OT: Lions/NFL Open Thread

Submitted by redwhiteandMGOBLUE on December 12th, 2010 at 1:06 PM

Open game day thread for Lions/Packers.

as usual, the Lions start the game with a penalty - holding on the opening kickoff and then proceed to go three and out... Go Lions...

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After he made a nice play in the Cincy-Pitts game, the commentator (sounds like Dierdorf-- just switching back and forth between games) said he asked Dhani in an interview how he can keep himself playing in a losing team, and Jones answered, "Because my Mom and Dad are watching." 

Oh, and Lamar Woodley immediately made big play after the ball changed sides and before I could post.

Goodbye... Columbus

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Living in Madison, WI, it is so rare for me to get the Lions televised.  Their games against the Packers and the thanksgiving game are the only ones (hate it when they played Pack on thanksgiving).  But... AT&T has not been able to show me a minute of this game because of technical difficulties.  Sooooo lame.


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Because there WAS someone in there (it shows up better on tv than the video).  I replayed it 3 times on the big screen to see if I did see that cart zooming out of there. That guy must have REALLY felt like he was in a movie. I wonder if he hear it start to snap, and was hoping it wasn't over his head (thank goodness it wasn't....this could have been REALLY bad if it had been DURING the game).

Waters Demos

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FWIW, I graduated from MSU, and am a big fan of Stanton.  Here's my view (again FWIW [probably not much]):

He does not have a good arm - I don't think the moniker "noodle arm" is unwarranted.  He's not "better than" Henne (probably not even close), as some homer MSU fan suggested. 

But, fact is -  it doesn't matter to MSU people.  It was never his arm that endeared him to us.  It was/is his moxie, his willing to lay life and limb on the line (hyperbole, oh well), etc.... All accounts from my knowledge signal that he has been a great practice player for the Lions despite being passed up time and again. 

I don't think he's a good quarterback in the NFL, even as a backup.  I think it's likely he'll eventually get dropped and never see an NFL roster again, even as a third stringer.  And this may be the most proper outcome for Drew - who knows?  But I don't care; the guy played his ass off for my school, and that's why he's revered (and rightly so). Drew has gotten the absolute most out of his limited talent.