OT: Lions/Steelers Preseason

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on August 14th, 2010 at 7:38 PM

Some guy just screamed GET IN THE HOLE like an ass after tee-off. Game has begun suddenly. Steelers win coin flip and make a gain of five.




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You're doing it wrong.  The score and outcome and such mean absolutely nothing, but you do realize that was the first-team defense in there with the defensive line blowing things up?  The same one that's going to be in when the games count?  I for one was impressed.  This isn't a roll of the dice - looking good now means there's a decent chance they'll still look good when it matters.


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You're still doing it wrong.  You just don't get it.  In 2008 they won four games and looked like ass in the process.

- The Giants' first two QBs completed 19-of-26 passes (that'd be against the first-string defense) and the Lions' leading rusher was Drew effing Stanton.  The running game sucked ass.

- The 3rd-string offense scored 17 points in the 4th quarter against what was presumably the 4-11-1 Bengals shitty third-strong defense.  The running game still sucked ass and the leading rushers were Artose Pinner and again, Drew Stanton.  Dan Orlovsky played most of the game and sucked.

- They actually played decent against the 4-12 Browns.

- The Bills played some guy named Gibran Hamdan at QB for the entire game.

By contrast, you just watched our tremendously upgraded defensive line dominate the shit out of Pittsburgh's first-team offensive line.  I remind you this is not Cleveland or St. Louis - the Steelers are a real actual team and that was best against best.


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The pre-season for the Lions is phase II: The Lulling phase.  You know they're going to be bad, but they just start lulling you in to thinking maybe this year will be different.  This lasts about three weeks of the regular season, on average.


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The kid looks really good. He made a couple catches and put a spin move on James Farrior that was sweet. Can only hope he can stay on the field without injury because he has a lot of potential.

Blue boy johnson

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 Stafford and Calvin and Best and Burleson plus the D all impressed, way to go coach Schwartz. I now officially lose interest in the game with the starters likely out the rest of the way


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But a roofed sports stadium is not necessarily a dome.

The Palace isn't a dome.  The Joe isn't a dome.  Crisler isn't a dome.  Yet all three are roofed sports stadiums.  I don't think Ford Field is a dome, either.


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I see what you mean, but I'm pretty sure you're wrong. Say the dictionary definition as a sentence: "A dome is (among other things) a roofed sports stadium." The dictionary is not referring to a tendency for sports stadiums to be roofed with domes -- it is providing an objective definition. People might not refer to those buildings you listed as domes in colloquial speech, but the dictionary begs to differ.


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Dictionary definitions aren't always perfect, coextensive synonyms.  Often, those definitions list a larger, easier to envision group of which the defined word is a subset.

For example, one definition of "house" is "a building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families."  Yet, that doesn't mean that all buildings that serve as living quarters are "houses."  Apartments, igloos, tepees, and dorms all meet the same definition, and wouldn't be called houses. 

Likewise, "domes" are a subset of enclosed sports facilities, but other facilities that are NOT domes (such as arenas or fieldhouses) meet the same definition.  After all, Yost is an indoor sports facility, and I would hardly consider it a dome.

Lord this is a dumb debate.  Kickoff needs to happen soon.


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My TV service is breaking up, and for atleast 10 minutes during a Pittsburgh drive, I got a blank screen. Damn, as I was typing it was just suspended for lightning. This is upsetting me.