure you're actually a lifelong Michigan fan and just pretending to be an Alabama fan to entertain us. I'm fine with this. ;)

Michiganian for Life

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He's a bit critical of your loyalties lol:


"Anyone want to know what else is cute? Aside from the fact that Michigan fans are all of a sudden basketball fans after years of telling us they don't care about the sport, I happened to have a little look-see at MGoBlog (bad move) and got quite a kick out of it. Apparently, they have an "Alabama fan" that posts there with an Alabama-centric POV. If you read enough of his posts, though, it starts to sound suspicious, then becomes painfully obvious that the guy is a Michigan douche posing as an Alabama fan to get the other oblivious Michigan douches to think Alabama fans look at things the same way Michigan fans do. It's obvious because the guy regurgitates all of the Michigan douches' talking points (ie. Sparty has an inferiority complex, has a low opinion of MSU fans b/c of RCMB). Pretty much, the guy is a Michigan fan masquerading as an Alabama fan and sucking up the the posters on their board. Either their posters over there are really, really stupid and easily duped, or they are playing dumb and convincing themselves that an Alabama fan actually gives a shit about Michigan. Found it VERY amusing that they have to stoop that low, then have the audacity to criticize our board and laud theirs."


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In my opinion, the zenith of Valenti's career was his post-ND 2006 rant, and only because he eventually lost his voice and someone else took over. He was by far at his most insightful just before the tears and severe laryngitis set in. Beyond that, *gag*. It's hard to listen to four hours of butthurt, but alas, he is the voice of SE Michigan's Spartan fans.

I think I like you that much more now, RDT.


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I got an arguement with Valenti himself on his facebook page regarding recruiting a few weeks ago in the weekend after we got all those class of 2013 recruits.  He said that Michigan getting eight 4 star recruits in 48 hours isn't news-worthy and not a big deal.  I argued with him for a good 45 minutes.  I said this will be the best recruiting class for Michigan since 1998 (With Henson and Fargas) and he said that that is BS and banned me from his facebook page.


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Just so you know Mike Valenti is persona non grata around here. As you have figured out he is a shock jock blow hard that isn't worth your time. As for wal-mart wolverines that is a term used by Sparty to describe U of M fans that are not alumni. They think it is insulting really they our just jelouse that we have a bigger fan base.


March 6th, 2012 at 7:32 PM ^

Apparently for MSU fanbase they only have fans that are alumni. So at least to my knowledge to help you maybe understand what a walmart wolverine is it is someone who is a UM fan that didn't actually attend the university. I may be a little off, but hope this helps and sorry if I was already beaten to this.


March 6th, 2012 at 7:34 PM ^

that more people like Michigan than them. (Like, a lot more) so they justify this to themselves by saying that everyone is a bandwagon fan that picked up their Michigan gear from the nearest Walmart, thus, "Walmart Wolverines"


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Apparantly to them, you can only be a fan of a school that you attended.  So the term Wal-Mart Wolverine is for all the "rednecks" that are Michigan fans that did not attend the school.