OT (link): UF QB Treon Harris sexual assault accuser drops accusation (no charges)

Submitted by Mr. Yost on October 10th, 2014 at 3:17 PM

Only posting because it was worth a thread when he was accused...


Mod edit: I'm disabling comments because there really isn't anything to comment on, at least for MGoBoard purposes. The upside of a few links getting posted and some well meaning generic good wishes just isn't worth the downside of getting into speculating about what happened and what motives people hold, which had already started. JGB.



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Um...if you havent already I would suggest you read the details on the case.  Specifically the actions of that accuser the evening of the incident in question.

Allgedly there was a signficant number of texts, pictures and other evidence with both Treon and another male that evening from the accuser.


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Because there is none. Everyone has been mum on the details until this was released. UF is supposed to be issuing a statement in regards to Harris' reinstatement. Once that happens, the chances of hearing any major details in the case will be slim. No prosecutor, law enforcement, or any one else has said a word besides "we're investigating". 

Here's your "other details" if that's what you want. 



Tell me what you find besides details from Harris' attorney and "unnamed sources". 

Mr. Yost

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She was drunk and horny and wanted to fuck a football player and then felt embarrassed when she woke up the next morning.

Or maybe she didn't feel bad...but her BFF heard about the Winston case and thought, hmmm, I should call this in, my BFF was sexually assualted because she got drunk and fucked this football player and I saw on ESPN that happened at FSU and the football player got in trouble.

...in the end who knows. It could've been him and an SEC cover up, it could've been a drunk college girl being a drunk college girl.

Most of us have heard the term "groupie" before...it doesn't just originate for no reason at all.

It goes both ways, none of us should speculate because none of us will ever know the details.

Drive on any college campus at 6-7am and I can almost guarantee you'll see girls hustling back to their dorms in a men's t-shirt with their heels in their hands.

At the same time, go out to any club or bar on the Saturday night before and I can almost guarantee you'll see various groups of guys buying shots and drinks for girls getting them way more drunk than they can handle.

That is college. That doesn't mean sexual assault is college, I wish sexual assault was never part of college (or society period) but in this case the accusation (not charges - there were no charges) was dropped. 


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And your comment above?

Likely a groupie...wanted action from Treon and a teammate. Went out, drank, participated in sexual acts that are too explicit for even MGoBlog. Woke up the next day, instragramed a couple selfies, started to feel guilty and felt bad about her actions and called the police or told a friend about her actions who called the police...and there we are. Could totally be wrong, but certainly feels closer than she got a car and this is a cover up.

Was that also to just articulate your point or?

Though ultimately I do agree, speculation by MGoBloggers far removed from the situation is probably not worth it.

Mr. Yost

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Because I can see why it was confusing.

But what I was trying to say was in response to the "and she got a car" / "SEC cover up mentality."

If what the attorney says is true, and they have the text messages, then it's simply what happens all over the world. College kids get drunk and have sex. This isn't a relevation. This isn't only an SEC thing.

The girl can be the aggressor, the guy can be the aggressor. Most of us have seen both. We've seen the guys feeding girls shot after shot until they fall out. We've seen girls locked in on guys as soon as they walk into the bar.

Again, like I said above. We don't know. It's unfair to say she's right and got something to shut up and keep quiet, just like it's unfair to call her a hoe who grew a conscience the next day.


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This doesn't seem like the same deal Jameis Winston made. 

From the start, there were reports that the two of them were together multiple times before and that she was playing the jealous ex card. I think it's rather that she was convinced to drop this because there was nothing to her case rather a nice payment from Harris.

But it's college football and this stuff seems to happen all the time to football players because they're easy targets so what do I know? 


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"This means she is not pursuing criminal charges against him at this time but maintains the right to do so in the future"


Is this just lawyerspeak because this just seems wrong to me.  What is she waiting for?  Him to make it to the NFL and then bring forward the criminal charges so she can get a pay day?  

Kapitan Howard

October 10th, 2014 at 3:52 PM ^

It's common for accusers to get harrassed merely for making accusations especially in high-profile cases like this one. Maybe she just doesn't want to deal with that after getting assaulted (allegedly, for the pedantic).