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Perhaps the only other person on the planet the role of Linda Lovelace might be more harmful to portray then Lindsay Lohan would be Brittney Spears.  From Parent Trap and Mean Girls to INFERNO-Seriously?  The script calls for multiple scenes of abusive and degrading sex including sex with a dog (that is not Samantha Ronson). 

I have no words to describe the train wreck that this will soon become if this movie is ever released.  Although I lack sympathy for the spectacle that Lohan's Mother has made of her family, parading Lindsay's younger Sister and Brother through the Dreg's of reality TV, it will be impossible to distance the siblings from the likes of this.




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I am at work, and the title of that link is a little NSFW-ish.

Is this something that:

A) She has already filmed

B) Is filming now

C) Just agreed to film

I know Bill Simmons had mentioned something about her playing this character - but I did not know whether he was talking about something that he knew already to be true, or if he correctly predicted this. 

Steve in PA

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I never wanted to be one fo "those parents" that controls every aspect of my kids' lives, but seeing the impending Miley Meltdown I've done my best to ban Miley and Hanna Montana from my 5yo daughter's TV rotation. 


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This is beyond edgy.  It seems like this is as good a project as she thinks she can get, but it is beyond simply controversial.  I believe it will do her more harm than good.


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From the article:

"You'll find child abuse, three orgasms, two beatings, intense humiliation and a bloody car crash — all in the first 32 pages alone."


What are orgasms doing in that list? What the hell is wrong with society? Only in a country founded by Puritans would having an orgasm be lumped in with violent and degrading acts.

Anyway, this movie will rock. Skeletor porn FTW!


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Graphic sex scenes in "main stream" films? "No sweat. Get down and dirty."

Violence and/or shoot 'em ups? "Hey, now. That's a bit extreme, don't you think?"

Its all in what a society considers "taboo".

Speaking of which, "Taboo" was a hell of a film. MILFs, all around!


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The shoot-date is...tenative. They will need to come up with quite a bit of scratch before the fall.

This is a girl who decided to make a summer comedy....about rape and incest. Yes, Georgia Rule, marketed as a fish-out-of-water story about a sassy young thing being taught a thing-or-two by her no-nonsense relatives....is a movie about a girl being sexually molested by a relative. Because nothing is funnier than raping your niece. That sh*t always cracks up...sociopaths, inmates on death row, members of the Manson Family....

Lohan can't get bonded to make a mainstream film. At this point, she's about one step away from being a regular at the plasma center.


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is an alcoholic and she can't admit it yet.  This young girl's life is one big grease fire and if she doesn't change as in stop drinking it's either death, jail or some institution.  


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"From Parent Trap and Mean Girls to INFERNO-Seriously?"

Interesting you cite this. The family-friendly career of Hayley Mills (star of the original Parent Trap) came to an abrupt end with her film "The Family Way," whose plot involved a pair of newlyweds having difficulty consummating their marriage and had a minor but scandalous nude scene.